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The whole of the Muslim public is not blind. Many people are appalled at the shenanigans which the bid’ati bogus ‘shaikhs’ are perpetrating in the garb of ‘I’tikaaf’. While the Barelwi Qabar Pujaari bid’atis perpetrate their moulood bid’ah in the guise of ‘Hubb-e-Rasool’ (Love for the Rasool), the new brand of pseudo-deobandi bid’atis indulge in their new-found camping and merrymaking bid’ah in the name of ‘I’tikaaf’  when in reality there is not even a semblance of Masnoon I’tikaaf in their practices of riya, takabbur and israaf.

A Concerned Brother from Stanger who observed the show, writes:

“Please give me the Shariah stance on the following issue:

In the Stanger Masjid this year, an overseas shaikh (Kamaludden) was invited to spend I’tikaaf for the last 10 days. Almost 300 individuals sat for I’tikaaf (majority from out of town). The following were the salient features of this I’tikaaf function:

Q. Huge expenses were incurred to feed the large crowd for Sehri, Iftaar and supper. Is this ok in the Shariah when men, women and children in Syria, Palestine, Burma etc. are starving and even dying of hunger? I don’t know the cost but one can estimate the cost of Sehri and then Iftaar/supper for 300 men over 10 days. My understanding is that regardless of who paid for the food, is it not an unnecessary expense given the condition of the Ummah? If I am wrong please do correct me.

A. The ‘huge expenses’ are pure Satanism (shaitaaniyat), for Allah Azza Wa Jal says in the Qur’aan Majeed: “And do not  waste, for verily,  the wasters are the brothers of the shayaateen (devils).” Wasters being the  ‘brothers of the devils’ are bereft of compassion, hence the plight of the suffering Muslims of Syria, Palestine, Burma and other places – the suffering Muslims who languish in appalling straits of  misery, hunger, poverty and gross jahaalat bordering on kufr – is a non-issue for them. Their fossilized  hearts lack the capacity for even understanding the pain and misery of the suffering Ummah, and their arid and barren eyewells are incapable  of shedding a tear. We thus see these ‘brothers of the shayaateen’ utilizing the auspicious Month of Ramadhaan’ and the Ibaadat of I’tikaaf for making merry, for eating and only excreting.  In the aftermath of   all this khuraafaat organized by the ‘buzrugs’ and ‘hadhrats’ who  bamboozle the ignorant masses with a display of some shathiyaat (some abracadabra ‘tawajjuh’ stunts) is the mass of  the excreted mess of  the foods of waste which  for many culminated  in diarrhoea.

These fake ‘shaikhs’ should hang their heads in shame for utilizing and mismanipulating the Deen for nafsaani gratification and for attaining the objectives of their worldly pursuits.  Brother, you are not wrong.  Be grateful to Allah Ta’ala for the ability to have understood the villainy, moral and spiritual destruction which these  imposter ‘shaikhs’ commit in the name of the Deen. Everyone is, Alhamdulillah, not susceptible to deception.

Q. The large crowd obviously meant that noise levels in the masjid would skyrocket. At salaah times the noise in the wudhu area was like a circus. If you read your Sunnah salaah close to the wudhu area you could not even hear what you are reading. Talking would go on even while Iqaamah was being recited. I am not saying the Masjid is silent out of Ramadaan, but aren’t we looking for trouble when we host such a large crowd? Then certain individuals would loudly exclaim “Shoo”, “Shoo” and even speak out loudly and ask those talking to remain silent. This just made an even bigger noise. Announcements were made. Elderly members of the Stanger community were frequently inconvenienced by the huge influx of visitors. Wudhu places were reserved for those in I’tikaaf and numerous announcements were made after Salaah to give priority to the visitors. Those reading on chairs faced great difficulty as they could only read Salaah at the back of the Masjid due to the mureeds of the shaikh rushing for place near the mimbar.  Many of those in i’tikaaf were seen smoking e-cigarettes in the masjid area after iftaar. Is this Ramadaan? Is this respect for Ramadaan? Is this the meaning of I’tikaaf?

