“We informed Bani Israaeel in the Kitaab that most certainly you will cause anarchy (mischief/evil) on earth and you will perpetrate great rebellion.

“When the first of the two promises came, We sent against you Our slaves (kuffaar) who were powerful in warfare. They penetrated into your homes. It was a promised fulfilled.


“Then when the second promise came (We allowed them) to disfigure your faces and to enter the Musjid (Musjidul Aqsa) as they had entered the first time and to utterly destroy whatever they overran.” (Surah Bani Israaeel)

In these Aayaat, Allah Ta’ala explains that the ‘oppression’ of the kuffaar whom the Qur’aan describes as ‘Our slaves’, was in reality the enactment and decree of Allah Azza Wa Jala. During the time of Bani Israaeel’s reign in Palestine, they exceeded all bounds of villainy – fisq, fujoor and kufr – just as Muslims are doing today. To punish the evil transgressors, Allah Ta’ala sent kuffaar armies to pillage and plunder Jerusalem and to utterly defile and destroy Musjidul Aqsa.

The kuffaar king Nebuchanezzar enslaved 70,000 of Bani Israael, and in chains marched them to Babylon. Thus the control of Jerusalem, the resultant destruction to Musjidul Aqsa and the enslavement of Bani Israaeel were the decrees Allah Aza Wa Jal. This decree was the consequence of the absolute evil, immorality and kufr of Bani Israaeel.

Today, the very same scenario is being repeated by the zionist invasion of Musjidul Aqsa and the resultant chaos, anarchy and oppression. What is happening over there today is the Punishment of Allah Ta’ala for such kuffaar who masquerade as Muslims. There is hardly any difference between the Yahood and the Palestinians. The only salient difference is mutual hatred. The inhabitants of Palestine have transgressed all bounds of evil and have adopted fisq, fujoor and kufr as their way of life. A Brother from the U.K., describing the Palestinians, says:

“…However, the elephant in the room is never addressed because Muslims find it either unpalatable and/or disrespectful. And that is simply: Allah permits the Palestinians to be beaten & the desanctifying of the Masjid to take place. Once we understand this, then we have to look and search for the cause of the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala. Generally speaking (and there are exceptions), we learn from a plethora of verses of Qur’an & Ahadith that halaat (conditions) come on the people because of their sins.

Most Palestinians do not look like Muslims. Their clothing and beardless faces are that of the kuffaar. For those that have been, deep down they’ll also know that when afforded the right to perform Salah in the Masjid, most Palestinians didn’t pray. So Allah Ta’ala imposed an oppressor that removed the taufeeq to attend. Those that do attend, their satr is exposed in the House of Allah in Sajdah. Women leave their homes to wander in the precincts of the Masjid, when they should perform Salah at home. The Masjid is also devoid of the actions that took place in Masjid An-Nabawwi during Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s time. The Masjid is a mere tourist attraction for many. When the Masjid is devoid of the a’maal & not sanctified as it should be, the structure of Masjid Al-Aqsa is not required by Allah. And there is much more. But this will suffice.

This is the elephant in the room that Molvis won’t address. In fact, a Palestinian Tablighi brother I met many years ago in Palestine, aptly put it to me that your tourism is not required, but effort on the people is required. There is no correlation between visiting and the Help of Allah. The correlation is between the A’maal of the people & the Help of Allah.

But after every beating, we have the same narrative. It’s all the zionists’ fault and the Muslims are oppressed. Nobody ever considers, as a general rule, why oppressive rulers are imposed on the Muslims.” (End of the Brother’s comments)

Oppressive rulers are by the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Your deeds are your rulers.” That is, Allah Ta’ala will appoint rulers according to your deeds.

The evil is not confined to the villainy committed in the Musjid by kuffaar masquerading as Muslims. Almost the entire population is the enemy of Allah Ta’ala. The Deen has been extinguished from the lives of the Palestinians. Since they have no qualification and fitness to rule a land, Allah Ta’ala has awarded Palestine to the Yahood whom Allah Azza Wa Jal is allowing to oppress, pillage and plunder those who claim to be Muslims whilst in reality they are not Muslims, neither in belief nor in practice.

Jordan, the stupid toothless mongrel, has ceased acting even like a barking mongrel. Although Jordan is the supposed Trustee of Musjidul Aqsa, its army is like a miserable dog with its tail between its legs. They cannot come to the rescue because Allah Ta’ala has cast in their hearts fear for the Yahood.

Regarding this divinely cast fear into the hearts of Muslims, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“In fact, you (Muslims) will on that day be abundant, but you will be rubbish such as the flotsam (rubbish) of floodwaters. Most certainly, Allah will eliminate from the hearts of your enemies fear for you, and Allah will cast wahan in your hearts.”

Describing wahan, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Love for the dunya and aversion for Maut.”

Thus, their only ability is bootlicking the kuffaar. But even their bootlicking does not deter the Zionists from executing their schemes. And how can it deter them, when the Actual Dispenser of all affairs is Allah Azza Wa Jal?

As long as “Muslims’ remain bootlickers of the kuffaar, emulating every iota of kuffaar lifestyle, they will be helpless mongrel dogs to be kicked and humiliated by the very kuffaar whom they bootlick.

15 Ramadhaan 1444 – 7 April 2023

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