In his egregiously stupid talk, which we have already refuted in an earlier article, the miscreant so-called ‘mufti’ Zubair Bhayat said:

“….of recent people have been questioning the credibility of our medical practitioners. It’s absolutely unacceptable and it is ridiculous to question the competence and credibility of our medical specialists…”

Debunking this rubbish of the miscreant molvi, the American Journal of Medicine published the following article:

“Doctor, You hit on the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the US, and I’m sure most of us could relate it is either cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Can you tell us why is that?

As published in the American Journal of medicine, the 3rd leading cause of deaths in America is MD related treatments. This means you go to the doctor and he gives you a treatment and you die from it. According to the US health department services 15 000 patients are killed by MD treatments every month and nobody goes to jail. A handful of terrorist fly 2 planes into the twin towers, 3500 people die and we go into war, but 15 000 people are killed a month by MD treatments and nobody bats an eyelash. This is because for the last hundred years we have been led into this false belief, I think it was Marcus Welby who started it, that the Medical doctor is king and knows everything about everything and you just need to shut up and follow his advice… Most people in the US have no idea about the history of medicine evolution in the US, in the early 1900’s it was relatively level playing fields between the chiropractors, osteopaths, homeopaths and the MD’s, In 1915 1920 there was something called the Flexner report, the Carrnegie corporation funded this man named Abraham Flexner, he went around the country, he went on stagecouch on train and on horseback, this was before the interstate highway system, it took Flexner 5 years to do this, he went all around the country and an inventory of all the medical schools that prescribed drugs, he brought the list back to the Carnegries who owned the drug companies, and then the Carnegries and Rockefellers gave millions of dollars of free money to the medical schools and hospitals who were prescribing drugs, that was the beginning of the end of the Flexner report, there was no more level playing fields in the US and mDS started juggernaut has taken off. Most people in the US think that the predominant medicine here is MD directed medicine.” (Our emphasis –The Majlis)


The dark history of the WHO

Eugenics experiments on a global scale.

Funded by the Bill and Merlinda gates foundation

Crime: Between 2000 and 2017 they implemented their experimental oral Polio vaccine on a massive scale in India.

Damage: Half a million children under the age of 5 became paralyzed during this time. In 2017, the Indian government finally told Gates and his policies to leave. The paralysis rates dropped abruptly.

Crime: In 2002 they introduced their Meningitis Vaccine Project in Africa Forcefully vaccinating thousands of children.

Damage: 1 of every 10 children became crippled. Authorities described Gates as “ruthless and immoral” and accused him of using the African people as guinea pigs.

Crime: In 2009 they tested their HPV vaccine on 28,000 tribal girls in remote Indian villages, bullying parents into complying.

Damage: 1,200 girls had severe side affects, such as infertility, seizures, and autoimmune disorders. Seven girls lost their life. This case is now in their Supreme Court.

Crime: In 2010 they funded an experimental malaria vaccine in Africa.

Damage: 1 of every 5 children (20%) suffered severe side affects, including seizures and paralysis. 1 of 5 babies lost their life.”

This much for the degree of credibility awarded by the miscreant Bhayat to the khanaazeer who specialize in murder.

25 Sha’baan 1444 – 18 March 2023

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