A. Allah Ta’ala has ordained that the Musaajid be places of Ibaadat, not venues of merrymaking, camping and picnicking. Defilement of the sanctity of the Musaajid, disturbing the peace of the Musallis, preventing the usual Musallis from performing their acts of Ibaadat with serenity, etc. are  major sins. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere created in the Musaajid by the deviate ‘shaikhs’ with their crowds of ignorant followers, transform the Musjid into a circus. The trustees of the Musjid are partners in the vile sins which are perpetrated by the ignoramus followers on the instructions and on the strength of  these misguiding  characters who have set themselves up as spiritual guides. They lack in even the understanding of the rudiments of Tasawwuf.

Cigarette-smoking in the Musjid is indeed mind boggling. Shaitaaniyat has assumed the form of ‘ibaadat’. Never in the history of Islam were the Musaajid so thoroughly defiled and polluted as is being   perpetrated presently by the new brand of bid’ati peers who slanderously  proclaim allegiance to the School of Deoband when in reality  they haven’t even  smelt of the fragrance of  the Tariqah of the Akaabir of Deoband. Every step of these impostors is in conflict with the Sunnah.  They know not what Ramadhaan is. They do not have the faintest idea of the meaning of I’tikaaf. They are capitalizing on the Sunnah concept of I’tikaaf to achieve their  satanic objectives.

Q. Is it Sunnah to print posters and invite people from far and wide to come to a place for I’tikaaf? A few hours of bayaans were delivered every day. Is that the point of Ramadaan or is individual ibaadat the aim? The masjid speakers in the back section were always on. So you could not read Qur’aan or make Zikr or read nafl namaaz while the bayaans were going on. Is this Sunnah?

A. Inviting people from far and wide – from different countries to undertake journeys for I’tikaaf, is not only to be discouraged. It is a haram act to be condemned. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) prohibited  undertaking journeys to visit even Musaajid except three Musjids – Musjidul Haraam, Musjidun Nabawi and Musjidul Aqsa.

It is shaitaaniyat to invite  and encourage people to  undertake journeys to perform a private act of ibaadat such as I’tikaaf  which the vast majority of Sahaabah never performed. In fact, Imaam Maalik (rahmatullah alayh) said: “I pondered in (the matter of) I’tikaaf and the abstention of the Sahaabah from it despite the fact that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)  had always observed it.”

Do these crank ‘shaikhs’ understand the importance and significance of I’tikaaf better than the Sahaabah thus  encouraging  Muslims to  indulge in a variety of sins which are concomitant to  journeys nowadays in order to observe I’tikaaf in another country? We have explained the body and soul of I’tikaaf  in our booklet, MASS  I’TIKAAF.

Q. Those intending i’tikaaf were asked to register online. Then there was an ‘orientation’ meeting in the masjid after zuhr on the day i’tikaaf commenced. Laptops, files etc. were being shuffled around. A survey form was handed out before Eid. Part of the masjid cubicles were announced to be the i’tikaaf admin block. I’tikaaf rules were printed out which you had to agree to abide by. Is this complicated, formal way the way of the Ulama of Deoband? Is this the Sunnah way of observing I’tikaaf? Did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah observe I’tikaaf in this manner?

A. The registration and office activity paraphernalia which  have been added to the mock ‘I’tikaaf’ pantomime show are haraam rubbish.  There is not the slightest relationship between all this rubbish and I’tikaaf which is an act of individual ibaadat to be  observed in solitude, seclusion and silence.

Q. Is it a Sunnah practice to make congregational dua over the speakers before Iftaar? This happened daily in the Masjid?

A. It is Bid’ah Sayyiah (an evil innovation). There is no basis in the Sunnah for this new innovation  fabricated by the imposter ‘shaikh’.

