hadith can’t be used to justify oppression



Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Islam began in a forlorn state and will
soon return to a forlorn state. Glad tidings to the forlorn.”
We are witnessing such times where the depravity of this Ummah is being made
manifest for all to see. The era prophesied by Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)
where Muslims will be huge in numbers but they will be (useless and
insignificant) as the trash and muck of floodwaters, is certainly before us. Love
for the world and fear of death is the common trait amongst Muslims and nonMuslims alike. Compounding this pitiful state, the current terror that a simple
virus has unleashed upon the masses, has seen the Ummah being further
filtered into those with Imaan and those with merely a façade of it. Right before
our eyes, Islam is being returned to its initial forlorn state! May Allah Ta`ala
include us amongst those fortunate forlorn ones.
Social media has been ablaze with messages and texts (one such corrupt
message originates from the Jamiat so-called ‘ulama’ South Africa) which
purportedly ‘justify’ (from the Mubarak Ahaadith) people skulking in their
homes. The disbelieving governments may believe they are doing good, but as
Muslims we recognise the injustice in preventing Muslims from openly
practicing on their Deen. Islam teaches that we should abide to the laws of a
country. However, the act of ‘justifying’ un-Islamic practices and ‘justifying’ the
Musaajid being left desolate, is pure satanism! Being forced not to go to the
Musjid by non-Muslims is one thing, but for ‘Muslims’ to justify this heinous
decree is totally something else. Those who justify such acts, using Qur`aan and
Sunnah, have proven that they have no Imaan left. The Hadith of Nabi (sallallahu
alaihi wasallam) clearly states that the weakest form of Imaan is to recognise an
injustice to the Deen and to detest it in the heart. Hence, those who feel nothing
about the Musaajid being shut down, are devoid of Imaan. As for those who
condone this oppression and even go one step further of ‘justifying’ it using our
Qur`aan and Ahaadith, have stooped to a level that even puts shaitaan to shame.

