Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has stated,
لَا عَدْوَى وَلَا طِيَرَةَ وَلَاهَامَة وَلَا صَفَرَ
“There is no contagious disease, nor is there any bad omen from birds, nor is there any evil prediction, nor any bad omen in the month of Safar.” (Bukhari Shareef, Baabul Juzaam, Hadith 5707)

👉 If the most knowledgeable of mankind refuted the belief in contagious diseases then that refutes anyone else that promotes it.

👉The reality is that the fraudulent diagnosis of contagious diseases are a cover up for biological warfare and spiritual problems…..things that are not taught at secular health courses and are therefore beyond the ability of majority of secular qualified health practitioners to comprehend, except a few who made an effort to get a real education outside of the secular indoctrination system (masquerading as an education).

👉Conventional Muslim doctors are not regarded as a legitimate point of reference in determining what is Islamically valid.

👉Conventional Muslim doctors are not taught to have a technical understanding of the Shariah.

👉Conventional Muslim doctors do not have training in Islamic medicine and they do not practice Islamic medicine and healing…..they promote the occult system of PHARMAKEIA.

👉They cannot pronounce on Islamic issues….this is outside their sphere of competence.

👉In fact Conventional Muslim doctors around the world have stood guilty of the deplorable betrayal of the Islamic system of prophetic medicine by adopting the unislamic beliefs and practices of the kuffaar system of medicine.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors opinions should count for nothing in the context of the Shariah as they are not considered as health experts according to Islamic standards.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors are the most schizophrenic by believing in things(like contagions) that does not exist.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors need to know their place in the Shariah.

👉They have no right to indulge in shariah matters which is outside their sphere of competence.

👉A Muslim allopathic doctor is no point of reference for a shariah ruling.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors should not be given a platform to promote their deviant beliefs to unsuspecting Muslims.

👉 Anti vaccine Muslim doctors who are still involved in practicing the occult system of PHARMAKEIA and who still promote the contagion narrative are trapped in serving controlled opposition agendas and are still deviates.

“Why are they wearing shorts?” – The Question That Shook Pakistan

Journalist Rafiq Khan faced a fierce backlash for asking about Pakistani women’s football team’s kit

“This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” Rafiq Khan stated. “And you are playing in shorts. Please tell me, is it not possible to play in leggings, and if you can play in that, what is the problem?”

This single question prompted an outburst of criticism on mainstream media channels and went as far as abuse being hurled at the journalist on social media.

News articles derided the question as “regressing “, “irrelevant”, “humiliating” and even “disturbing”.

Whilst on Twitter, Pakistani celebrities heaped on the outrage. Squash player, Noorena Shams, asked if Khan had “ever bothered to ask when money is stolen?”. TV host, Anoushey Ashraf, blasted the question as “cringe worthy” whilst referencing the Quran that “there is no compulsion in religion”.

Other comments called for Khan to be sacked and banned from reporting.

Double-Standards Overlooked

It is noteworthy that those hurling harsh criticism seem to overlook the double-standards of their stance. They call for women to be given the “freedom” to wear whatever they like, but at the same time, they attempt to take away the freedom for others to even question it.

Whereas the Islamic position implies the reverse: it is not permitted for men or women to expose such parts of their bodies (‘awrah), and we are all commanded to enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. There ought to be more journalists like Rafiq Khan, who have the courage to speak out about un-Islamic practises being adopted and normalised in Muslim lands.

Sharp Decline

It is also remarkable how the unfortunate decline of Islamic norms—including dress codes—in Muslim lands such as Pakistan have occurred so rapidly. Only a single generation ago, such revealing outfits would be regarded as “embarrassing”, “regressing” and “disturbing”. Now, only a few years later, the very same clothing has been embraced to such an extent that these very words are being used for merely questioning it.

Coach Adeel Rizki’s response tells its own story.

Definitely, we understand that we are an Islamic nation, and our values are very strong,” he acknowledged. “But it is imperative to be progressive in sports.”

