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Pertaining to secular education for girls, Mufti Taqi Usmani proffered the following advice to the Taliban of Afghanistan:

“Currently, the issue of education for girls is of great importance. The enemies have made this issue a propaganda campaign against Imaarat-e-Islaamiyah (i.e. the Afghanistan Taliban government). Alhamdulillah, we appreciate the wise steps which Imaarat-e-Islaamiyah has hitherto instituted. However, in our opinion it is of utmost importance to make arrangements for the education of girls within the limits of the Shariah.

Firstly, this is important because of female masaa-il (issues), and for education and prosperity, educated females are an imperative need for the country so that the fitnah of intermingling of men and women could be ended.

Secondly, it is necessary to rebut the baseless impression that Islam or Imaarate-e-Islaamiyah is anti-female.

For the education of girls, separate facilities should be arranged. I have heard that separate facilities for the education of girls and boys are not available (in Afghanistan). However, its solution is to teach boys and girls in the same building but at different times. Or, the teaching may be in the same building but in separate sections. Such plans could be instituted by mutual co-operation Insha-Allah.

(End of Mufti Taqi’s advice to the Taliban)

The advice of Mufti Taqi is pure bunkum. It displays his lack of understanding of the Deen as well as of the situation in Afghanistan. His advice regarding separate times of teaching in the same building or teaching during the same time in separate sections of the same building, is indeed puerile, insipid and stupid. With this ludicrous advice, Mufti Taqi has made himself ludicrous. His advice is devoid of Islamic substance.

The advice of Mufti Taqi is the effect of his mental inferiority. His advice is for the Taliban to take heed of the stupid propaganda of the western kuffaar by reacting in ways which are in total conflict with the Shariah. When Islam prohibits females from even the Musjid for Salaat, by what stretch of Imaani logic can luring girls out of their homes for worldly education be justified? The Qur’aan Majeed commands females to remain glued within their homes.

Females emerging from their homes to attend secular institutions are of the ways of the kuffaar. Woman is Aurah, and has to remain at home to fulfil the role for which Allah Ta’ala has created her. It is haraam for girls to follow and emulate the example of western females. The pursuit of secular education at all levels is the practice of the western kuffaar females. Now Mufti Taqi advises Muslim purdah nasheen girls to unshackle themselves from Qur’aanic Hijaab and to enter the public domain in the manner of their kuffaar counterparts in the western world.

Donning abayas and burqahs are not the be-all of Hijaab. The very first and fundamental requisite of valid Qur’aanic Hijaab is for females to remain at home. Their duties and roles are at home, not in public educational institutions.

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