Q.   Is it permissible to learn Hebrew to enable one to debate  with  the Yahood and to prove them wrong  from their own scripture?

A.   It is a Shaitaani ploy to study Hebrew. The desire to want to debate with the kuffaar is also a snare of Iblees. One should not have such desires which detract  from  the Aakhirat. Shaitaan  approaches people via ‘deeni’ channels to derail them from Siraatul Mustaqeem.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed  considerable anger when  he saw Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) reading even the Tauraah which at that time contained a great deal of Ilm-e-Wahi.

The indulgence in dubious ‘da’wah’ activities is most certainly a gross waste of time and brains, and this is a grievous sin. Indulgence in futility is not permissible.

Q. Sahnun (Rahmatullah Alaihi), the Maliki Faqeeh, is reported to have  said in Al Qawanin Al Fiqhiyyah that whoever is forced into kufr or drinking alcohol or eating pork or the like, is not to do it unless threatened with death in particular; but if he shows forbearance in the face of death then this is better. Is this commentary not an advocacy to suicide knowing the consequence of refusing to obey is certainly death?

A. Most certainly it is not an advocacy to commit suicide. Suicide is  that a man takes his own life with his own hands. What Sahnun (Rahmatullah alayh)  has averred is the unanimous  ruling of all Math-habs.

Q. Is it possible for the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan to visit majority muslim countries in North Africa and West Africa to see for themselves how colonization, westernization, secularization and the social engineering programmes by governments and international organisaztion have devastated the Iman, akhlaaq and modesty of the Muslim society, especially women, to an extent that it is difficult to find a Muslim home, family, community, not disfigured and mutilated in their core Islamic values and conscience? This is lest they succumb to the Rights Movements of the West and compromise and dilute the injunctions of the Pure Shariat of Allah Ta’ala.

A. The Taliban are ruined. They have ruined themselves and they have destroyed the fair and noble Land of Afghanistan who had always been a bastion  against the kuffaar, especially western kuffaar. The Taliban have lost their Soul and have become the bootlickers and hindlickers of  all the kuffaar forces, and of even the Hindu cow-worshippers and cow-urine drinkers. For the miserable  crumbs and carrion of the dunya, the Taliban have abandoned  their much vaunted claim of a Shariah State – a Land to be governed by the Qur’aan and Sunnah. It was all a deceptive pipedream clamour. They have slid into the cauldron of Imaani and Akhlaaqi destruction, and in this satanic process they have surpassed and outclassed the   early  ‘puritannical’ Saudi rulers whose regime was established by the kuffaar of Britain, but  who had  ruled Saudi Arabia in strict accord  with the Shariah in the early stages of their reign.

Q. What is the Shariah’s view regarding celebrating a country’s independence day? How does Islam view nationalism?

A. Celebrating independence  day is  a kuffaar practice. Emulating the kuffaar is haraam. Furthermore, besides the stupidity and prohibition of the concept per se, these satanic, merrymaking functions/celebrations are aggravated by the accompaniment of a host of other major sins such as music, pictography, intermingling of sexes, etc.

Allah Ta’ala has created  mankind and divided them  into nations. However, it is haraam  for people of a nation to despise and oppress those of another nation. Cohesion among people of the same nation, tribe and clan are natural and attitudes created by Allah Ta’ala. However, there is no scope for pride and holding others in contempt. The criterion of nobility by Allah Ta’ala is Taqwa. The Qur’aan Majeed  states: “Verily, the noblest of you by Allah is the most pious.”

Q. I am a candidate in the elections in Canada. I had placed my billboard on the premises of a brother with his permission. After he consulted with The Majlis, he had the billboard  removed. When I asked him for the reason, he referred me to you. Please explain. What is  wrong in having my billboards advertising my candidature?

A. All kuffaar systems of politics  are haraam being in conflict  with the Shariah. It is not permissible  to participate in kuffaar politics. The kuffaar system of elections are not permissible, hence  aiding  candidates in such elections is in conflict with the Qur’aan command: “Do not aid  in sin and transgression.” Our  booklet, Kuffaar Politics, available on our website explains this prohibition in greater detail.

Q. Commenting on the Pakistani army’s chief being a Haafiz, Mufti Taqi said: “Alhamdulillah! In the history of the country this is the first time that a Haafiz of the Qur’aan was appointed  to be the chief  of the army… His appointed  deserves a warm welcome.”

Please comment. Is this appointment to be welcomed from the Islamic  perspective?

A. The venerable Mufti is a bootlicker of governments, officials  and the wealthy. The Mufti very conveniently omitted the fact of the army chief being a clean-shaven faasiq, jaahil. There is nothing to welcome  this faasiq. Welcoming and honouring him cause the Arsh of Allah Ta’ala to shudder. It is   puerile and stupid to understand that the chap was appointed as chief  of the army because he is  hafiz.

from al-haq bulletin 66

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