Your urgent attention is drawn to the following:

Please provide the Islamic view point regarding the following social phenomena incrementally gaining popularity among Muslims in emulation of the kuffaar. Is it at all permissible?

  1. In the immoral culture of the west it is now considered psychologically beneficial for the whole family – husband and children – to be present and view the birth of the latest addition to the family. It is said that the husband should be supportive of the wife’s experience and be by her side during this emotional time.

This is fast becoming the mind-set of young Muslim couples coming not only from secular backgrounds, but even from supposedly ‘deendaar’ families.

The husband is now present with the wife when she gives birth. Is this correct in Islam? The wife will have midwives assisting her.

Even more shocking is that some Muslim couples want their toddlers to be present at the birth of their new baby. How can this be permissible? Will such an experience not be traumatic for a 2 year old boy?

  1. The husband speaks openly about the birth experience and the spectacular arrival of his new-born to his father, uncle, brothers and friends in vivid detail. Shocking as it may come but this is not the case of only irreligious Muslims. Rather, ostensible followers of the Sunnah and young molvis churned out at the Darul Ulooms also unabashedly go minto the details of their experience of being in the delivery room.

Isn’t there some Moral Code which Islaam teaches in this regard? If there is, where is it and why are supposedly Deeni personnel and new Maulanas coming out of the Ulooms unaware of the shamelessness of speaking about the wife’s birth details to all and sundry?

Please provide a thorough appraisal of the situation which is not isolated but rather becoming a trend in the lost Muslim community. The aggravated nature of this issue is that Sunnah dressing and five time Salaah performers are involved in these unspeakable atrocities.”


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Hayaa (Shame/Modesty) is a Branch of Imaan.”

Hayaa is an integral constituent of Imaan. The pioneers in be-hayaai (shamelessness, immodesty, obscenity, immorality) are the Western kuffaar. Their shamelessness and obscenity are integral constituents of their kufr. That is the fundamental reason for the shamelessness and immorality of the Western kuffaar. While Eastern and African kuffaar share the cult of kufr with their Western counterparts, the shamelessness of the former is mitigated by their adherence to some form of religious ideology which the Western immoral kuffar lack. Thus, the immorality of the Eastern and African kuffaar is not as bizarre and satanic as that of the Western Kuffaar who are also the pioneers in the satanistic cult of atheism.

According to the Hadith there is never an excess of Hayaa. Whatever degree of Hayaa we are able to observe, is always less. The burial shrouds which drape the dead female body is vehement testification for the lofty degree of Imaani Hayaa of this Ummah. The dead female body despite being draped with five shrouds, is further covered with a large sheet when being lowered into the grave. The sheet serves as a canopy to prevent the eyes of males falling on the dead female body which is thoroughly concealed by the burial shrouds.

Once Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was sitting in his home with his izaar (lungi) drawn slightly up to expose a few inches of his legs above the ankles. When Hadhrat Uthmaan Bin Affaan (Radhiyallahu anhu) entered, Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) quickly adjusted his sitting position and covered the legs – the few inches above the ankles. When Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) enquired of the reason, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Should I not feel bashful for a man for whom even the Malaaikah feel bashful (shy).”

Such was the lofty degree of Hayaa of Hadhrat Uthmaan (Radhiyallahu anhu) that even the Angels honoured his shyness, hence Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) deemed it intolerable to have even a couple of inches of his legs ( a couple of inches above the ankles) exposed in the presence of this illustrious Sahaabi whose sense of Hayaa was remarkable. What do we now have to say about those Muslim louts donning kuffaar bermuda pants and coming to Musjid in such a lewd, immoral Western kuffaar style?

Every Muslim knows or should know that it is haraam for a Muslim woman to expose her hair and even her arms and legs below the knees to kuffaar females. Furthermore, even if in the home there are no ghair mahram males, then too it is advisable for a woman to keep hair her covered at all times. Whilst it is not sinful for her to leave her hair exposed at home where ghair mahram males and kaafirah maids are not around, it nevertheless is best that she covers her hair because it is mentioned in the Hadith that the Malaaikah of Rahmat finding it immodest, leave the home.

Words cannot sufficiently describe and slate the obscene western practice of birth-viewing. Those who participate in such obscene viewing could be described as swines or worse than swines.

Mankind has inhabited this planet earth for many thousands of years. The females have given birth to billions of babies. Never in the history of mankind did any community, kuffaar or Muslim, ever resort to this vile, obscene practice introduced just recently by the swines of the West. Even the vast majority of Western kuffaar is averse to this practice of satanism which the agents of the Devil have innovated.

Muslims who participate in the immoral and obscene birth-viewing are worse than the western swines. The western swines are bereft of Imaan, hence for them their obscenity has a mitigating factor, that is, lack of Imaan. But the filth and obscenity of Muslim viewers is aggravated by their Imaan, that is, if they really do have Imaan. It is totally unexpected and satanically bizarre for people of Imaan to accept and praise this evil, satanic, filthy and obscene birth-viewing stunt introduced by those who are under the direct instructions of Iblees.

Even Western kuffaar in whom there still exist remnants of humanity are averse to this obscenity.

“Not all medics are convinced either that a male presence is necessary. In 2009, the respected French obstetrician Michel Odent stated men in delivery rooms were the reason for rising caesarean rates, claiming a male partner could make a woman more anxious, slowing the production of the hormone oxytocin, which helps the labour process. And a recent survey by Oxford University showed that men were “deeply affected” by difficult births, with some experiencing subsequent depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Consultant obstetrician Chandrima Biswas, who points out that most fathers who don’t attend births today do so for cultural reasons, says that we shouldn’t mock men who complain of trauma. “I used to think fathers had no right to complain about anything, since women did all the hard work, but experience has made me think it is a very complex process for men,” she says. “There’s a deep-down evolutionary agenda that wants to protect their partners and stop them from coming to any harm.

“I’ve delivered for a few women who ended up needing forceps, and the fathers have come back to me with PTSD. They’ve felt completely out of control and, unlike the mothers, they haven’t been producing oxytocin, which prepares you and makes you more accepting of what’s happening. Some of them say: ‘I can’t look at my partner in the same way any more, I’m not sure if I can have sex with her again.’”

An article stated that one in 20 fathers avoids being in the delivery room when their partner gives birth. Hitherto, most males of even the Western kuffaar reject this obscene devilish practice. How is it possible for Muslims to praise this Satanist obscentity? If there was any good in this filth, surely there would have been some directive in the Sunnah. On the contrary, every step in this shaitaani viewing is obscene and haraam. The only conclusion is that such claimants of Islam are in reality bereft of Imaan. They may have been born in Muslim homes, but their Imaan has been obliterated. This is the only interpretation for ‘Muslims’ participating in the satanism of birth-viewing. They are just not Muslims.

Another non-Muslim, speaking his mind, said:

“Andrew and Nina have a dark secret. “You can’t print our real names because people would be shocked,” says Andrew, 39, a lawyer. “But when our second child is born next month, I’m not going to be there. I’ll arrive at the hospital when the baby’s born and the gore has been cleaned up.”

New figures from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service this week reveal that despite the fact that the number of fathers in the delivery room has increased “dramatically” over the past five decades, one in 20 fathers still avoids being present when their partner gives birth.”

Those who participate in this obscene satanist practice are fussaaq and fujjaar of the worst swinish order.

9 Shawwaal 1444 – 30 April 2023

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