This remark suggests that Muslim women exposing their legs is progressive. Does that imply covering legs is regressive? This mindset is arguably more troubling than the issue itself. These comments are even more nonsensical when we consider that other players such as those from the Maldives women football team adopt a full body kit and manage to compete at an international level.

Progress ≠ Imitating Westerners

In Surah Nur, Allah (swt) says:

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze, and protect their private parts and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils all over Juyubihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms, etc.) and not to reveal their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the female slaves whom their right hands possess, or old male servants who lack vigour, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And all of you beg Allah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful.”[1]

To frame this debate as an argument on progression, completely disregards the problem that is being brought up. When did subverting Islam, and Allah’s command equate to being progressive? Modesty is not a question of being free it’s a question of being committed to one’s values. Both men and women have awrah that they must cover themselves according to Allah’s command, to safeguard us all from the absolute chaos that has become of lands and societies that lack such values.

tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things) and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do.”[2]

It is not about restricting one’s rights, or specifically women’s rights, it is about following the guidelines given to us so we can stay upon the right path and so we can protect ourselves from sin. Both men and women have restrictions, believing that subverting them is a sign of ‘progression’ is nothing more than falling into the deception of the shayātīn.

Verily, every way of life has a character, and the character of Islam is modesty.”[3]

We should take pride in following Islam; we should not see Allah’s commands as burdens but as wisdom that is there to protect us. Dressing in a manner outside of what has been declared halal may seem appealing, but it is nothing more than a dangerous desire. This life is a test, and it is easy to be distracted and forget, but we must try our hardest to remind ourselves of why we are here and what our purpose is. And in those moments of weakness, we should turn to Allah and ask for forgiveness and guidance, for Allah says in Surah al-Zumar:

My servants, you who have transgressed against yourselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Truly Allah forgives all wrong actions. He is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” [4]


[1] 24:31

[2] 24:30

[3] Musnad Ahmad

[4] 39:53


Hijab Burnings in Iran and the Liberal Muslim’s Hatred for Islam

Guest Post from Usama Hazari.

On 16th September 2022, in the city of Tehran, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, unfortunately passed away in police custody under suspicious circumstances. She was arrested on 13th September by the Iranian morality police (aka Guidance Patrol) for a dress code violation, where she had received a fatal injury in the process, as per eyewitnesses. Consequently, a series of protests erupted and spread across Iran.

However, the protests were surprisingly not directed against police brutality or medical negligence. Rather the liberal segment of Iranian society seized the tragedy as an opportunity to publicly exhibit their disdain for Islam and commit blasphemy en masse.

For one thing, police brutality is not uncommon across the world. In the United States of America, during the course of the Black Lives Matter protests that ensued after the death of George Floyd, we rarely observed demonstrators publicly desecrating the symbols of Christianity. Nonetheless, when it comes to incidents of oppression and tyranny in the Muslim world, Islam often becomes the primary target of censure and hostility from people.

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In a similar vein, during the famed Aurat March (an annual feminist rally held in Pakistan), videos emerged of some women chanting slogans “Allah bhi sunle! AZADI!; Rasool bhi sunle! AZADI” (Allah too hear us, freedom!; Prophet too hear us, freedom!). It is as if they are implying that it is Allah and His Prophet ﷺ that are the source of their oppression—from whom they are seeking freedom.

The rallies that were supposed to highlight the serious matter of “domestic violence” and other similar issues in Pakistan have been hijacked by the liberal Muslim stratum and has subsequently devolved into a series of vitriolic and blasphemous diatribes against Islam.

A friend of mine recently expressed his shocked upon seeing Iranian Muslims burn the hijab as a protest and remarked that even the non-Muslims wouldn’t commit such an act of insulting someone’s faith. I responded to him that no one is more Islamophobic than a liberal Muslim. He loves his Muslim community in a tribalistic fashion, while blaming Islam for its backwardness and misery. For the liberal Muslim, the reason for “our backwardness” lies in the fact that we have not yet “assimilated ourselves” into the modern world.