                                                       THE MINI-DAJJAALS

Prophetic guidance during epidemic Disease: Social Distancing, Quarantine,

An article with this title is currently doing its rounds on social media. This article
is not only misleading, it is extremely deceptive.
The Hadith reproduced in this article is as follows:
ً ليس من رجل يقع الطاعون فيمكث يف بيته ، يعلم أنه ال يصيبه إال ماكتب هللا له، إالكان له مثل أجر شهيد
ً حمتسبا
FIRSTLY: The Hadith is incorrectly and deviously translated. The translation they
deceptively put is: “….if a person in the time of an epidemic plague stays in their
home, patiently hoping for God’s reward and believing that nothing will afflict
them except what God has written for them, they will get the reward of a
The actual translation should be: “There is no man afflicted with the plague,
who remains in his home patiently, hoping for reward from Allah, knowing
that nothing will afflict him except what Allah has destined for him, except that
he will receive the reward similar to a martyr.”
SECONDLY: The reference given at the bottom of this Hadith cites Musnad
Ahmed AND Saheeh Bukhaari, trying to give the impression that the same Hadith
appears in both these Kitaabs, whereas the wording of this same Hadith in
Saheeh Bukhaari does not have the words رجل من or بيته يف rather it has the words,
.يف بدله and من احد
So, if they wish to restrict the import of the words “in his house” to be literal –
that one should remain indoors only, as is being done at these lockdowns – then
they should also extend that literality to the word “man” (which appears in this
narration in Musnad Ahmed), and infer that women are not included here. This,
we all know, is not the case. The word “man” is used in the Hadith to refer to
both men and women, and the word, “home” infers
locality/hometown/country, and not literally one’s “house”.
Other Kitaabs have the words عبد من meaning “slave”. The words vary but the
import is exactly the same.
The Hadith can never be taken to refer to the “house” only because it is neither
possible nor practical for every person to remain indoors as long as a plague is
present. Society and life would terminate if this were the case.
Also, when there are such cases in Ahaadith where there appears to be a
contradiction, then we interpret it by finding a rational explanation. The
Ahaadith are NEVER contradictory. The Mufassireen and Fuqaha have clarified
any ambiguity that we may perceive. Since the Hadith in Bukhaari mentions “his
locality” this is the obvious meaning that is also extended to the Hadith in
Musnad Ahmed. The word, “home” in Arabic, and also in English (and possibly
most, if not all, languages) is a general term that refers to one’s locality. The
word “home” could refer to one’s hometown, locality, province and even
country. To deceptively translate and infer that Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)
meant remaining indoors is treasonous because it implies the abandoning of
Jamaat Salaat and other beneficial Deeni congregations.
THIRDLY: The Hadith uses the word يقع which refers to a person already afflicted
with the plague. In that case, the person who is already afflicted, can be advised
to remain indoors for various reasons, mostly relating to his recovery. However,
even if a person is afflicted, the Shariah still does NOT advocate the dajjaali
concept of ‘social distancing’. Islam does not teach us to avoid afflicted people,
unless it adversely affects one’s tawakkul. The Hadith teaches us that there is
NO contagion, except with the permission of Allah Rabbul Izzat.
FOURTHLY: The bogus article gives a small excerpt from Fat-hul Baari (which is
a commentary of Saheeh Bukhaari), thereby perpetuating its deception. The
only sentence they deemed appropriate to add from Fat-hul Baari is: “the
wording (of the hadith) indicates that whoever fulfils the descriptions mentioned
has the reward of a martyr (shahid), even if they didn’t die.” They give the false
impression that whoever sits and skulks in their home during a plague, whether
afflicted or not, will also be rewarded by Allah Ta`ala. They fail to expand on this
Let us study what exactly appears in Fat-hul Baari, with regard to these specific
“Nabi’s (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)statement, ‘There is no slave’, that is Muslim,
‘who is afflicted with plague’, that is, in the place where he is, ‘and he remains in
his hometown,’ in the narration of Ahmed (the words are), ‘in his home,’ and this
(whether the word is ‘locality’ or ‘home’) refers to whichever place he is in but he
remains therein, and he does not go away from there, that is, he does not leave
the place wherein the plague occurred. [Note here is also explained that the
words ‘بيته and بلده ‘both mean the place where the plague occurs, hence it does
NOT mean a literal home or house].
The word ‘patiently’, means that he is not irritated, troubled or vexed and neither
is he anxious, apprehensive nor restless, rather he is at ease and accepts the
Decree of Allah Ta`ala and pleased with his fate. This is the condition for
acquiring the reward of a martyr for that person who dies of the plague. That he
remains in the place where the plague occurs and he does not flee from there as
the prohibition clearly appeared earlier (in another Hadith).”
[Let us look at this in our present context – the government has ordered a
lockdown. People are anxious. Many are frustrated because their daily
movements have been curtailed. All businesspeople, besides those in the
“essential services” industry, are suffering huge losses during this time. Nobody
is really sitting at home happily or content. Also, the majority are terrified of
moving outside and mixing with others for fear of contracting this virus. How far
– very, very far – is this condition (prevalent today) to that described in the Hadith
of being patient and hoping for Divine Pleasure. Based on the comments of the
Muhadditheen, we can safely declare that this virus is not a mercy to our
Muslims but also a calamity and punishment just like it is for the disbelievers.
Far from displaying patience, Muslims are anxious, apprehensive, restless,
irritated, troubled and vexed. And this is the condition of those not even afflicted
by the virus!!!
The Muhadditheen have explained that the prevalence of plagues is a
punishment for both – the disbelievers and transgressing Muslims. After all,
does Allah Ta`ala not warn us in His Kalaam, “Do those who commit sins think
that We will treat them like those who have Imaan and who do good deeds,
making their lives and deaths equal? (They are wrong!) Evil indeed is the
decision they take.” The fact that we have been barred from our own Musaajid
can never be deemed a favourable circumstance. How sad that even ‘muslims’
feel Musaajid should be closed. As long as there is life, the time for reformation
exists. May Allah Ta`ala have mercy on us all.]
“The statement, “Knowing that most certainly nothing will overcome him except
what Allah Ta`ala has decreed for him,” is the other condition. This is a
conditional sentence which relates to his remaining (in his hometown/country).
However, if he remains whilst he is anxious, apprehensive, restless and regretful
of not having went out (of his locality), thinking that had he went away then he
would not have been afflicted in the first place and also that he was afflicted
because he stayed behind. This (attitude and state of mind) will deprive him of
the reward of a martyr, even if he dies of plague.” [Fat-hul Baari, vol. 10, page
This excerpt from Fat-hul Baari, proves that the little excerpt which appeared in
the deceptive article, is not only misleading but gives a totally incorrect
interpretation of the Hadith.
The above commentary also proves, inter alia, that this Hadith refers more
specifically to the person who is afflicted with the plague and not necessarily to
those who are healthy and fit. The reward of martyrdom is applicable only to
those who are afflicted with the plague and either die or survive. Those who are
not afflicted by the plague/virus, need to continue their lives normally, whilst
also remaining in their hometown/country. There is another Hadith that states
everyone who resides in a place which is overcome with a plague should remain
Salaat in congregation is not and never was excused for those who are not
afflicted by the disease/virus. ‘Social distancing’ is not and never was an Islamic
teaching. ‘Muslims’ who wish to practice this should never ever believe that
Islam or the Hadith teaches this. ‘Muslim’ men who wish to perform their Salaat
at home, should never ever think this to be permitted by the Shariah due to the
existence of a plague or virus.
This advice of ours should not be misinterpreted as an advocation of civil
disobedience. We merely wish to highlight the point that Muslims should never
trivialise the Deen and they should never misinterpret the Ahaadith of Nabi
(sallallahu alaihi wasallam) to give sanction to any disobedience to Divine
Injunctions. True Muslims should never believe that the Ahaadith of Nabi
(sallallahu alaihi wasallam) ever condoned such a state upon Muslim men where
they are not allowed to attend the Musaajid for the Fardh Salaat. The Ahaadith
never condoned the concept of ‘social distancing’ merely out of fear of
contracting a virus. The Ahaadith never encouraged Muslim men to remain
skulking in their homes, thereby abandoning congregational Salaat. If the
government imposes this on its citizens, that is one thing. The Shariah should
not be misinterpreted to give an impression of approval. If Muslims are forced
to remain indoors and threatened with legal repercussions for ignoring this law,
they should exercise caution and not challenge the authorities, however at the
same time, they should not and cannot condone this injustice from an Islamic
May Allah Ta`ala have mercy on this Ummah!
5th Shabaan 1441 [30th March 2020]

“Clear propagation is our ONLY responsibility”

Issued by:
JAMIATUL ULAMA (Johannesburg)
P. O. Box 961195, Brixton, 2019, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA


  2. HARAAM: Haraam foods are such foods in which the prohibition is clear. There is no doubt in its prohibitions, e.g. haraam meat and food in which haraam ingredients are used.
  3. SPIRITUALLY HARAAM: Halaal food, whether meat or any other kind acquired with unlawful money or by unlawful means. While such food remains halaal, its consumption is haraam for the one who has acquired it by foul or haraam means.
  • MUSTABAH: Such food, the permissibility of which is in doubt. Some factors indicate permissibility while other factors indicate prohibition. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded abstention from such doubtful foods.
  1. PHYSICALLY IMPURE: Generally, the foods prepared in public places such as cafes, restaurants and hotels fall in this classification. Although halaal, such food is not tayyib (wholesome). Some physical dirt and unclean hands, etc. go into its production, hence its contamination.
  2. SPIRITUALLY IMPURE: Such food which is halaal and ordinarily tayyib, but for people of high taqwa (i.e. for the Auliya) even such halaal tayib food constitutes contamination, and impedes their spiritual progress, e.g. halaal tayyib food served by a faasiq or zaalim, halaal tayyib food served with a contaminated worldly motive.


