Describing her birth experiences and the immorality and Satanism of the western medical establishment, a Sister from UK writes:

“I don’t know the full rules regarding birth. I am a sincere learner Insha Allah.

I gave birth to my last baby at home with my husband and children. I did not call any midwives. I truly feel that duas they made, made a difference to my labour.

The reason I reached this was because the medical system has been infiltrated by Shaitaan, not just in the UK but I’ve heard horror stories from India as well. They just want to put women on the c-section table where they are free to perform a hysterectomy as well, causing much damage.

I have worked alongside non-Muslim women since my first birth and learnt the horrors of abuse, rape etc in the birth world. It is no longer alarming to hear these things. In fact it was the non-Muslim women who taught me there is no need for any dilation check which every single person has been brainwashed to get done (the midwife inserts fingers down below during labour, it is the most excruciating, degrading feeling). Nowadays mothers have been brainwashed so much that they get this done before labour in the form of induction which is labelled as a ‘sweep’. Because women are now so impatient, they get these done multiple times.

We have come to a time where it is absolutely necessary for women to learn about birth because what is being learnt by society is mostly false and women fall for it. It is only through Allah Ta’ala’a fadhl that I learnt before my first, but even then I didn’t have the full picture.

The abuse was too much with the second birth, therefore I decided if I ever birthed again I would never call anyone. This is a decision many non-Muslim women have made and are making too — the ones who are awake to the medical fraud, and every other fraud out there nowadays.

Every single birth story that is posted by women has the title ‘trauma. Baby born on x date at x time ‘. I was the only one at my time who didn’t have this trauma. But later on I realised even at home births they ruin things, causing excessive blood loss.

When I had my last baby, it was me, my husband and my children. My children were not traumatised. They stayed in a different room and the played with their toys. Husband’s also do not need to see all and sundry. Because we didn’t call the ‘experts’, it’s the first time I didn’t have extreme blood loss. Yes, their coached pushing which is also normalised is actually a big reason why women loose so much blood unnecessarily.

When I was going to have my first, the midwife told me during birth I will not care who is there. I will remove all clothes. She did not know the mindset of a Muslimah that a Muslimah will not even remove trousers in front of a Muslim female.

This is another thing even Muslim women are brainwashed to think like. There is no reason to remove any clothing during birth and even at the very end, it can be minimal.

Another thing women are being brainwashed to do is have a water birth at hospital which goes against the tahaarat of Muslimahs.

We are living in times, regarding birth, similar to what men had to do during covid and Salah. It is safer, more modest and cleaner to have a birth at home with your family.

I have worked with so many women since I had my first, to educate them about the truth regarding birth. Some of them listened, but did not act on the advice therefore they also had a traumatic birth. The next time, they came to me again and this time listened and this is only Allah Ta’ala’s fadhl. I wish I had someone like that when I had my first two children. Who could tell me the truth and what Shaitani things they can do.

During birth, majority of us go through this stage where it is like our mind leaves, the brain goes foggy. This is when so much Shaitani things are done to the woman. It is like they will ask you if they can do something and your mind is screaming ‘NO!’, but your head nods ‘yes’. I cannot find a way to describe it but it is common. This is when, e.g. despite your birth plan saying no dilation checks, they will harass you until they get what they want.

Most women I know have ended up in c-sections and they themselves tell me that during birth, the midwives say there is nothing wrong but it’s just to get the baby our and done and dusted. This causes so much harm to the mother, who often can’t even hold her own baby.

Not only this, but even at home births they constantly try and try to find a way to get you to the hospital and this happened to me. They constantly tried to take away my baby which is why for nearly 24 hours my baby did not drink milk. Then the abusive midwives come the next day and want to see your body and feeding your baby and you can’t because baby has not had the chance to before. I kept asking my husband to give my baby back and then another midwife would come and take baby off me and put the baby on the other side of the room in the plastic cot. It is only when the breastfeeding team came along from outside the hospital that they truly helped me so I did not have to give formula milk.

The system is so so Shaitani. I could go on and I would not be able to cover it all. Women are so brainwashed nowadays by the Shaitani system that they don’t even know that what they are being advised is what will give them the worst outcome for birth and the baby. Then what happens is, because our baby is born and out, we feel this sense of not being able to complain. To just be thankful. But why do the hospitals have this policy where you can go over your birth (where they lie too)? This is why I provide a debrief service so women can go over what happened during birth. This I had to do with myself too.

People will say, you are brave to home birth. I say, you are brave to go in the pit of Shaitan where you enter the building and you’re in the Shaitani hands. But now I say even those who home birth are brave. Because they hurt you there too. The easiest way is to have no one, as this is the first time I had no problem during and after birth Alhamdulillah.

My husband also was not in the room. There are proven studies (not the fake ones the hospitals give) where women labour better when left alone. Midwives look at you, prod you, poke you, want to check you every 15 minutes, want to put their fingers in private parts every hour. We don’t do this to animals but we expect to do this to the best of creation?

I will be here to help anyone who wants to learn the truth Insha Allah. But in these Shaitani times we have to know it isn’t as easy as not having your husband there. They will abuse you if you don’t have an advocate. And yes having a female would be good but not everyone has that. Women don’t even know the truth about birth.

No one needs to take any clothes off. Trousers can be removed at the very end but a long loose dress can be worn.

Midwives WILL want to have a good look at your private parts. Do you really trust them? When this is not proven to help at all during birth.

The other option would have been for me to call the midwives. They would panick at the end like they always do. They would pull my legs back and yanked my baby out of me. Everything would be on display. They would constantly harass me during birth.

The other option which I took was to stay at home with my family, to have a peaceful birth.

If this is shared with other women, they may find me over the top but they should truly ask themselves, am I really? Because every single woman I meet tell me how horrific their birth was. How much they’ve been lied to and they only learnt the truth because I am unable to keep my mouth quiet regarding birth.

I had to learn from non-Muslim women about the truth because there is a small group who knows the truth or learnt the truth after they were abused during birth. It’s like how most Muslims believe in vaccines and the covid scams but it seemed like more non-Muslims were awake and I pray Allah Ta’ala grants then hidayah.

I have thought often to write a book on the truth about birth but many Muslimahs don’t really want to listen so I just do what I can. Whoever Allah Ta’ala lets me be of service to. Women really need to invest in learning about birth from early on in pregnancy. We can’t rely on the norms of society.

Dilation checks are not proven yet they feature in every birth story. At that time, I was 1cm dilated. At this time, I was 7cm dilated. The hospital has a policy of 1cm per hour but every woman is different. Some go from 2-10cm within an hour. Some over days. It doesn’t mean anything. No one should be touching you down below. It is a way of getting an infection as well. But this whole dilation check came from the 60s or something where women were placed on tables and forceps were used (disgusting tool) to pull out the baby. The woman had to be 10cm dilated for them to use this tool. When this practise of using forceps for every birth stopped, they didn’t stop the dilation checks. Why? It wasn’t linked to normal natural births so why did they carry on this dilation check? It’s disgusting.

I don’t know how many women will wake up to all of this though. There is an increase but there needs to be more and I’d rather have my husband than these Shaitani trained people who have been taught to abuse you, break you, cut you, even rape you. I’m sorry for my words. Some of the stories I hear from women would bring anyone to tears. We are living in such bad times. Wassalam”

12 Shawwaal 1444 – 3 May 2023

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