The liberal Muslim lacks knowledge of history. He is unaware of the centuries of colonialism that has drained the Muslim societies of all its resources. His understanding of Islam is also flawed. The liberal Muslim perceives Islam the same way a polytheist perceives his religion or culture, namely, it can change according to the trends and status quo of different times. The liberal Muslim forgets that Islam is universal and has been sent for all times and all people.

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Any misery and humiliation we suffer today is due to our own failure in following our duties as an Ummah. The liberal Muslim fails to understand that his colonised worldview is the biggest hurdle to the Ummah’s progress and attainment of the leadership of the world — as promised by Allah (swt) if we implement Islam in our individual and collective lives.

The primary prerequisite to experiencing a revival of Islam in our lives is that we give Dawah to the liberals in our midst. Perhaps it is easier to convert a non-Muslim to Islam than to convince an arrogant liberal to agree to Islam as a complete way of life.

Arrogance is indeed the greatest obstacle in the way of guidance. The liberal Muslim’s arrogance stems from their self-righteousness and saviour complex, which consequently deter him from following the way of God.

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They Mock Islamic Rituals, But Look at Their Rituals for Burying the Queen

By Muslim Skeptic Team -September 24, 2022

The following is a translation of a piece written in Arabic by Dr. Wael Habannakeh commenting on the recent death of Queen Elizabeth.

“Honoring A Dead Person is by Burying Them….”

This axiom and aphorism is the byproduct of Islamic juristic understanding of the teachings of the leader of creation Muhammad – Allah’s blessings and protection be upon him. However, this statement “honoring the dead person is by burying them” is not an actual Prophetic saying.

As for the Prophetic narration, the Messenger ﷺ says:

O ‘Ali! three things are not to be postponed or delayed: the ritual prayer when it’s time comes in, the body of the decreased for burial once it’s prepared, and a single woman if she finds a compatible suitor for marriage. [Tirmidhi]

For ten days they caused us heart ache with the “old witch/devil” as they were running with her corpse from place to place.

By Allah, if this were an Islamic ritual or it happened among Muslims – we would have seen Western media with a sweeping torrential outpouring of ridicule of our Din, our rituals, and our traditions/customs.

We would have seen the pens of the liberal secularists in our ranks being creative in expletives and mockery of us. They would have described us as backwards.

They would not have left any aspect of extracting faults whether humanitarian, societal, racial, psychological, religious, behavioral, except that they would have done this dissection on their lab table through their scientific, just perspective on the concepts of life and death.

A British citizen whom King Charles passed by on his country wide tour, to draw closeness to his people during the past ten days, said to King Charles, “We do not have money for heat or food, while you are spending exorbitant amounts on the queen’s funeral?!”

King Charles ignored him, as per the custom of Western politicians whenever someone confronts them with an embarrassing truth.

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I have attempted to find in this festival of rituals which lasted for ten days some value and I did not come up with any spiritual meaning that will benefit the embalmed corpse in the coffin.

The question which baffles me is: who thought up all of these idiotic details for the procession? I am certain that multiple committees of the biggest government officials, royal personalities, those responsible for the treasury, the King’s Guard, ministry of interior, the military, etc… all of them got together to think, then decided the following:

The pall of the coffin has a drawing of a naked female!

A goat with the rank of lance corporal participates in the funeral procession and is looked after by an English officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel!

Two beautiful dogs who are residents/owners of the Royal Palace receive their portion of honor in the presence of death, the terrifying condition!

Even the addresses which were said as a farewell to her were meaningless.

I reckon that if students in primary school wanted to throw a festive party for something they would not be at this level of idiocy, distasteful/repugnant pretentiousness, and empty talk.

One person carries a bowl from place to place with solemn movements, in the presence of the army’s great legions, and the state’s most distinguished men. Yet not a single one from among them knows what this bowl even is!