The greater the degree of one’s abstention from contaminated food, the more will on incline towards piety and ibaadat and the converse is also true. Abstention from the first two categories (mentioned above) is Fardh. Eationg such food is a major sin for which Jahannuum is the punishment. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said about those who consume the contaminated food mentioned in these two categories:

“The Fire of Jahannum is more befitting for a human body nourished by haraam.”

The Auliya say that the high stages of piety a man attains are dependent on his halaal and tayyib consumption of food. A man can spend an entire lifetime in abundance of thikr, nafl ibaadat and fasting etc, but as long as the food he consumes is not physically and spiritually pure, he will be deprived of the high stages of taqwa and Divine proximity.

How Allah Dealt With Those Who Insulted His Prophet

Insulting God and His Prophets is not an invention of the contemporary world. For eons, forgotten losers of old have levelled abuse at the Divine and His notable representatives on Earth, not least of all at the Prophets of God.
It is undoubtedly clear that the champions of paltry ideologies that reduce man to a measly composition and movement of chemical compounds cannot salvage their philosophical wreckage except by scorning those who know life’s greater purpose. Despite its laïcité, France stands as the “most depressed nation on earth”[1] and has the highest suicide rate western Europe.[2] Scorning definitely distracts from confessing that others may be right.

Many Prophets were killed, crucified, or insulted, yet they are in bliss and their legacies remain. Their killers or scorners are, at best, dust, awaiting a much longer chastisement and humiliation in the Hereafter. The history of the final Prophet, Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), is replete with how his scorners faced abysmal and humiliating ends whilst his immaculate status was forever preserved. Allāh has promised:

“Surely We will be sufficient for you against the mockers…”[3]

During the international phase of the da’wah, the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) wrote to invite both Khosrow (of Persia) and Caesar (of Rome) to Islam. Both abstained from accepting the message. Caesar, however, honoured the letter and emissary of the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). Allāh strengthened and stabilised the Kingdom of Caesar. Khosrow, on the other hand, tore apart the letter and mocked the Messenger (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and his emissary. The Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) later said: “Khosrow has just torn apart his own dominion.”[4]

A short time later, Khosrow’s son, Kavad II, killed his father to take over the throne. Through successive ignominious defeats at the hands of the Byzantines and the Muslims in the Caliphate of ‘Umar (rady Allāhu ‘anhu), Khosrow’s empire was indeed irreversibly torn into pieces.

Al-Suhaili reports: “Heraclius (610-641 AD) kept the Prophet’s letter sheltered in a gold reed-like object in its honour and kept passing it down from one emperor to the other. It finally ended up with the ‘King of the Franks’ over Toledo, before being inherited down. Some of our companions told me that Abd al-Malik b. Sa’īd, one of the Muslim commanders, met that king. In their encounter, he showed him the Prophetic letter. On seeing it, he was overtaken by emotion and knelt across (to kiss it), but was not given permission.”[5]

Ibn Hajar reports, on the authority of Said al-Din Falih al-Mansūri, that the King of the Franks showed him a box lined with gold containing a gold pen case. He opened the case and pulled out a letter, the ink of which had faded, attached to a silk rag. The king then said: “This is your Prophet’s letter to my grandfather the Caesar that continues to be inherited down until now. Our father advised us that so long as we preserve this letter, our kingdom will be preserved. We thus protect it with utmost effort and honour it, concealing it from the Christians so that our dominion may persist.”[6]

Abu Lahab and his son ‘Utbah were once preparing to head for al-Shām (the Levant). Before they left, ‘Utbah promised: “I will (first) go to Muhammad and mock his Lord.” ‘Utbah approached the Prophet and daringly said (invoking a Qur’ānic passage from Surah al-Najm out of mockery): “I have disavowed the one ‘who got close and drew near, and was at a distance of two bow lengths or nearer.’” Hearing his mockery of Allāh’s words, the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) invoked: “Allāh, send upon him a dog of your dogs,” and turned away.

‘Utbah returned to his father who asked: “Son, what did you say to him?” ‘Utbah related the account, then Abu Lahab asked: “And what did he say back?” He replied: “Allāh, send upon him a dog of your dogs.” Abu Lahab then said: “Son, by Allāh, I do not feel safe from (the manifestation of) that supplication.”

They both took off until they reached a land near al-Shām full of lions. Addressing his travelling group, Abu Lahab said: “By the right of my age and position, that man (Muhammad) supplicated against my son that I do not feel protected from, so gather your belongings and go to that monastery and put my son in the middle of your belongings and surround him.” They did as he ordered. Moments later, a lion approached and roamed around the camping group, sniffing and searching until he hopped on top of their caravan and jumped directly onto ‘Utbah, vigorously attacking him until he ripped his head off. Abu Lahab said: “I knew that he would not escape the supplication of that man.”[7]

In his book Thail Mawlid al-‘Ulamā’, Al-Kettāni mentions that during the era of the Caliph al-Hākim, there emerged a man who called himself Hādi al-Mustajībīn (the Guide of the Accepters) who would call to the worship of the ruler. It was said that he insulted the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and spat at the Qur’ān. When he entered Makkah, its residents complained to its Emir, but the latter defended the man and sought to excuse him by claiming he was repentant. The people insisted that such a sin cannot be made up by mere repentance. They gathered in the Haram, collectively beseeching Allāh. Thick dark smog filled the atmosphere then cleared, leaving over the sacred house a bright ray, visible day and night. This persisted until it was brought to the attention of the Emir of Makkah, who summoned Hādi al-Mustajībīn and executed him.

