The following is the verbatim lament of a Kenyan mother whose daughter has been betwitched and maddened by the devil Arif, khalifah of Molvi Azmi, a so-called ‘shaikhul hadith’.

“Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

I am a mother to one of Arif’smureedas. My daughter, despite all the outcry, refused to see his reality and is completely controlled by him. When we approached her lastin 2022, she used to say “do you know better thenHazratmoulanaFazlurRahman sahib? If Arif was wrong he would have informed us”.

With new evidence that has surfaced, that moulanaFazlurRahmanwas informed about the murder and some of Arifs evil since may 2021, I write the following letter:

Dear MoulanaFazlurRahman,

You think you are doing us a favour by removing Arifskhilafah?. We are not in need of your favours,we have seen the outcome of those. We are here for our rights. You always talk about “hubbejah”, now Allah is testing you to see if you love yourself more or if you will make amends for your mistakes. So far you have chosehubbejah, by trying to open new alim classes in hopes of maintaining your shaikul hadith title, without making any effort to amend your mistakes. How will that help you in the hereafter when you have helped and knowingly aided someone to misguide so many and do so much zulm since 2021? What effort have you made to try and guide those people you helped misguide? You were informed of arifs evil and the murder before he was even exposed to the Kenyan public.

My daughter and many others, kept following Arif because you showed your support. Since then have you called any of them to explain to them you made a mistake and Arif is wrong and misguiding them? Dont think that they hear your audio and believe that you have dropped him. In that audio you curse the muslims of kenya more then you do Arif. You make yourself seem like your the victim.

Do my tears not matter to you? Do the tears of other mothers,whom you have helped oppress, not matter to you? Do you not fear Allah? You had enough evidence to remove your endorsement and warn the people not to follow him, why didnt you? Why did you ignore everyone’s calls, pleas and messages? Why didnt you investigate the matter? When the kenyanulema spoke out against arif why did you oppose them?Why didnt you support them? When people came to see you regarding this matter why did you ignore them? What made you re-endorse him in september after knowing everything? I had messaged you with pleas and begging for your help. Yet like others you did not respond. Yet you were responding to arifs cries of help. Why? Ready to respond to the zalim but not the mazloom? Was this the behaviour of nabisallahiualihiwassalaam? Is this what Islam teaches? Is this what you intend to teach future students in your darululoomna’maniyyah? You were sent statements from his ex followers confirming his evil last year(by whatsapp we have the copies), why did you ignore them? You knew everything, yet you kept on endorsing him, that makes you a guilty party in all this. Even if you feel vindicated from all this, which you are not, am sure you want to do the work of dawah, why not start by calling those people you helped misguide and give them dawah. What is stopping you from picking up your phone and calling my daughter and others, and explaining to them arifs evil and misguidance? Remember, Allah knows everything, and He is slowly exposing what you knew and when you knew it, as well as your involvement. It’s better that before Allah exposes more, and more people start speaking out, you fulfil your obligations by making an effort of righting your wrongs.

I am completely heartbroken for having lost my daughter and my grandson. Am not even 100% sure where she is and how she is. I wouldn’t wish this pain upon any mother, especially it happening in the name of deen. Its sad that the person who helped Arif and who has the power to try and convince my daughter, is a well known and recognised shaikul Hadith and refuses to do anything. He travels the world trying to do the work of Islam, yet the people he has hurt he does not care about. I pray daily for their well-being but I am angry also, angry that the demon is still out there, still in a position to influence others, still in a position to steal other children away from their families. My curse is upon MoulanaFazlurrahman until he fulfils his islamic duty and makes an effort to right the wrongs he did. I encourage other women like myself to speak out and dont be scared, let the world know how a great shaikul Hadith has mistreated us. We are ready to present ourselves via voice call to any qadhi he wishes.


Walaikumus salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.”

1 Zul Qa’dah 1444 – 22 May 2023

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