Another person breaks a stick in front of the coffin!

Another one walks solemnly, wearing embroidery. It is unknown who he is, neither do we know what he wants, where he is going, or even where he came from!

Soldiers like slaves moving in a spectacle embodying/showcasing slavery in its clearest form according to the instructions of a family that hallucinates whatever they desire in light of their hereditary psychological complexes!

The state’s and citizens’ interests were disrupted during a catastrophic financial crisis!

All these actions resemble the behavior of crazy people in an open insane asylum. What is strange is that not a single person is bewildered, not a single person opposed it. Rather, the opposite. Everyone is participating and sympathetic to these great Royal rituals.

It is said about the cross-eyed rich person with strabismus, “an off balance sign of beauty.” A proverb says: everything that goes beyond its appropriate level becomes deficient and the opposite of itself. Spiritual emptiness, material degeneracy, human deviance, ethnic/racial arrogance and superiority are the real headlines that we witnessed.

In conclusion, I felt that Great Britain can sense the decline of its global position. It desired through this occasion to prove to the world that it has not lost its edge by means of these fables and superstitions which were not done by anyone before her.

The one that is protected and concealed by strength will be exposed by his foolishness. Conceitedness and vanity will expose him. There is a huge difference between the one whose power stems from below and the one whose power is from above.

The reality is that my article is long, however what we have witnessed for ten days of absurdity and stupidity under an international patronage requires articles, upon articles, upon articles.

We ask Allah for a good ending.

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On the 8th of September 2022, the world mourned over an oppressive lady named Elizabeth ALEXANDRA MARY AS HER GUARDS (EVIL FORCES) WERE HELPLESS IN SAVING HER FROM DEATH WHERE ANGELS BEAT HER ON HER FACE AND BACK
 • She was “QUEEN REGNANT” OF 32 Sovereign states and served monarch for 15 of them. Her oppression was the longest of any British monarch and “Muslims” globally are emotionally disorientated by this inmate of the blazing fire.
 • So called Muslim leaders, the general public, countries are sinking in their new concocted religion of pity, mourning their beloved Firownah (Pharoanah)

Muslim Governments Are Aiding & Abetting Oppression

Muslim Governments Support of China’s Uyghur Containment

CHINA By Dr Suraina Pasha18/09/2022

The United Nations (UN) recently concluded there is sufficient credible evidence of severe religious repression of the Uyghurs.[1] The Uyghurs are persecuted, tortured, contained in camps and killed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for practicing Islam. Thousands of mosques have been demolished.

In response to the UN report, Uyghur activist Abdul Hakim Idris made an impassioned appeal for the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to react, noting the official representational body of Muslim governments has not issued a single statement in support of the Uyghurs.[2]

It is worth recapping the abysmal track record of Muslim governments in actively supporting the CCP’s Uyghur containment policies, both diplomatically, and through practical cooperation in deporting Uyghur refugees back to “China”.

In 2019, the governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, UAE, Somalia, Sudan, and regrettably, the State of Palestine, co-signed a letter to the UN commending

“China’s remarkable achievements in the field of human rights” and appreciating “China’s contributions to international human rights causes”[3]

The letter legitimised the CCP’s dubious claims that it faces a “grave challenge of terrorism and extremism” from the Uyghurs, and endorsed their internment in “vocational education and training centers” (i.e. concentration camps).

Unsurprisingly, Myanmar, which perpetrated genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority, also co-signed the same letter.

Pakistan has been a particularly staunch supporter of China’s Uyghur policies. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to the international media on several occassions to deny claims of Uyghur repression.[4] While Western countries boycotted the Winter Olympics in Beijing in solidarity with the Uyghurs, Pakistan participated to show its solidarity with the CCP.