In his book Al-Shifā, Qādi ‘Iyād writes that the jurists of Kairouan in present-day Tunisia – and companions of the jurist Sahnūn b. Sa’īd – had issued an edict to execute Ibrahim al-Fazāri, a skilled poet and master of multiple sciences who would frequently mock Allāh and his prophets, including the Prophet Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). The jurist Yahya b. Umar ordered for al-Fazāri to be killed and crucified. As he hung facing the Qiblah, historians mention that the firmly grounded wooden pole was later found in its place, but facing another direction!

The 20th century scholar Ahmad Shakir mentions that he attended a sermon in which an articulate orator wanted to praise the leadership for showing courtesy to the writer Taha Hussein, who was blind. In his speech, he said: “(The leader) did not frown or turn his attention away when the blind man came him,” invoking but deforming the verses of Surah ‘Abasa. Ahmad Shakir said: “This criminal’s retribution came in this world before the next. By Allāh, I saw him after a few years with my very two eyes, after his haughtiness and position… as a docile and humiliated servant looking after people’s slippers at the door of the masjid.”

In other instances, Allāh protected His Messenger (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) through imperceptible barriers, through angels, and through fear thrown into the hearts of those who intended to cause him harm. It was reported that Ghawrath b. al-Hārith, who was a polytheist, vowed to kill the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) whilst the Prophet was sleeping under a palm tree with his sword hung up on it.

Ghawrath held a sword over the head of the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and threatened: “Who will protect you?” The Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) answered: “Allāh!” Jabir, the narrator, says: “The sword fell out of his hand and the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) picked it up and said: ‘And who will protect you’? The man replied: ‘The best of the two who grabbed (the sword).’ The Prophet asked: ‘Do you bear witness that none is worthy of worship besides Allāh and that I am His Messenger?’ The man said: ‘I promise to not fight you, nor to assist anyone who fights you.’ The Prophet let him go.”[8] In other narrations, the Prophet had given him the sword on the man’s request and, on grabbing it, his hands shuddered and he dropped it. The Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “Allāh stood between you and what you sought to do.”[9]

Abu Huraira reports that Abu Jahl asked his friends whether the Prophet Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) ‘places his face on the ground’ (in sujūd) in their presence. They answered in the affirmative. He said: “By Lāt and `Uzza! If I see him doing that, I will trample his neck or smear his face with dust.”

Abu Jahl approached the Messenger (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) as he was in sujūd and pressed ahead to step on his blessed neck. On nearing, Abu Jahl stumbled back with glaringly wide eyes, petrified and looking as if he were repelling something with his hands. It was said to him: “What is the matter with you?” He said: “I saw a ditch of fire, terror and wings had emerged between me and him.” Allāh’s Messenger (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) would later say: “If he were to come near me, the angels would have torn him to pieces!”[10]

‘Abdullah b. ‘Abbās (rady Allāhu ‘anhu) reported that a group of the leadership of Quraish gathered in the Hijr (the Sacred House) and vowed by their idols (Lāt, Uzza, Manāt, and Isāf) that if they were to see Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), they will collectively kill him. Fātimah (rady Allāhu ‘anha) was made aware of their plan and rushed to her father, the Messenger (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), weeping. He said: “O daughter, bring me water for ablution.” He then washed and entered the Masjid. When the leadership of Quraish saw him, they lowered their heads and avoided making eye contact; not a man approached him. The Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) advanced, knelt, and filled his palm with dirt and threw it at them, exclaiming: “May these faces be deformed.” The narrator of this event said that everyone in the vicinity of that pelted dirt was killed years later on the Day of Badr.[11]

Allāh protected His Messenger from scorners by diverting insults to other than his noble self. The Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) used to say: “Does it not astonish you how Allāh protects me from the abuse and curses of Quraish? They abuse Mudhammam and curse Mudhammam, while I am Muhammad (and not Mudhammam).”[12] Ibn Hajar explains: “The disbelievers of Quraish would, out of sheer hate, insult the Prophet using Mudhammam (the lowly one) other than his name, Muhammad (the praised one)…but Mudhammam is neither his name, nor is he known by it, and thus their insults were naturally diverted away from him!”

On other occasions, Allāh would alter the laws of nature in defence of his Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). Zaynab bint Hārith presented meat that she had packed with poison to the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). On placing the meat in his mouth, and without swallowing it, he said: “The bone is telling me that it is poisoned!” On inquisition, Zaynab admitted to poisoning the meat. The laws of nature were altered in two ways: by the poison having no effect on the Messenger, and by the bone informing the Messenger of the poison!

Allāh would transform the hearts of the Prophet’s enemies to friends on their first direct interaction with him. The starkest example of this is in the story of Abu Sufyān b. Hārith, the Prophet’s milk-brother who loved the Prophet during his childhood but became a stern enemy following the prophethood. Abu Sufyān would frequently insult the Prophet and his companions, but rather than humiliate him, Allāh softened his heart to Islam.

Abu Sufyan said: “Allāh put Islam in my heart, so I travelled with my wife and child until we reached al-Abwa’. I covered my face and approached until I was face to face with the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). When he saw me, he turned away, so I repositioned myself so that I was facing him again.” The narrator said: “Abu Sufyan kept following him (the Prophet) everywhere he would go… until Abu Sufyan said: ‘By Allāh, the Messenger shall give me permission (to speak to him) or I will take my son’s hand and die of hunger or thirst.’ When the Messenger (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) heard of this, his heart softened towards him and he allowed him to enter.”[13]

Subhān Allāh, the One who humiliates the scorners of the Prophet in this life before the next, averts their insults to useless caricatures or objects, and transforms the heart of the Prophet’s haters to become humbled at his door begging for his pardon! His mockers fail to reduce from his veneration. They are like sloths who spit at the sun: dirtied by their own splutter. They are tarnished in this life before more humiliation in the next.

