Is it permissible to bury a Muslim in a non-Muslim graveyard?

As salaamu alaikum

Dear hazrat 

In the USA some Muslim communities purchase a number of plots in an existing graveyard for the use of any Muslim when he/she dies. Is this situation permitted in Islam in light of the fact that Muslims are not to be buried in nonmuslim graveyards? In addition to that I believe if a graveyard is built then state law would forbid one from not allowing any nonmuslim from being buried there. Any citizen would be allowed to be buried in there. If that is true is there any other option available for Muslims in light of the fatwa below :

Q. Is it permissible to bury a Muslim in a non-Muslim graveyard? 

A. It is not permissible.  The prohibition is obvious. It is even prohibited for a kaafir to assist with the burial of his Muslim relative. The authoritative Kitaab, Badaaius Sanaa’ says in this regard: “It is Makrooh (i.e. reprehensible, not permissible) for a kaafir •to enter the grave of his Mu ‘min relative because the Wrath and Curse (of Allah) settle on the place where a kaafir is. Hence, the grave of a Muslim should be saved from these (calamities). “To save a Muslim from the Wrath and Curse of Allah Ta’ala ,, he/she should never be buried in the graveyard of the kuffaar.

The majlis vol 16 no 02

Was salaam 

Hassan Sulaiman 

13 Sha’baan 1444 – 6 March 2023

Hassan Sulaiman

Respected  Brother,

Your  e-mail refers.

It is not permissible  to bury  Muslims in a kuffaar graveyard. The
situation described   by you is not permissible.



Mujlisul  Ulama of S.A.

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