When Iblees, the accursed was rejected and expelled  from the heavens, he swore an oath by Allah:  “By Your Grandeur! I shall most assuredly mislead all of them except those from them who are Your chosen servants.” (Qur’aan)

       Thereafter Shaitaan  supplicated to Allah Ta’ala for potent traps to lure and enmesh his victims. Allah Ta’ala then presented a variety of snares to Iblees. The first snare presented was gold, silver and horses. It was said to Shaitaan: “With these snares you will be able to entrap people.”  Shaitaan said: “While the snare  of  gold and silver is valid, it is also bitter like grapefruit.”

When Iblees  did not  express much enthusiasm for  this snare, Allah Ta’ala presented  to him the  snare  of diamonds  and precious  stones. Shaitaan said: “O Thou Who are the Best Helper! I require  a better snare.  Like gold and silver, this  snare is not perfect.”

Then the snares of delicious  food  and  luxurious garments were presented to him. Shaitaan said: “O my Protector! I require  a  better snare to enable me to entrap the sons of Aadam in such a firm manner which makes  extrication nigh impossible.”

Then, the snare of liquor was presented to him. Seeing this snare, Iblees  smiled and commented that  it will serve his objective considerably. He  said that this snare was better than the other snares. Nevertheless, he was not completely  satisfied. He wanted an extremely potent snare.

Finally Allah Ta’ala presented to him beautiful women. It is such a snare which will overwhelm the intelligence of men. It was said to him: “Go, take this snare and  ply  your trade of deviation and deception.”

When Iblees saw this snare of women, he tripudated with joy and delight. He whistled with pleasure and believed  that this snare will be an ocean of fitnah. No one  will emerge unscathed  from this fitnah.

(From the Mathnawi  of Maulana Rumi)


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