“Surely those who offend Allāh and His Messenger are condemned by Allāh in this world and the Hereafter. He has prepared for them a humiliating punishment.”[14]

And all praise and thanks are due to Allāh alone.





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Khutbah: Islām is not in crisis, France is!

In the Name of Allāh, the most Gracious and most Merciful. All praise belongs to Allāh. May the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon His Final Messenger, Muhammad (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam), his family and his companions.

Khutbah (Part I)

It is important for us as Muslims to be aware of what is happening to Muslims not only locally but also around the world – both near and far. Muslims are one body, and our strength comes from our unity.

عَنْ النُّعْمَانِ بْنِ بَشِيرٍ قَالَ قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ مَثَلُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ فِي تَوَادِّهِمْ وَتَرَاحُمِهِمْ وَتَعَاطُفِهِمْ مَثَلُ الْجَسَدِ إِذَا اشْتَكَى مِنْهُ عُضْوٌ تَدَاعَى لَهُ سَائِرُ الْجَسَدِ بِالسَّهَر ِوَالْحُمَّى

Al-Nu’man ibn Bashir reported: The Messenger of Allāh, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.[1]

It is important for us as Muslims to understand why things are happening around the world. We should learn to look past the sensationalist speeches so that we can properly understand what is happening and how we need to respond.

Allāh says in the Qur’ān:

وَمَكَرُوا وَمَكَرَ اللَّهُ ۖ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

“They plotted, and Allāh planned, but Allāh is the Best of planners.”[2]

What has been happening during the last few days and weeks in France has saddened and shocked Muslims around the world.

Yesterday, three people were killed in Nice in France. Nine days ago two sisters in hijab were knifed beneath the Eiffel Tower. Two days before that a teacher Samuel Paty, was killed in France for showing cartoons of our beloved prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) to his pupils. None of these killings and attacks can be condoned.

Furthermore, it is unbelievable for the French president Macron to take the unfortunate murder of the teacher and use it to re-publish the demeaning and derogatory cartoons of our beloved Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and to further display the cartoons on the largest buildings in France – and then to criminalise anyone who criticises this action – all in the name of freedom of expression!

Let us call this what it is. It is double standards and has nothing to do with freedom of speech! What happened to freedom of speech when the 80-year-old Maurice Sinet, a cartoonist with Charlie Hebdo for 20 years, was fired in 2009 for his anti-Semitic cartoons mocking the relationship of former French President Sarkozy’s son with a wealthy Jewish woman?

This single act of criminality of the murder of the teacher is now being used to stigmatise 10 million Muslims in France and collectively punish them. It is being used as an excuse to stoke racism and claim that Islam is in crisis! This murder was wrong, but its cause does not come from Islam and the books of fiqh. It comes from the anger of how France is treating millions of its citizens! This is not a justification – it is contextualisation!

These acts are hypocritical of France, a country that committed barbaric crimes against the nations it was occupying! In over 130 years of French occupation of Algeria, millions of people were killed – not 1 teacher, but millions – for daring to exercise their freedom! Algerian men, women, and children were slaughtered at the hands of the French colonialists.

This is part of a bigger plan to control Islam and Muslims, and it is part of Macron’s plan for re-election by appeasing the ever-growing far-right in France.

Sadly, you will be shocked to learn that the truth is: it wasn’t the murder of the teacher that began this crisis. On October 2nd September 2020, two weeks before the murder of Paty, Macron announced a new set of laws “against separatisms”, which solely focused on policing and controlling Muslim communities.

The plan, announced by Macron, included:

–  Labelling of imams (which would have to be approved by the Government)

–  Powers granted to local authorities to dissolve Islamic organisations without any legal proceedings

–  Taxing the Hajj to finance “anti-radicalisation” programs

–  Prohibition of any non-religious activities for religious organisations

–  Coercive controls on all Islamic organisations through the use of security, tax, and legal inspections to close organisations that do not support the government, and

–  Criminalisation of organisations that combat Islamophobia.

Right now in France:

– 51 charities are currently being investigated, with a view to dissolving them.

– 72 schools, madrasas, and Muslim-owned businesses have been shut down already this year.

– The government wants to raid 123 Muslim homes and organisations – 56 raids have already been conducted. These have nothing to do with the killing – they are only there to “send a message”, according to the French Minister of the Interior.

The French government instrumentalised the murder of the teacher Samuel Paty for racist purposes. The government labelled two civil society organisations as “the enemy of the Republic”. The organisations were the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) and BarakaCity.

CCIF has a special status with the UN and is a key NGO within the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. CCIF is widely respected by all of its partners across Europe and helps thousands of victims a year.

BarakaCity is a humanitarian charity that helps 2 million people all over the world with poverty alleviation and clean water provision. Sadly last Tuesday, BarakaCity was forcibly closed down by the French government even though they are totally unrelated to any attacks in France!

Let us be clear: this is not about freedom of expression – this is about racism and Islamophobia!

Allāh says in Sūrah al-Burūj:

وَمَا نَقَمُوا مِنْهُمْ إِلَّا أَنْ يُؤْمِنُوا بِاللَّهِ الْعَزِيزِ الْحَمِيدِ

 ”They took vengeance on them only because they believed in Allāh the Almighty, the Praised.”[3]

But what is the solution?

President Macron claims that ‘Islam is in crisis!’

It is in fact France that is in crisis because of French nationalism coupled with secular fundamentalism and extreme arrogance. France is a divided nation that has continued to disenfranchise its poor and minorities. France has let racism dictate how it treats its own citizens. Non-Whites live in ghettos outside of the main cities and are denied equal access to proper work and education, all in the name of secularism. France has created this fear of the ‘other!’

Did you know that since 2017: 212 Muslim owned cafes, 15 mosques, 4 schools and 13 cultural associations have all been closed! Frances Muslims have been enduring these hardships for a long time.

Secularism is in crisis. People moving away from religion, and people living far away from God – a Godless society based on following desires and not guidance. Islam is the solution to every problem for every society!

