Allah Ta’ala states: “(O Women!) Remain glued within your homes and make not a display of yourselves like the tabarruj (exhibition) of Jaahiliyyah.”

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “A woman is an object of concealment. When she emerges (from her home) shaytaan lies in ambush for her (to create fitnah).”

Today there are many Shaytaanahs being supported and publicized by immoral zindeeqs who pose  as Muslims. These zindeeqs with immoral objectives to serve, are bringing shaytaanahs- lewd women – dubbed  as ‘shaykhas’ to tour South Africa. These daughters  of the Devil travel around without mahaareem. They exhibit their ugly faces and forms on TV; they take photos; do not adopt Hijaab, wear colourful clothing  to attract fussaaq  and fujjaar, publicly expose their ugly faces from which exude La’nat.  Their satanic ways and styles are to make them attractive to an immoral public. They shamelessly speak to men without any necessity. They advertise  their voice to lure the lustful fujjaar. Their approach is most assuredly in violent conflict and in rejection of the spirit and letter of  the Shariah!

These lewd women are going around in public speaking about Afghanistan stupidities which are in total conflict with Qur’aanic Hijaab. They satanically speak of women’s so-called ‘rights’ – ‘rights’ which the Shariah does not recognize, but so-called Kufr ‘rights’ which shameless and immoral women are dying for!

Their talks of ‘women empowerment’ are satanic and haraam because it entails bringing women en masse into the public. Their actions such as gallivanting so shamelessly are proof of this.

Furthermore, they are  the guests of extremely evil local organizations who promote zina. They are Shaytaan’s media. They are a bunch of Zindeeqs and people should not be fooled into believing that their satanic stations are ‘Islamic’ merely because of the Arabic terminology  they deceptively employ.  These Shaytaani media Zindeeqs have made ‘Salaam’ to Islam – they have bid farewell to Islam which they abandoned long ago. These miserable wrecks of murtaddeen are only ‘Muslims’ by name!

 So-called ‘Muslim’ Women’s Forums are also in the forefront promoting these impure (naapaak) foreign shaytaanah-shaykhas. Their forums operate in violent  conflict with the Shariah. Their perpetrations are immoral, obscene and kufr. They are in denial of the  Hijaab  method  of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.  Women’s conferences are  confirmed conferences of the shayaateen.

If they believe that they are Muslim, then these  shaitaani shaykhas  should remain at home, attend to household chores, look after children and honour their husbands if they do have  husbands  and children. They should not exhibit themselves in public,  for  Shaytaan uses them as his ‘traps’ –  traps  mentioned  by Rasulullah (Sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam).

Just look at how immoral they are. They even take photos and post them on public platforms! Not  a vestige of haya/modesty. They are more shameless than professional  prostitutes who ply their immoral trade  in privacy. In reality, they are masculinized ‘females’  or lesbians  who display prostitute tendencies. Moreover, these  so-called  ‘Muslim’ women’s forums are potent traps of shaitaan. Their job is to ensnare males and misguide  women into the  dregs  of kufr  and immorality.

Women’s organizations and forums – women’s activities beyond the home precincts – lightens his burden and maximises the effects of his conspiracies. Participation in the political gatherings and activities of kuffaar – women’s conferences and seminars – are all the machinations of Iblees. All such so-called Muslim females who participate in the vile and obscene activities organized by these half-male women of the transgender type, are devoid of natural modesty and beauty. They were not born with such virtues which are the hallmarks of pure, chaste Muslim women. They are the implements and tools of Shaytaan. Shaytaan has lured these women out of their homes to lighten his task of misguidance and to be his traps.

All the cultural and stupid customs of the people of Afghanistan  about  which some of these lewd shaitaani shaykhas speak, have got nothing to do with Islam. The izzat (honour) and hayaa (modesty) of a woman are protected when they remain in their home – not when she exposes herself in public! The only places for a Muslim woman are her home  or her grave as mentioned in the Hadith.





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