Q. Why are Na’t and Nazam functions not
A. Na‟t and Nazam functions are haraam. Such functions are based on the hurmat of ghina. This is just one factor of the prohibition. In fact, the current type of Qiraa‟t jalsahs are also prohibited. This prohibition is based on several factors: Riya, gathering of fussaaq, beardless qaaris, reciting for money, defiling the sanctity of the Musjid, etc. As for the newly-introduced satanic cult of Na‟t and Nazam, the Fuqaha have explicitly forbidden such organized ghina (singing). It is all nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat which according to the Hadith sows nifaaq in the hearts. When Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that most of the „munaafiqeen‟ of his Ummah are the Qaaris, then what epithet should be applied to these qawwaals who publicly, and even in the Musaajid raucously and stupidly insult their intelligence and the intelligence of the stupid crowd trying to sway in tune of the Satanism which defiles the sanctity of the Musjid?


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