A man addressing the Khalifah Abu Ja’far Mansoor, the second Khalifah of the Banu Abbaasi dynasty, said: “Ameerul Mu’mineen! On one of my tours of China, I learnt that the king had suddenly lost his hearing. He had become deaf. When this happened, the king cried profusely. When his companions tried to console him, he said: ‘I am not crying because of this calamity which has descended on me. My concern is for the oppressed. I fear that an oppressed may come and knock on my door while I am unable to hear, and attend to him.’”

Then the king said: “It matters not. I am deaf but not blind. Henceforth no one in my kingdom is allowed to wear red garments except those who are oppressed. This will enable me to recognize the oppressed and attend to them”.

It was the practice of the king to daily come out of his palace during the evening time on horseback and look at his subjects. When he saw anyone with a red garment, he immediately attended to the oppressed person.

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