Allāh says:

 إِنَّ الدِّينَ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ الْإِسْلَامُ

“Verily the only acceptable way of life with Allāh is Submission.”[4]

 وَمَنْ يَبْتَغِ غَيْرَ الْإِسْلَامِ دِينًا فَلَنْ يُقْبَلَ مِنْهُ وَهُوَ فِي الْآخِرَةِ مِنَ الْخَاسِرِينَ

“Whoever seeks a religion other than Submission, it will not be accepted from him; and in the Hereafter, he will be among the losers.”[5]

We say to haters like Macron: ‘People come and go, and you too shall leave this earth. Nations rise and fall, and a time will come when France itself shall not exist. But rest assured, the legacy of the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and the love that all Muslims have for him shall continue to live long after you and your nation are all relegated to the ink of history books.’

أقول قولي هذا وأستغفر الله لي ولكم من كل ذنب فاستغفروه إنه هو الغفور الرحيم

Khutbah (Part II)

It is clear from the response (and silence) from world leaders where their loyalties lie. But where do our loyalties lie? Our loyalties must lie with the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam)! We should feel angered and hurt by the disgusting photographs, more than if the photos were of our own parents!

But this should not lead us to do anything the Sharia does not allow! We cannot become vigilantes and take the law into our own hands. We should defend the honour of our beloved Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) with our words and actions. We can defend our Prophet by following his Sunnah and his way. Other actions we can do include to:

  1. Recognise that this is a test from Allāh – how will we respond and behave?
  2. Make du’ā to Allāh – to make us worthy followers of the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) – who can pursue do his justice and defend him
  3. Promote the positive image of the Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) through his teachings
  4. Solidarity and unity – we are one ummah. Right now our community in France is hurting and in fear. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Send messages of support to CCIF, BarakaCity and other Muslims. Let them know their brothers and sisters everywhere are with them!
  5. Take heed and build unity here and now – this type of dehumanisation of Muslims can also happen in the UK. We must come together leaving aside all differences and uniting to build our strength as a community!
  6. Boycott all French products. This is the very least we can do. Some people argue that it will not do any good. Macron has already asked Gulf states not to boycott French goods – because he knows it will hurt French businesses. When it begins to hurt. As a prominent Muslim scholar has already said: – after insults against the Holy Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) by France and its president, will we still continue buying and selling and importing French products? If a shop owner insulted our mother, we wouldn’t buy from them ever again. This is the very least we can all do to protect the honour of our beloved Prophet (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam).
  7. Call people to Islam. People are in need of this religion, the religion of Allāh. Mankind is in search for the true religion. Depression and suicide are on the rise, but Islam will establish happiness for all. The family system is broken, but Islam holds family values to be essential to a good life.
  8. Raise your voice in support of Rasulullah (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and against those that insult him – tonight at 7pm GMT, join a twitter storm using the hashtag #StopMacron



[1] Bukhārī and Muslim

[2] Al-Qur’ān, 3: 54

[3] Al-Qur’ān, 85:8

[4] Al-Qur’ān, 3:8

[5] Al-Qur’ān, 3:85

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The Politicization of Blasphemy [Part I]

Islam Reigns

By Ibn Mosharraf

After decades of apathy we are finally seeing Muslims mobilizing and agitating against France for their continued anti-Muslim policies.

Something that many of us have been calling for years.

But these calls for boycott is not sitting well with some(or many) self-professed advocates of Laïcité (Secularism) and even some Muslims.

Here is a summary of the contentions against boycott making rounds online.

  1. The Prophet(ﷺ) tolerated blasphemy. Muslims who are protesting against blasphemy are radical extremists and terrorists. Or enabling them.
  2. Muslim nations should civilize themselves first before lecturing a Modern Nation like France which promotes Free Speech.
  3. Boycotting France is Hypocrisy. What about the Uyghurs?
  4. Boycotts are not effective.
  5. What about offensive verses in the Quran?

This two part series will address these contentions as comprehensively as possible.

In this first part we will discuss the following issues.

  • Are Muslims unIslamic in their intolerance towards blasphemy?
  • Does…

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What’s the Point of Reciting what I don’t Understand?

Islam Reigns

The Quraan Majeed was revealed in Arabic and the people to whom it was directly revealed were Arabs who spoke the most eloquent form and dialect of the language. Despite them being completely conversant and fluent in the language, Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) was tasked with a separate responsibility in his capacity as the Nabi – the responsibility to teach them the RECITATION of the Quraan Majeed.

Allah Ta‘ala mentions in Surah Aal ‘Imraan (v164):

لَقَدْ مَنَّ اللَّـهُ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ إِذْ بَعَثَ فِيهِمْ رَسُولًا مِّنْ أَنفُسِهِمْ يَتْلُو عَلَيْهِمْ آيَاتِهِ وَيُزَكِّيهِمْ وَيُعَلِّمُهُمُ الْكِتَابَ وَالْحِكْمَةَ وَإِن كَانُوا مِن قَبْلُ لَفِي ضَلَالٍ مُّبِينٍ ﴿آل عمران ١٦٤﴾

“Indeed Allah Ta‘ala had favored the believers when He sent in their midst a messenger from among them who recites to them His verses, purifies them and teaches them the book and wisdom and they were before in clear misguidance”

The recitation of the Quraan Majeed holds…

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I am a British Muslim and I notice a general lack of time keeping in fulfilling one’s duty in the Islamic circles.

I understand that sometimes people have emergencies and need to be excused but I see a trend in:

  • Bayans extended because the program started late or speaker wants to take another 20 minutes to make a point
  • Islamic programs/workshops schedule changes or running late because of a speaker or someone arriving late Maktab/Madrasah teachers arriving late
  • I have witnessed Maktab/Madrasah teachers checking text messages or emails on phone during teaching
  • Teachers not informing the Administrative staff of absence (or informing late) so suitable cover for children in the Maktab cannot be arranged for Tajweed or Nazira etc.

