Posted on Fri 21 April 2023

Among the Signs of the Proximity of Qiyaamah as mentioned in the Hadith is that “the dunya will be pursued with acts of the Deen.” So-called men of the deen will recklessly utilize Deeni acts of ibaadat to promote their nafsaani and worldly agendas.

A Brother, commenting on the shenanigans of the so-called khaanqah (KMSZ) in Lenasia, writes:


I would like to know if the practices of Khanqah KMSZ of Lenasia are according to shariat.

During the entire month of Ramadhaan the masjid is disrespected! When entering the masjid there is a strong smell of cigarettes smoke coming from the toilets.

Bedding is placed haphazardly with no tents sometimes interfering with the saffs in salaat. There is general untidiness all over the masjid. Most of the time the masjid smells like food.

After Asr salaat, sometimes the zikr program (over the loudspeaker) begins while late comers are still performing salaat.

Immediately after Margrib salaat a moulana starts his short talk (over the loudspeaker) on virtues on Awwabeen and reading surah Sajdah and Tabarak etc… causing a distraction to those performing salaat.

During the entire month Qunoot e Naazila is recited in Fajr.

On the 27th night a long program takes place but the next morning Fajr is shortened to surah Falaq and Naas (the Qunoot is longer).

Are all these practices sunnat? Jazakallah (End of letter)


Every sincere Muslim who is not connected with this misguided ‘khaanqah’ gang of bid’atis, can readily understand the evil of the haraam, bid’ah shenanigans which these deviates practice and advertise as ‘ibaadat’. Every new-fangled practice camouflaged with an ‘ibaadat’ facade on the list of these practices is bid’ah and haraam. There is absolutely no origin and no basis in the Sunnah for these bid’ah fabrications and infractions of the Shariah.

As far as their filth, gluttony, smoking foul stenches, etc. are concerned, these are glaringly HARAAM acts which expel all the Malaaikah from the Musjid.

These miscreant ‘khaanqah’ fellows have surpassed the Barelwi Qabar Pujaari sect in the commission of bid’ah. They are bereft of any shame. They pollute the Musjid with their gluttony and smoking. The satanic stench of smoking defiles and desanctifies the holy environment of the Musjid. The Malaaikah do not tolerate the foul, rotten, stinking odours which these misguided morons excrete into the Musjid with their vile shenanigans. It is haraam to enter the Musjid with a mouth emitting the foul vapour of even garlic. What conclusion should be drawn from the evil stenches which pollute the Musjid – the stenches caused by the gluttony, smoking, etc. of these miserable, bogus khaanqah creeps who satanically devour carrion in the Musjid?

Their thikr programmes are all bogus, designed to mislead and deceive. During the era of the Sahaabah, Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu anhu) had expelled from the Musjid a small group of persons who were making thikr in halqah form. They did not pollute the Musjid. They did not defile the sanctity of the Musjid as these bogus khaanqah miscreants are doing. They were only making thikr of Laailaha Il-lallaah, yet branding them bid’atis, he had them ignominiously expelled from the Musjid in view of their method of thikr being innovated in conflict with the Sunnah. How would the Sahaabah have reacted if they had to witness the filth, stench, gluttony, uncleanliness and all the bid’ah of these bogus khaanqah miscreants who are securely trapped in the tentacles of Iblees?

With shameless acquittal, the miserable sheikh of this bogus khaanqah states on his 27th night programme, among numerous acts of bid’ah and villainy:

“Refreshments buffet style provided by Sheikh -40 min. 10:10 pm – 10:50 pm.”

“Refreshments 15 min. 12:45 am – 1:00 am”

Indeed his brains are vermiculated with shaitaaniyat and nafsaaniyat, hence he miserably fails to understand the villainy and satanism of his pantomime performances in the guise of ‘ibaadat’. Just imagine! ‘Buffet style’ gluttony after midnight on such an auspicious Night of Ramadhaan? Indeed, we are witnessing the fulfilment of the prediction of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said that a time will dawn when Muslims will follow the kuffaar right into “lizard’s hole”. This kuffaar ‘buffet style’ refreshment satanism is one such example of following the kuffaar into the ‘lizard’s hole’.

It is from the heights of his shaitaani hubris that this mudhil bogus ‘sheikh’ is mismanipulating Ramadhaan and Ibaadat for gaining the objectives of his evil nafs. In the process he philanders with Iblees. He needs to expurgate his brains and heart with sincere Taubah and abandonment of his shaitaani bogus khaanqah. It is this type of ‘khaanqah’ which requires demolition.

This bogus sheikh is on the same path of deviation and shaitaaniyat which a Mombasa shaitaani bogus sheikh had been trotting. After his exposure he has fled or gone into hiding. The bogus sheikh of this Lenasia bogus khaanqah should beware! He is dabbling with Fire!

Then after this haraam, shaitaani gluttony during the precious time of this auspicious Night when Allah Azza Wa Jal is calling on His servants from the First Sama’, these rubbish, bogus ‘mureeds’ of a bogus ‘sheikh’ manning a bogus ‘khaanqah’, indulge in a further round of gluttony which they dub ‘Sehri” which is another hour of haraam gluttony and defilement of the Musjid.

It boggles the mind to grasp how is it possible for intelligent Muslims to allow themselves to become so satanically trapped by a bogus ‘sheikh’ operating his bogus ‘khaanqah’ in total oblivion of Allah Ta’ala, Maut, the Qabar and Aakhirat. All the thikr performances designed by this bid’ati, bogus ‘sheikh’ are vile acts of BID’AH inspired by Shaitaan to deviate people from the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Indeed this bogus ‘sheikh’ has surpassed even the Barelwis by leaps and bounds in the perpetration of bid’ah.

29 Ramadhaan 1444 – 21 April 2023

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