The Tabligh Jamaat liken their tablighi effort to Jihad fi sabeelillaah. They claim that the same rewards, in fact even more, are acquired by participating in their tabligh activities. They bestow thawaab of tens of millions to themselves for what they say is ‘khurooj fi sabeelillah’. Please explain what is the meaning of fisabeelillah as used by the Fuqaha? According to Ahsanul Fatawa, the Raiwand Tabligh Jamaat’s deduction of such thawaab based on some Ahadith is incorrect. The Tablighis say that their tablighi journeys are the same as the Jihad journeys of the Shaabah.

A Mufti Mackoojee of Mauritius gives preference to Tabligh Jamaat activity over the Masnoon I’tikaaf. Please throw some light on this very controversial issue.


Literally, a journey for any Deeni activity will also be fi sabeelillah just as the Hadith mentions that a person who leaves home in the quest of Ilm is fi sabeelillah (In the Path of Allah). However, the criticism is directed at the haraam ghulu’ of the Tabligh Jamaat. While they have made their specific methodology of tabligh ‘fardh-e-ain’, they sweep under the carpet their haraam mutual hatred and violence of the two Tablighi factions.

They do not keep issues within the prescribed limits of the Shariah. They exceed all bounds and promote their methodology to be Fardh, and they condemn to Jahannam those who do not join their jamaat. This is the problem of the Tablighis. They are on the path of deviation. Since the split of the Tablighis into two ugly factions, their evil and ghulu’ have become worse. Their demeanour shows that they regard their innovated methodology of so-called ‘tabligh’ to be superior to Jihad and the Quest for Ilm of the Deen.

The conceit (ujub) and pride (takabbur) of Tablighis are shockingly lamentable. They are drunk with the idea of their own ‘piety’. Everyone who is not a tablighi is a Jahannami to them.

While the Maqsood of the Jihad of the Sahaabah was I’laa’ Kalaimatullaah (to raise and establish the Word of Allah), the maqsood (objective) the Tabligh Jamaat is to promote themselves and their methodology over and above the Sunnah. They deceptively speak much of the ‘sunnah’ and they stupidly monotonously pipe the theme of ‘yaqeen, when in reality they do not have the haziest idea of the meaning of Yaqeen nor do they give practical expression to the genuine Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah.

For Tablighis, the Sunnah consists of a couple of external acts such as miswak, beard, turban and kurtah. In fact, this is the be all of their conception of the Sunnah. They lack even in the aadaab of the Musjid. They do not know how to respect the Musjid nor the musallis whom they shamelessly disturb and distract with their bayaans at the wrong time.

They introduce bid’ah upon bid’ah. Then have the stupid temerity of claiming millions and millions of thawaab for their bid’ah activities. It appears that the Tabligh Jamaat is degenerating swiftly into becoming a new sect.

The issue is not: What is better – 10 days Masnoon I’tikaaf or ten days in Tablighi Jamaat activity. The evil issue is that they believe that their ten days in their tabligh activity is superior to the Masnoon I’tikaaf. This is their ghulu’ and their downfall. They believe that their tablighi methodology which bootlicks all types of baatil and proponents of baatil is superior to Jihad fi sabeelillaah.

A man who is slain in Jihaad is a Shaheed. His shahaadat is confirmed by the Qur’aan and Hadith and all rites of a Shaheed are conferred to him. On the other hand, a person who dies in the quest of Ilm or tabligh, may attain the rank of a Shaheed. But the rites of a Shaheed are not conferred to him nor is there categorical Nass to conform his shahaadat.

It is evidently wrong and haraam for the Tablighis to apply the narrated rewards of the Shaheed to their acts of tabligh. While there is Nass for the former, there is no such Nass for the latter. If a muballigh of any kind (not only a tablighi) attains the rank of a Shaheed, it is known to only Allah Ta’ala.

It should also be understood that TABLIGH is not restricted to tablighu jamaat methodology. Genuine Sunnah Tabligh consists of many branches. The way of the Tabligh Jamaat has come into existence only recently, about 13 and half centuries after Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

The Tablighi Jamaat measures its success in terms of crowd and number of buses bringing people to their parties and festivals. Their focus is not on Haqq. That is why they are at home on baatil platforms and feel snug in bed with even the enemies of Allah Ta’ala. As long as the deviate can attract crowds, he is given preference over the Haqq. This clearly shows that they are not concerned with the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and the Aakhirat.

They are now surpassing even the Barelwis in their bid’ah and ghulu’.The crux of the matter is the HARAAM GHULU’ and Bid’ah of the Tabligh Jamaat. This is the target for criticism.

“These are the limits of Allah. Whoever transgresses the limits of Allah, verily, he has oppressed himself.” (Qur’aan)

4 Shawwaal 1444 – 25 April 2023

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