Those who notice these matters and try to rectify are labelled as acting like “White people” and being “too professional”.

I would like to ask if time keeping, schedule and disciple is part of Islam  or something imposed on us by the corporate sector and white (colonial British Masters)? Are the administrative staff of Maktab correct in enforcing discipline  and professionalism?

When I am at my work the situation is different but as soon as I get back to my Masjid after work, it is assumed that it needs to run in a different manner and time keeping, scheduling and fulfilling one’s duty is something alien to Islam.

Please withhold my name but give us permission to make your response public. Can you elaborate on this matter in some detail please.

Jazakallahu Khayran



29 Rajab 1435 (29 May 2014)

Your e-mail dated 28 May 2014 refers.

The importance of Time is adequately illustrated by the fact that Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan Hakeem takes an oath, “By The Time!”  The disease of stealing time is universal in the Ummah  of this age. Even those who are supposed to be Ulama are extremely lax, to say the least, on this issue.

Madrasah teachers, Musjid Imaams and  workers in Deeni organizations who are paid salaries,  think nothing of  stealing time. Morally, their theft of time is in the same category as stealing money or tangible items. It is haraam for a salaried employee to  attend to any of his personal  duties/work during his time of service. They are guilty of khiyaanat (abuse of Amaanat) by coming late to Madrasah, finishing off early or taking days off and  then collect full salary.

The claim that punctuality and strict observance of time are attributes of “the white man”, are  downright stupid and baseless. Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi was a sterling example of observing punctuality meticulously. Those who  dishonor time are generally careless in even their Deeni issues. While they strictly emulate all the haraam  styles and fashions of the “white man”, they  refuse to adopt  the good attributes of the white man, which in fact are attributes and teachings of Islam adopted by the white man.
The fact is that when Allah Ta’ala wills a nation to become rulers over others, then He instills order, system and superior intelligence to them. Then we see the ruled races all following even the immorality of their masters. In this age, we must acknowledge that the “white man” is still the boss. All other nations – Arabs, Asians, Africans, Chinese, etc. – are still the serfs of the western white man. Hence they set the tune for the whole world. The brains of all non-white races remain thoroughly colonized.
Your concerns regarding the abuse of Time are correct. The salaried Ustaadhs and Imaams who abuse Time are guilty of devouring haraam by accepting full payment when they did not  do full work.


A.S. Desai


Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.






10 Rabiul Awwal 1442 – 27 October 2020


Islam Reigns

By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai

Publication of the insulting and offensive cartoons is to be entirely expected from the enemies of Islam.

While the insults which the kuffaar hurl at Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are hurting to every Muslim, there should be no surprise in our ranks when the crusaders engage in invective and vilification.

The Qur’aan clearly informs of the attitude of enemies such as the godless editors who are spiritually bankrupt and morally decadent. About their hatred for Muslims, the Qur’aan Majeed:

_“O People of Imaan! Do not take as bosom friends (confidants) those besides your own people. They leave no stone unturned (to harm you). They desire that which will cause suffering to you. Verily, hatred (for you) has poured from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is worse. Verily, We have explained the Signs to you, if indeed you have intelligence.” (Surah Ibraheem, Aayat…

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a message from *Mrs. Maryam Petronin to the French President Macron

Mr. Macron

Peace be upon those who followed the guidance and, as for what follows… I received that you are in astonishment at how Sophie Petronin, a French woman of pure white race, Catholic Christianity, had converted to Islam after 75 years of Christianity and during 4 years of captivity among Muslims!

Let me simplify things for you Mr. Macron…

Yes, I was a prisoner of the Muslims … but they never touched me badly and their treatment of me was all appreciation and respect. They used to offer me food and drink and influence me on themselves despite the scarcity of resources .. and they respected my privacy. No one ever subjected me to verbal or physical harassment, and they did not insult my religion, Jesus or the Virgin Peace be upon them both as you do with the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
They did not impose Islam on me, but I saw in their morals people who purify themselves with water and pray the Lord the five prayers and fast the month of Ramadan

Mr Macron…

The Muslims in Mali are poor, yes, and their country is poor. There is no Eiffel Tower and they do not know our French perfumes, but they are the cleanest of us and the purest of hearts.
Yes, they do not own luxury cars and do not inhabit tall towers, but their concern is above the clouds and their faith is more firmly than the mountains.

Mr. Macron…

Have you heard the recitation of the Qur’an in your life while they recite the Qur’an in their prayer at dawn and at night?
How beautiful it is a reading even if you do not understand what they are chanting, and your body shudders and your body shudder as you listen to them chanting the words of God, for they memorize it by heart. Then you realize in your subconscious mind that this is not a human speech but rather a heavenly melody descended from the sky and you have an intense desire to know the meaning of what They chant at dawn and at night from heavenly hymns!

Mr Macron…

Have you made one prostration in your life for God and made your forehead touch the ground and whispered to your Lord about your worries and thanked Him for His blessings as they do? Have you ever felt the closeness of God to you and your closeness to Him?

Mr Macron…

Their women are black as charcoal, but their hearts are white as milk. They wear simple clothes, but in the eyes of their men they are the most beautiful, they do not mix with foreign men, they do not disturb them, and one of them does not enter a man into her home in the absence of her husband. They do not drink alcohol, do not play gambling, and do not commit adultery!

Mr Macron…

The Muslims there believe in all the prophets, even the Prophet of God Jesus whom they love more than us.
And his mother, Mary, who I named myself after her because of their great love and veneration for her and her position.

