While this Glorious Month of Ramadhaan is supposed to be a month of Frugality and Austerity, the lifestyle of Muslims during this Holy Month is the inverse. Instead of gaining closeness to Allah Ta’ala with the sacred practice of Hunger ordained for us by Allah Ta’ala during this Month, Muslims are ruining their Souls with kuffaar-style gluttony. Understand well that gluttony is specific with human beings. Animals are never gluttonous, perhaps pigs are. Animals eat to satiation whereas gluttonous people over-eat and in this satanic process ruin their Souls and destroy their health.

The ‘iftaar’ feasting of Muslims is absolutely scandalous and filthy. In numerous places they soil the Musaajid with the mess and stenches they leave after elaborate feasting in shaitaani / kuffaar style. Savouries have become more ‘waajib’ in Ramadhaan than even the Taraaweeh. Instead of frugality, gluttony has become the norm.

Another exceptionally evil custom is feeding Haleem at the Musaajid during this Holy Month. This custom is haraam for two reasons:

  • It displaces the Sunnah practice of Iftaar with only dates/water. It has become a bid’ah.
  • The evil is aggravated by serving HARAAM food. The chickens and meat used are CARRION which scoundrels have halaalized.

How can your ibaadat be accepted when you devour Haraam, especially in Ramadhaan?

The arguments proffered for providing haleem are stupidly spurious. Whoever fools himself with the idea of ‘thawaab’ for doling out haleem at the Musaajid, should be concerned with genuine thawaab by arranging for the haleem to be delivered to poor homes. In fact, there is no need to be insistent on haleem. This is another bid’ah forged for the Month of Ramadhaan. Give the equivalent in cash or groceries to deserving Muslims, silently and ostensibly without the stupid, haraam show which accompanies this bid’ah.

Furthermore, Muslims should have mercy on themselves by abstaining from halaalized CARRION chickens and meat. All your savouries are HARAAM. Your Rooh is putrefied and your health is ruined with the deluge of jeefah (carrion) you consume. Only those who intentionally smother their Imaani conscience to gratify their inordinate greed, will have the temerity to refute the proven fact that all chickens and meat commercially killed at kuffaar killing plants certified by the Cartel of Shaitaan are Haraam. No Muslim of decent intelligence can deny the irrefutable evidence which proves that 99% of the butcheries deal with CARRION.

Ramadhaan is the Month for spiritual training and upliftment. Take maximum advantage of the barkaat and benefits of this Month by means of more Ibaadat. But more and valid Ibaadat is possible only on the basis of Halaal-Tayyib food, and that too not ingested gluttonously.

28 Sha’baan 1444 – 21 March 2023

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