In yet another example of diplomatic ‘white-washing’, an Algerian diplomat reportedly stated to the local media during a CCP cultural tour of occupied East Turkestan in August 2022 that:

the fruit here is so sweet, just like the life of the people here”

While also noting that the visit helped him see that the rights of all peoples were supposedly well protected and respected.[5]

Alongside diplomatic endorsement, many Muslim governments are actively cooperating with China to deny safety and asylum to Uyghurs fleeing persecution.

The Uyghur Human Rights Project and the Oxus Society have compiled a detailed report and dataset on transnational cooperation with China in containing the Uyghurs.[6]

They note that Arab States have actively cooperated with China’s requests to arrest, detain, interrogate and deport Uyghurs, with at least 295 known incidents between 2001 and 2022.

In one of the reported incidents, Egyptian authorities arrested 200 Uyghur residents in 2017, many of whom were students at Al-Azhar University. At least 45 individuals were deported to China, some of whom were subsequently never heard of again.

More recently, Saudi Arabia arrested, detained and prepared to deport a 13-year-old Uyghur child and her mother alongside two male Uyghur individuals in Ramadan 2022. Reports provide conflicting information on whether or not the deportations took place.

Irrespective, Rayhan Asat, an Uyghur activist noted that their very arrest in Makkah in Ramadan

violated the sanctity of Islam’s holiest place during its holiest month”[7]

She also observes that China “frequently abuses Interpol red notice systems” – which requires law enforcement officials to locate and arrest individuals outside of their country of ordinary residence – to compel the return of Uyghur refugees back to China.

Uyghur activist Abdul Hakim Idris argues that many Muslim governments are enthralled by the lure of Chinese investment and development aid. He notes that some of the most vocal supporters of the CCP are recipients of major economic and military assistance from China.

Muslim governments that are aiding and abetting the CCP’s oppression of the Uyghurs are a disgrace to the legacy of Rasulullah Muhammad (ﷺ) and the early Muslims.

They gave their lives and wealth to build the Ummah and fearlessly struggled against injustice, unbelief and oppression. Muslims fleeing persecution in one location could count on the solidarity of Muslims elsewhere in granting them asylum, as demonstrated from the events of the Hijrah.

What would our Prophet think of Muslim governments’ endorsement of the demolition of mosques and criminalisation of basic forms of Islamic worship? What would he think of Muslim governments’ deportation of Uyghur refugees back to torture and possible death in China’s concentration camps?

[1] Maira Khan, ‘UN Report Recognises China’s Human Rights Violations Against the Uyghurs, Islam21c, 2 September 2022:

[2] Abdul Hakim Idris, ‘The UN Confirms China’s War on Islam – How Long Will the Islamic World Remain Silent?’, Islam21c, 4 September 2022:

[3] UN Digital Records, Letter Dated 12 July 2019 Regarding Human Rights Concerns in Xinjiang, China:

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Dr Suraina Pasha
Dr Suraina Pasha is a political sociologist. She writes on human rights and humanitarian issues from a Muslim perspective. She has a PhD from the University of Sydney, recently completed a fellowship at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), and some of her research has been published in the British Journal of Sociology. Prior to her transition to academic research she worked professionally in the international development sector for national and regional organisations in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.



Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“If you knew what I know (of the Qabr and Qiyaamah), you will laugh little, cry much and not derive any pleasure from your wives, and you would flee into the wilderness……”

Yes, if you knew what our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) knew, you would not organize a merrymaking stupid “Youth Program”.

Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed: “The life of this world is but play and amusement while the Abode of the Aakhirah is best for those who fear (those who have Taqwa and fear Allah Ta’ala).”

It is indeed lamentable that the Madrasah in Skeerpoort is disgracefully emulating the ways of the modernist deviates and even Ulama are promoting the haraam “camping, wrestling, swimming, archery and much more” –whatever this may mean – program organized by the misguided management of this Madrasah. While the Ummah universally is ablaze with jahaalat, misery, poverty and suffering of a variety of kinds – all facets of the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala – the Madrasah, totally impervious of all the misery and suffering, indulges in merrymaking. Instead of creating awareness of the Aakhirah in the youngsters – instead of instilling fear in them for the Qabr and Qiyaamah, the Madrasah is recklessly diverting the youngsters from the Deen and casting them into the jeefah (carrion) cauldron of the dunya.

