. The Aalimah girls nowadays  are  claiming  that it is not the obligation  of the  wife  to cook food, do the washing, etc. These are the  duties of maids   whom the husbands  should  hire. Is their understanding  of the Hadith  correct?  What is the answer  to their arguments  which they  base  on the Hadith?

A.  The best answer  for these stupid so-called  ‘aalimahs’  is that   the only  obligation  of the husband  is to provide  the wife  with two sets of clothes, basic food and a room, kitchen and toilet.  It is not  the obligation  of the husband  to provide a palatial home, furniture, fridge, appliances, lounge suite, wardrobes full of gaudy garments, make-up, powder, shampoos, lotions and the many other items of luxury and comfort which are to be found in the homes of all these stupid women who claim that it is not their obligation to cook and clean the house.  It is not  even the obligation of the husband to pay  for the medical  treatment of his wife. Despite  all these  requisites, needs  and comforts  not being the husband’s obligation, he nevertheless makes these available   for a happy home. They should present their stupid understanding  about ‘obligations’  only  when they can understand that the husband’s obligation is to only  provide them a plate of food and a dress to wear and a couple of blankets with a pillow for sleeping. It is not his obligation to pride a nice double-bed with nice foam mattress and beautiful linen, etc. Only if they want to be treated  like maids, should they open their stupid mouths with the issue  of ‘obligations’. A happy  home is not created  on the basis of just ‘obligations’. It requires much more.

   It is because of the satanic  attitude and stupid brains of these half-male ‘aalimahs’ who have become monsters and bulldozers,  that their marriages  generally end in divorce. 

   Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi  wasallam) had made it clear  to  Hadhrat Faatimah (Radhiyallahu anha)  that it is her obligation to tend  to the household duties such as grinding  the wheat, cooking, cleaning, etc. These moron women  who act like ‘mujtahids’  should follow the example  of Hadhrat Faatimah (Radhiyallahu anha), not the example of the lewd women of the west. The girls madrasahs have corrupted their hearts  and vermiculated  their brains.


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