Women in Islam and i’tikaf

Heirs of the Prophets or Heirs of the Profits

The Ulama are the Heirs of the Prophets

Women in Islam and i’tikaf

Due to the widespread promotion and encouragement of women performing i’tikaf in the masjid, we find it prudent to respond and shut this door of fitnah insha Allah.

Contrary to popular belief, Muslims are expected to lead, and by default, leadership requires foresight. Such foresight is easily obtained by maintaining the suhbat (company) of the pious seniors. It is vile and extreme for juniors not to seek such foresight from their seniors as much as it is for seniors to shut access to these doors.

Furthermore, the idea of encouraging females to attend the masjid for i’tikaf, especially in such an area infested with lesbians is vile, to say the least.

Muslims should not lose sight of the pervertedness that exists in our society, be they online (social media)or not.
Schools are sexually orientating our children by design into these acts of pervertedness. From gender-free toilets to teaching explicit sexual content, promoting homosexuality, encouraging young boys to dress as girls, and vice versa. Encouraging children with sex changes (transgender benders).

In light of this, do we encourage our mothers and grandmothers who are holding the fort (house/home) and guarding the boundaries of Islam by keeping i’tikaf in their homes!

Doing so would also afford you the opportunity to serve your household which carries a far greater reward than making i’tikaf, if you intend to seek the pleasure and reward of Allah.

Muslim communities are plagued with single-parent dysfunctional homes. Despite the brave attempt of surviving parents to manage a family on their own, the reality is this job was designed for two. The bulk of the remaining society then suffers from dysfunctional parenting, something psychologists refer to as ghost parents.
Where both parents exist but they fail as parents as most of their time is spent working, failing miserably at being a mother or father.

Instead of converting the house of Allah into an incubator for lesbianism.
Remain resolute in your homes, guarding the boundaries of Islam.

Consider the following
1) Islamic jurists by consensus agree that a permissible act can and at times should be prohibited for the reformation people.

2) Jurists have prohibited women from kiss greeting and shaking hands in times of such fitnah, as lesbianism rampantly spreads.

3) The Prophet (Salallah Alayhi wa salam) has attributed and, by a greater extent, encouraged women to make Salalah at home and not at the masjid.
What motive should a woman have but to seek what is greater in reward and do what is more virtuous in the sight of Allah.

4) The mother of the believers Sayidina Ayesha (Radiallahu unha) said if the Prophet (Salallah alayhi was salaam) was alive and saw what transpired he would have prevented women from attending the masjid.

5) Allah says to the believing women: “وَقَرْنَ فِي بُيُوتِكُنَّ وَلَا تَبَرَّجْنَ تَبَرُّجَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ الْأُولَى” “And remain, in your homes; and do not come out, like the coming out of the first Jaahiliyah (Period of Ignorance)

There are more points to help mitigate the need for women to perform i’tikaf in their homes, however, we find these points sufficient for those with intellect and sincerity.

Furthermore, Ulama in general should remain alert to the scourge lesbianism presents, demolishing homes etc.

Ulama who are imams to masaajid (houses of Allah) are tested the most in this regard. As they are pressured by committee’s. And the feel the need to lobby the support of females to retain “power” or their position in the masjid.
These are the tactics presented to you as Ulama by lucifer (Shaytaan).

Let your focus be Allah, Heirs of the Prophets.

May Allah protect us all, keep us with Ihlsaas, Istiqamat and Aafiyah.

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