A Sister proffers the following sombre observations and advice:

“Assalamu alaikum

It is with deep sadness that I read the article Ibaadat and Taa’at. Very late in life with the Qabr in front of me, have I realized that the Quranic order for women to ‘stay glued in your homes’ is the best order by our Raheem (Merciful) Rabb. Going out to visit relatives, cousins, friends, neighbours, shopping, bazaars, and now malls, even visiting parents and married children too much bring only the curse of Allah Ta’ala, restlessness and ungratefulness. It also destroys the haya (Imaani modesty) and creates animosities.

The women of yester years never left their homes. They never complained. They did not work from homes. They bore every thing even zulm of husbands and in-laws with great and much Sabr. They did not run to Aamils, Sheikhs and Buzurgs. The only kitaab of Wazeefas in most homes was A’maal-e-Qur’aani. They drowned all their grief and sorrows in tilawat of the Quran Shareef.

Talking to na-mehrams is extremely dangerous, especially the sheikhs and buzurgs. A lady said that she sometimes spoke to her sheikh, after a while she realized that he would laugh in a sinister manner. She got scared and left him. I wonder if our Akaabireen ever talked to their women mureedahs even from behind a curtain.

All these sheikhs and buzurgs are not at all trustworthy. They are ever ready to talk to women, more then with their male mureeds. They never advise women to cling to tilawat and to their homes. Don’t call them. Call Allah Ta’ala.

Maulana Sahab, these times are full of fitnah. With all the social media in every hand. One who breathes his/her last on Kalima with Imaan is the most fortunate Muslim on earth.  Wassalam”

(End of the Sister’s advice)

Even genuine Buzrugs will emit the type of ‘sinister laugh’ the sister had experienced with her sheikh. When the carnality of the nafs asserts itself, the intelligence of even a Buzrug becomes blighted and his spiritual eyes are blinded. He succumbs to the dictates of his lust because he failed to observe the prescribed limits of Allah Ta’ala. A trader’s abrupt talk restricted to the sale with a woman, is a far lesser evil than the ‘spiritual’ talk and advice which the Shaikh proffers to his mureedah without due observance of valid and proper Purdah/Hijaab. Nowadays, a mere screen is inadequate.

The voice of the female exercises a sexual attraction which even the Buzrugs at times fail to resist. As far as all these bogus ‘buzrugs’ and bogus ‘sheikhs’ of today are concerned, they are human devils who should never be trusted. In this day, a true Buzrug should not converse with females even from behind a screen. The lust and carnality are ever present. It constitutes a satanically combustible scenario.

Few buzrugs are able to keep their talk and their desires fully within the limits of the Shariah when speaking with females. That is why the Auliya say:

  “Allah loves a penetrating gaze at the time of the incidence of shubuhaat (doubtful issues), and He loves a kaamil (perfect) intelligence at the time of the hulool (infusion) of shahawaat (lusts).”

Imaam Ghazaali (Rahmatullah alayh) said that when a man is affected by lust stemming from female entrapment, 80% of his brain cells become inoperative. In fact Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed surprise at the domination of women who are naaqisul aql, over men who are supposed to have kaamil aql. Buzrugs are in greater need to observe stricter purdah than others.

Mureedahs should not acquit themselves with so much gullibility that they become traps for the Shaikh and he too becomes a snare for them. Seek the protection of Allah Ta’ala against the evils of the nafs and the snares of Iblees.

24 Sha’baan 1444 – 17 March 2023

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