The terms, wrestling, swimming and archery are used as decoys. Since these acts are praiseworthy in terms of the Hadith, the juhala molvis have latched on to them to bamboozle the ignorant and the unwary – to deceive them into understanding that the merrymaking kuffaar style camping is a Deeni program. But in reality, it is a far, very far call from the Deen. The lecture by Molvi Kajee and the Qiraat by some miscreant qaari are mere red herrings. In fact, the bayaan and the qiraat at this merrymaking camping program are like reciting Tasmiyah when consuming pork and wine.

What has happened to the Aql of these molvis and qaaris? Are their brains so clogged with love for the dunya’s jeefah that they so miserably fail to comprehend the evil and villainy of the merrymaking camping program? Allah Ta’ala, calling Muslims to open their clogged brains for understanding naseehat says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“And on earth there are (numerous) signs (for deriving lesson), and even in yourselves. What! Have you no intelligence?”

Only such molvis who are bereft of Nooraani Aql are blind to the reality of the moral corruption and spiritual harm of these merrymaking programs. To the Sahaabah, wrestling, swimming, archery and fencing were not sporting activities. These were not merrymaking and fun programs such as the khuraafaat which molvis organize today.

After Isha, the children and even the adults have to be incumbently in their homes, not is the streets and not in the bush making merry with laughter and gluttony. And from whence did these molvis acquire the epithet “Youth Program”? Is there any such program substantiated in the Sunnah or in the Qur’aan or in the lives of the Salafus Saaliheen? Did they amuse their youngsters with kuffaar style merrymaking programs?

The term ‘youth’ has now acquired a pejorative hue. It portrays the desire for tashabbuh bil kuffaar. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the word ‘youth’ in these contexts has become a stupid swear-word. It portrays the brainlessness of these molvis who use this stupid kuffaar term for their programs. The word ‘youth’ is much in use in kuffar forums. Now Muslims too, due to their bootlicking disease, deem in honourable to employ this term and to lick the boots of even their youngsters to create stupid name and fame – to show that they are moving with the times – the times of the kuffaar. Women’s empowerment and youth programmes are among the salient features of today’s atheist kuffaar. The bootlicking Muslims are also insanely aping the ways and styles of the kuffaar in all spheres of life.

“Youth” is silliness and deprecated by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said:

“The best of your youngmen are those who emulate oldmen, and the worst of your oldmen are those who emulate your youngmen.”

The teaching of Islam is to emulate pious oldmen, not act like the mad, fussaaq, fujjaar youth of today. The molvis too are using the ‘youth’ for despicable nafsaani motives.

Far from understanding even the very rudiments of Islaah-e-Nafs, these camping and merrymaking haraam programs only aggravate nafsaaniyat. Islaah of the nafs is acquired only in the suhbat of the Saaliheen, not in stupid merrymaking camping programs graced by molvis who have lost the Path of Jannat.

And what is so ‘special’ about the ‘lecture program’ of the molvi who will be giving his talk to the morons? The molvi should examine himself to understand the special nafsaaniyat which motivated him to participate in the stupid, silly, haraam merrymaking camping ‘youth’ program organized by the miscreant management of the madrasah.

While Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) ordered sleep or ibaadat after Isha, forbidding unnecessary conversation, the molvis of the merrymaking camping are training the youngsters to do the exact opposite. After Isha’ they will be engaging in laughter, joking, and stupidity in general. It will be just eating and indulging in merrymaking. And such is not meant for those who have any understanding of the imminence of Maut, the torments of the Qabar and the horrors of Qiyaamah.

To crown the villainy of the merrymaking, they have a R50 haraam fee for participating in nafsaaniyat. Shame yourselves! You are a disgrace to Islam!

24 Safar 1444 – 21 September 2022