A Sister poses the following questions:

“Below is some information which has reliably reached me regarding Maulana Zulfiqar and some of his mureeds. I am greatly disturbed by these things. Despite people speaking greatly of this shaikh, I find it difficult to ignore some of his actions.

Q. Female mureeds are allowed in the presence of the shaikh. They don niqaab in front of him while he addresses them and casts tawajjuh on them. Please comment.

A. The error, deviation and sin of this  deviate ‘shaikh’ are  conspicuous. Only those blinded by  ignorance and false emotions will fail to understand the  evil of  these perpetrations of  this miscreant ‘shaikh’ who comes  fully within the scope of the Hadith: “Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah who are mudhilleen (those who mislead).”

The appearance of females in the presence of the ‘shaikh’ of ignominy even with niqaab, is haraam. He is a ghair mahram. It is haraam for women to sit in the company of a male regardless of the niqaab. Being a shaikh is not a licence for haraam. A shaikh is not exempted from observing the laws of the Shariah which applied to even Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

The ‘tawajjuh’ stunts of this character  are designed to  entrap the ignorant  and the unwary. Even if a man transforms  stones into gold, flies in the air and walks on water, he will be an imposter and a fake if he is not a strict follower of the Sunnah and a staunch  observer  of the Shariah. The only criterion   by which to ascertain and judge the credentials of a person is the Shariah. Sadhus, yogis and Christian faith-healers also demonstrate  these tawajjuh stunts. People should not be awed by such  conjuring  performances  of  imposter  spiritual guides.

Popularity and number of mureeds are common factors with even shaitaan who enjoys greater popularity and whose ‘mureeds’ are by the billion. It is Waajib to scale the actions and statements of the ‘shaikh’ on the  Scale of the Shariah. This man is guilty of ruining the morals of the females who are mentally enslaved to his misguidance. With his stunts he corrupts the Imaan of Muslims.

Just on the basis of this one act of moral turpitude of this deviated so-called ‘shaikh’ is he persona non grata. It is not permissible toadopt him as a spiritual guide.

Q. His mureeds who are aalims and aalimahs conduct ‘aalim’ courses online for all and sundry. They study in the comfort of their homes. In this way anyone can qualify as an aalim. Is this not a dangerous way of imparting specialized Deeni Knowledge at the academic level? Is it possible to become a qualified Aalim in this manner?

A. It is not possible to become a Sanadi Aalim online. While one may learn some rudimentary masaa-il pertaining to the basics of the Deen, one can never become a qualified Aalim   studying in this dumb manner. Mr. Zulfiqar and Mr. Kamaluddeen  who conduct this type of online  programs are liberals and modernists. They are very far from the Sunnah.  They suffer from an inferiority complex which makes them the worshippers of the West. They are overawed by western culture, hence they take pride in  their western college donkey degrees which they flaunt to awe other ignoramuses of their ilk.

Q. Mufti Kamaludden, a senior khalifah of Shaikh Zulfiqar, has been frequenting South Adfrica. This Mufti and his wife conduct  lecture programmes at various universities. Is this not encouraging Muslims to attend universities where the environment is immoral and haraam without any doubt?  They have programmes for males and females. Why do they have their programmes in places where Allah’s Wrath and Curse descend?

A. They have their programmes at haraam venues because they are mudhilleen– misguides who lead Muslims  astrayThey pave the path of Jahannam for Muslims. Therefore,  they  place the stamp of approval on haraam, immoral, satanic universities.South Africa has becoming a haven for deceits and moral dacoits. They love South Africa because of two outstanding features of Muslims in this country: Abundance of wealth, and a glut of stupidity. It is quite a simple matter to overwhelm people of stupidity by a display of some abracadabra stunts to fleece  them  of  their money. These quack peers and misguides  are ruining the Imaan of the masses and destroying  their moral character.


An ex-mureed of ‘shaikh’ Zulfiqar writes from Saudi Arabia:

Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

“A few years ago Peer Zulfiqar did his daughter’s wedding in Dubai where hundreds of khulafa and mureeds from all over the world gathered. They did shopping in expensive malls. Dubai mureeds were imposed duties of khidmat. The wedding reception was held in the most expensive hotel in Dubai.

