Please comment on the ‘Sunnah I’tikaaf Application Form’ of Al Hilal Musjid in Durban. Is there a basis in the Shariah for such an application form? Are the questions asked valid?


In fact, these application forms are a scandalous mockery of Ibaadat. The application form is in emulation of kuffaar-style application forms. It is loaded with nonsensical questions. It is not permissible for the trustees of the Musjid to probe the personal lives and pry into their private affairs. They are guilty of Tajassus (spying) which is Haraam according to the Qur’aan Majeed. They should also have Taraaweeh and Fardh Salaat application forms! What has induced the trustees to advertise their Jahaalat?

I’tikaaf is a Sunnah act of Ibaadat which existed in the time of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The rules pertaining to I’tikaaf are elaborately explained in the Kutub of Islam. Nowhere is there the slightest justification for the stupid, nonsensical, scandalous kuffaar style application form which conveys the idea of the trustees of the Musjid being the owners of I’tikaaf and of the Musjid. They have assumed the haraam liability of deciding who should sit in I’tikaaf. They have no such right.

It is the inherent Shar’i right of every Muslim to resort to the Sunnah I’tikaaf. The right of the trustees is to only ensure that there are no violations of the Shariah. Stupid forms are not required for this duty. They have absolutely no right to pry into the personal lives of those who intend to sit in I’tikaaf. Our advice for these trustees is to de-modernize the I’tikaaf scenario. They should not worry about their elaborate kitchen fitted with fridges and microwaves, etc. They should terminate the picnic, merry- making kitchen service.

Every Mu’takif should make his own food arrangements. His food should come in simple style from outside – from his home and relatives. The Musjid is not the venue for gluttony which today prevails in all Musaajid where the Masnoon I’tikaaf is performed in mock manner. There is no true I’tikaaf – true in the spirit of the Sunnah – taking place. I’tikaaf has become a merry-making party and a picnic.

If the detestable kitchen arrangement is not made, then only the sincere ones who understand what I’tikaaf entails will engage in this Ibaadat.

The application form is nonsensical and not permissible. Only morons will apply via the stupid forms to sit in I’tikaaf. Indeed those who have prepared these ludicrous forms are most stupid to say the least.


11 Ramadhaan 1444 – 3 April 2023

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