The Majlis Vol.11 No.2                                        

The following are excerpts from an article prepared by a Brother in Australia on the topic of The Immorality of the Western medical practice

For the last three years I have been writing my thoughts and observations regarding the futility and immorality of the ritual examinations of pregnant women and the haraam tactics adopted by obstetricians. I thought in terms of the Sharia but had no way to proof it scientifically. The book, “Health Shock” devotes a chapter on the risk of all types of obstetrical interventions. But, that was not enough, I felt.
Finally my search for literature on this subject proved successful.
The book, “Male Practice-How the Doctors Manipulate Women”, answers all my questions.
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn gives enough details on the subject ranging from obstetrical deceptions to hazardous and erotic interventions.
Dr. Mendelsohn calls obstetricians idiots.
The present birth position adopted in hospitals, the learned doctor says originated with King Louis XIV. To satisfy his erotic desire of peeping from behind the curtain, he induced his nurses to adopt the current posture ( the supine position) for his laboring mistresses so that he could get an erotic view of it. The birthing stool disappeared and the supine position was adopted. A risky and an erotic view sustained by royal patronage was elevated to a science. There are many dangers to the child and the mother by adopting this supine position.
Research has revealed that squatting alters the pelvic shape in a way that makes it advantageous for delivery. But by a royal edict the law of gravity was subverted. The lithotomy position was the result of an erotic craving of the aberrant French king, which position it is said creates the pathology that makes normal birth abnormal.
Eroticism is at the heart of many modern medical practices.
There are the erotic contact, erotic ogling, erotic handling, erotic prickling and in extreme cases erotic orgasm. On account of this type of perversion sociologists consider nude examination of pregnant women an act similar to rape. The recollection of this physical violence gives them recurrent nightmares.

Dr. Mendlsohn states in support of this:
“Clearly, sexist behavior is at the heart of the medical abuse that women suffer.”

In terms of the Sharia such libertine acts are forms of adultery. When the doctor does vaginal examinations, he perpetrates zina of the hands. When he cast his gaze on the female body, he commits zina of the eyes and zina of the heart.
Very often we read reports of the misbehavior of physicians towards female patients. To avoid the commission of sexual excesses, the Sharia has defined the role of a physician within certain prescribed limits.
But, the shamelessness kuffar savages have devised ways to plunder female modesty in the name of medicine. They derive erotic pleasure by viewing the nude female body. The white-robed “priests” pose as saints to the unsuspecting victim.
The entire immoral ritual of female examinations like prickling, pinching, squeezing, rubbing and ogling has sexual connections but no basis in science.
Dr. Mendelsohn describes all routine examinations purposeless and ritualistic. In fact, the Doctor explodes:
“Doctors are latter-day Don Quixote, battling sometimes real but too often imaginary diseases. The disastrous difference is that doctors are not tilting at windmills.
Rather, it is people who are damaged by their insistent search for dubious diseases to conquer.”

Another tragedy which occurred in medical history, was the transition of the functions of the midwifes to the hands of male doctors. For thousands of years, midwives have been faithfully and efficiently executing their duty of assisting in delivering babies.
The natural births they attended to were a tremendous success without the complexities we see happening today in hospitals births because of technological and obstetrical intervention.
Dr. Mendelsohn recounts the story of how the male doctor arrogated to themselves the function of the dictates midwives thus:
“The obstetrical practice originated in Europe when the 18th century male barber-surgeons realized that they were losing countless opportunities to increase their income, and began plotting to take childbirth away from the midwives. It wasn’t easy to do because midwives were quite capable of assisting at childbirth and had been demonstrating this capability for thousands of years.
In order to get their hands on all those patients, the doctors had to convert childbirth into a disease. They did it by interfering with the natural process and creating medical interventions that only they could perform.
As insurance, they defamed the midwives, branding them as witches. The first “witch” hanged in the American colonies was a midwife whom the doctors accused”.

When barber-surgeons came to the scene, pandemonium resulted. Dr. Mendelsohn says:
“Maternal and infant death rates doubled when the barber-surgeons got into that act. Hospitalized mothers got childbed fever because doctors rushed from the sick beds to autopsies to deliveries without bothering washing their hands”, He further says: “ Almost every stage of obstetrical procedure in the hospital is part of the mechanism that enables the doctor to create his own pathology. Once he has created the pathology, he has the excuse to intervene.”

He cites results from a study of 2000 births conducted by Dr. Lewis E.Mahl of the University of Wisconsin Infant Development Centre. Of these nearly half were home-births. Home-births being safer were noticeable.
There were 30 birth injuries among the hospital born babies and none among those born at home. 52 of the babies born in the hospitals needed resuscitation against 14 born at home. Six hospital babies suffered neurological damage compared to only 1 of the born at home. None of the home-born babies died after birth although the national infant mortality rate is more than 22 per 1000.

“Dr. Albert D.Havercamp, head of the high-risk obstetrics section at Denver General Hospital says that the use of internal fetal monitors nearly doubled the number of Caesarean sections performed in American hospitals between 1971 and 1976”.

Dr. Mendelsohn has this to say:
“Women would find having babies a lot less painful, risky and demeaning if the obstetrical specialty was simply abolished. Except for a handful of doctors who encourage natural childbirth, obstetricians are guilty of perpetuating an unhealthy, unscientific, medical disgrace…
I have a low regard for Modern Medicine in general but obstetrics sets my teeth on edge.
It is the only medical specialty in which almost everything that the doctor does is medically indefensible and terribly wrong”

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