Allah Azza Wa Jal says in His Glorious Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not compel your slave-girls into prostitution while they intend to remain chaste, for the sake of worldly wealth.” (An-Nur, Aayat 33)

Ibn Ubayy, the chief of the Munaafiqeen, would beat and compel his chaste slave-women to ply the satanic profession of prostitution for the acquisition of worldly wealth. Today, parents compel their daughters to indulge in prostitution of a different kind. For the sake of a worldly/secular profession they compel their daughters to attend universities which are dens of vice, immorality and zina. And, the objective is exactly the same as stated in the aforementioned Qur’aanic Aayat, namely, the greed for money –worldly wealth.

Since such parents believe that this dunya is the ultimate goal of life, its prosperity and pleasure should be pursued and acquired at all costs regardless of the ruin of the moral character of their daughters and the destruction of their Imaan.

Many girls whose intention is to remain chaste as is mentioned in the above Aayat, write to us seeking advice for the miserable dilemma their parents cast them into by forcing them to study in one of these university brothels. Whilst the desire of the girls is Nikah, their parents prohibit this compulsory Sunnah for the sake of a worldly profession which they have set as a precondition for Nikah. In so doing, they are in the same category as the Munaafiq Ibn Ubayy who had compelled his slave-girls into prostitution although it was their desire to remain chaste. And, he forced them into prostitution for worldly, monetary gain. This is exactly what these miserable parents whose Imaan dangles on a thread are doing to their girls. They force their daughters into the university brothels for the sake of worldly gain despite the desire of the girls for Nikah.

Among the many letters of this kind, one girl writes:

“Please advise what I should do? My parents insist that I go to varsity to become a doctor. I hate going to university. I know of the evil of university life. I want to get married. I have received a couple of good proposals, but my parents insist that I must first complete university study, become a doctor then get married. They believe I must become self-sufficient and independent. What must I do?

Our answer was:

What you have to do is quite simple. You are an adult in terms of the Shariah. You will be rewarded by Allah Ta’ala for your good deeds and punished for your sins. The excuse of being compelled by parents will not be valid in the Court of Allah Ta’ala. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Obedience to anyone in anything in which is disobedience to Allah is not permissible.”

It is not permissible to submit to the haraam desires and instructions of your parents. You have to resolutely and with respect refuse. Refuse to go to the university brothel. Bear the rebuke and tantarums of your parents with Sabr. Be firm in your refusal regardless of their satanic tantrums. Do not ruin your Akhlaaq and destroy your Imaan by entering into the cauldron of vice and immorality – the university brothel. May Allah Ta’ala grant you fortitude and steadfastness. (End of our advice).

Another girl wrote:

“I did not want to go to university as I was aware that it was not permissible. But my father forced me to go. He made my life miserable at home. I had no option but to take admission. There was no question about purdah and the many other haraams taking place. No one can be safe in a university. I finally became involved in a relationship with a Muslim boy. It led to zina. I was morally devastated. After a relationship of a year we decided that we cannot continue disobeying Allah Ta’ala in this horrible way. We decided on making Nikah. When I raised the subject of Nikah to my parents, my father went ballistic. Never would he consent. I had to complete my study course and get married after a few years.

My father refused permission for me to marry. Meanwhile we are continuing the haraam relationship. Both myself and the boy are trapped in this haraam relationship. We are planning to elope. What advice is there for us? Do make dua for us to do what is right. Without my father’s permission, will the Nikah be valid?

Our Answer

Understand well that while you have to respect your father and make dua for his hidaayat, he is a scoundrel. Firstly, he committed the major sin of throwing you to the wolves by forcing you into the cauldron of prostitution. His act is tantamount to kufr. Secondly, despite being aware of your haraam zina relationship, he aggravates his kufr with his intransigent insistence that you remain in the den of vice and immorality to pursue a course of study for which the objective is nothing but monetary gain.

Your father’s attitude of condoning your haraam zina relationship, is in addition a denial of the Razzaaqiyat of Allah Ta’ala. He believes that it is valid and good to ruin his daughter’s Akhlaaq and Imaan for the sake of future worldly jeefah (carrion). The fisq, fujoor and kufr of your father has cancelled his Wilaayat. He no longer has the rights which the Shariah has invested in a Wali (Guardian).

You are not in need of his permission to perform Nikah. Zina is haraam. It is one of the worst sins in which you are repeatedly indulging. But it is acceptable to your father while the Holy Bond of Nikah commanded by Allah Ta’ala is abhorrent for him.

You are required to immediately extricate yourself from this haraam relationship by performing Nikah. Don’t elope. It will only worsen your zina situation. Get married by arranging for the Nikah. You don’t need your father’s permission. His Wilaayat over you has been extinguished by his fisq, fujoor and kufr.

After the Nikah has been performed, publicize it. Don’t keep it a secret. Zina is a secret affair. Nikah is a public, holy contract ordained by Allah Ta’ala. May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect you. (End of our advice to the sister).

Parents, whether they like it or not, should understand that by casting their daughters into the cauldron of zina, they (parents) are villains of the worst kind. The only thing of the Shariah which these scoundrel parents know is that their daughters require their permission for marriage. They labour under the satanic notion that they have the right of veto. They believe that they are acting within the ambits of their rights by withholding permission for marriage despite colluding with Shaitaan to perpetuate the zina relationship of their daughters for the sake of pursuing a secular, devilish career regardless of their daughters heading for Jahannam.

Parents! Fumigate your corrupt, vermiculated brains to cleanse it of the evil mistaken notion of your ‘right’ to prevent the Nikah of your daughters who are trapped in zina relationships which you have created for them. Such parents are satanic Rubbish. They have no rights over their daughters. They are no longer valid mahrams for their daughters. In fact, girls must remain far from such villain ‘fathers’ who are prepared to prostitute their daughters for worldly objectives. They come fully within the scope of the Qur’aanic Aayat mentioned in the beginning of this Naseehat.

Elopements are on the increase. We are aware of a number of such cases. When they fail to deter their daughters from marriage, they elope. It is utterly despicable and kufr to tolerate the zina relationship for the sake of the monetary objective dangling in their imagination, but to deny permission for Nikah. So, understand well that your fisq, fujoor and kufr have cancelled your Wilaayat.

11 Ramadhaan 1444 – 3 April 2023

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