A person went from Riyadh for I’tekaf in Zambia. Ticket was 5300 riyals (approximately R16,000 rands). The shaikh paid food expenses in Zambia. Daily 3 bayans plus muraqabah. (The organizer of the circus was a wealthy soft drink manufacturer who footed the  bill – The Majlis)

If on average one person spent 5000 riyals on ticket and there were 700 people including women, that means 3500000 riyals  4 million rands), which is 9.5 crore pkr. –  95 million Pakistani rupees just on tickets.

(This does not include the wasteful expenditure for the huge tent to house 400 people, the food expenses, etc. – The Majlis)

In Pakistan there are suffering poor people, widows, orphans etc. Average support for one home per month is 5000 rupees (R1000). A friend in Karachi does this (act of charity). So with this wasted money, they could’ve provided 19000 families with basic necessities like wheat, daals, etc. for the whole month of Ramadhan. Or they could’ve supported 1600 families for the whole year. Or 160 families for 10 years. (But the Satanism in them goaded them to waste this colossal sum of money on eating and excreting – The Majlis)

This is excluding the food expenses and local travelling charges.

The problem is that the molvis and rulers are the same today. They have abundance of funds at their disposal. They live in luxuries, they don’t care about people. (They are absolutely corrupt – rotten to the core –  The Majlis)

If peer Zulfiqar used this money to open maktabs in rural areas of Pakistan, he could have set up hundreds of maktabs with 10 years of salaries safely kept… (With  all the money which was squandered down toilet and sewerage drains during the Zambia fete, 20,000 children totally deprived of the very elementary  teachings of the Deen to sustain Imaan, could  have   been provided Maktab Ta’leem. The Maktab course is two years. The  funds wasted in the haraam festival in Zambia were sufficient to save the Imaan of thousands of  village children  from  the  depredations of anti-Islam forces such as  missionaries and  the kufr influences of western modernism. – The  Majlis)

But who cares??? (They will care the day that Malakul Maut  tugs at their souls. The agonies of Maut will  make them to care, but it will be too late.- The Majlis)

Only the rich can afford to go visit the shaykh at ‘itekafs’ (mock, farcical  functions dubbed ‘I’tikaaf – The Majlis) and weddings and yearly umrahs. So these shaykhs have plenty of fat cows from which they can milk from, and use for their own ends.  (This is the primary objective  for organizing all these haram festivals in the name of the Deen – The Majlis)

The khulafa and mureeds seem to go every year to spend time in the ‘blessed’ suhbat for ‘spiritual uplift’ but it seems like it is just an excuse to go on a kuffaar-style holiday.

Forget the millions of brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering, a token donation every now and then which is like loose change for them is enough to soothe the conscience (and dupe the ignorant mureeds trapped in their tentacles – The Majlis).

If they don’t want to support families instead they could’ve started maktabs. One ustadh would cost 5000 rupees per month. Usually madrasahs in Karachi pay way less than that. I’ve seen the pay scale 2000 to 8000 Pakistani rupees.

If they pay an ustad 5000 rupees per month in rural areas it means they could’ve easily set aside salaries for 1600 ustads for the whole year! Next year more can be donated by the rich cows.  Imagine 1600 ustads getting secure jobs and how much work of deen could’ve been done (educating thousands of Muslim children thereby saving their Imaan – The Majlis)

But they’d rather spend millions on show and gratification of their nafs than care about people in rural areas of Pakistan who don’t know even the Kalima. These shaikhs have a lot of time for rich businessmen and “islamic bankers” but no time for poor people. (This is quite logical. It is these personnel who are the men with the boodle – The Majlis)

You will never see this shaikh or his mureeds shooing away any rich business man or banker even if they survive on haram, but you’ll see them every day ignoring and kicking away poor people who come only for guidance.”

15 Shawwaal 1436 – 1 August 2015

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