Mr Macron…

You might ask me: How do they love Christ more than we do?
I answer you: Yes, they love the Lord Christ more than we do because our country shed the blood of the innocent in the name of Christ, their countries became desolate and their wealth was plundered, so we enjoy the goods of Muslim countries and we extract the tribute from their rulers in various ways and we impose commercial and consumer projects that do not develop on them and spread sedition among them and then sell them weapons to kill each other, but we are still We consider them terrorists when they realize that we are the terrorists, not them!
But they dealt with me and other hostages with the morals of Christ that we were learning in the churches but we do not apply in reality.

Mr Macron…

In conclusion … I did not want to declare my Islam in Mali so that I would not be said to have converted to Islam under the sword, and I decided to declare my Islam while I was free on the land of France to convey the message of Islam to millions of French and to Europe with its Christian and atheist parts as a whole!

Mr Macron…

This is the religion of Islam that you are fighting day and night, it has stirred my heart and filled my mind…

I no longer see France with its glamorous beauty
The most beautiful of the poor, modest Mali
I even decided to come back to it again
But after inviting my family and loved ones to Islam
Because I want them to taste the sweetness of what I have tasted from the worship of the one and only God, for whom there is no god but He, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and I want them the goodness of this world and the hereafter.

I also invite you to Islam and to repeat your accounts with this great religion, which is the message of all the prophets and messengers from the time of Adam, passing through Jesus Christ, and concluding with the master of the Anam Muhammad peace be upon him.
And peace be upon those who follow guidance…

{Maryam Petronin}

France’s Blasphemy, Erdoğan, Macron and Freedom of Speech: Double Standards or Opposing Religions?

Islam Reigns

By Umar Rumi

France is recalling its ambassador from Turkey, incensed at “unacceptable” and “disrespectful” Erdoğan’s “disrespectful” statements on their pathetic Macron, while at the same time reclaiming their “freedom of speech” right to insult Sayyid al-khalq ﺻﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ , even doubling down (in a totally childish and purely hateful way) by featuring their blasphemous cartoons on government buildings.

What it is important to notice here is that what we have in front of us aren’t just “ hypocritical double standards “, rather, this is all a consequence of their ideology actually constituting a “civil secular religion”, for which the Nation State and the Republican Institutions are their god and religion, with its dogmas, rituals, sacred standard, priests, etc.

In such a setting, for them insulting Prophets ﻋﻠﻴﻬﻢ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ comes across as something absolutely innocent, while disbelieving in their taghut institution is seen as nothing short of blasphemous…

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From the UK a Brother writes:

During this ‘plandemic’ there has been a subtle perceptible shift from the Ulama in the UK in order to adopt atheist precautionary measures. I say subtle, because they hoped nobody would notice. Most didn’t, because they were already plagued by secularism prior to the ‘plandemic.’ Hence on its arrival, they either saw the logic in the shift from the Ulama, or didn’t see anything wrong due to their Imaani inhibitions being extinguished.

For example, handshaking was relegated from being Sunnah to Mustahab, or even worse, unnecessary. This istikhfaaf can lead to a person apostatising, but nobody noticed.

A brother I know performed Wudhu from home, having yaqeen that Wudhu is a Muslim’s shield. When he got to the Masjid he was instructed that he needed to hand sanitise. He was barred from entering when he refused because Wudhu was deemed insufficient protection. As a result the mureedeen, acting on the instruction of their Hadhrat fell foul of Surah 2, verse 114. They became, in that instant, the biggest dhalims (even worse than the munafiqeen).

In the Masajid the Imams disingenuously use the rationale that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was short, hence due to ‘plandemic’ by shortening Salah they are acting in accordance with the Sunnah. What they deceptively omit is that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was never as short as our Fardh Salah even before the ‘plandemic.’ The masnoon qira’at was read in Fardh Salah by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

One Molvi’s vermiculated brains caused him to suggest that the musallis should hold their breath in Sajdah to preclude aerosol droplets contaminating the carpet. Picture it! In the House of Allah – a fort – where the Hadith says people are protected from calamities, in the most beloved posture of proximity to Allah, this moronic Molvi is advocating yaqeen in contagion. Shameless! What Salah has he been performing all his life that it led to a conviction in something other than Salah?

This same Molvi was videoed holding the Word of Allah in what looked like surgical gloves. They were white, presumably because it was Jumu’ah and he thought wearing white surgical like gloves was Sunnah. Who knows? Just Picture it! If it wasn’t so serious, it would be a comedy. A Molvi wearing gloves because the Qur’an which is Shifa, & is held with Wudhu can give you a virus.

Another deception perpetrated during this ‘plandemic’ is the invocation of the concept of dharoorah (necessity) or umum al-balwa (common widespread plight). Most common people, so steeped in ignorance and searching for ease, don’t even seek clarification as to the definition of these concepts or when they can be invoked as per the previous pious fuqaha. The Molvis know their congregation are mostly stupid and hence they baffle them with these concepts, subjectively providing their own definitions as though they are the Imam Abu Hanifas of their era.

I have ceased listening to such Molvis talks or rulings because they are demolishing the Deen, brick by brick. Soon the people will be practicing something that is not Islam, thinking it is Islam, thus paving their way to destruction.

Those that defend these Molvis have no substance to their defence. Their hollow defence is that they are ‘Ulama’ without knowing themselves what the true definition of an ‘Alim’ is. Alternatively, they refer to the Molvis’ alleged reputation. They forget, or rather they don’t know, that bigger ‘shaykhs’ than the Molvis of today became murtad in previous eras.

Sadly, most people are comatose to any naseehah, be it imparted tactfully or with harshness. Allah Ta’ala has, as per The Qur’an, sealed their hearts, sight and hearing. Nothing can rouse them, unless Allah Ta’ala has mercy on them.

It is for this reason schools across the UK are open & many Madaris remain closed under the guise of practical improbabilities. These shaytaans didn’t value knee-to-knee Deeni education in the first place, hence Allah Ta’ala has deprived them off it long term.

7 Rabiul Awwal 1442 – 24 October 2020