Atheist Logic 101: Examining the Link Between Religion and Intelligence

Ustadh Daniel Haqiqatjou recently debated Aaron Ra, an ardent representative of idiotic atheism. Ra argued the typical nonsensical rubbish that we are so accustomed to hearing from new atheism. As one of his actual arguments, he said that atheists have higher IQ scores than theists, attempting to demonstrate how atheism is true but theists are ultimately just too stupid to understand this “fact.”

Here are some interesting statistics (taken from a 2019 Forbes article) that we can show Aaron and his ilk:

This comparison between the current IQ scores with the number of Nobel Prize winners and the standardized school level of each country is interesting. Why? Because it is supposed to provide an indication of where each country is situated intellectually, past; present; and future.

Nobel Prizes illustrate the intellectual prowess of those who were educated yesterday. IQs reveal the intellectual capabilities of the current population. School levels indicate the potential of the next generation.

In addition to this, these metrics are generally accepted by atheists themselves, and there is no greater satisfaction than beating an opponent at their own game. As for us, as Muslims, we shouldn’t afford too much credit to these tests, especially since they often conceal a lot of antagonistic, normative criteria under the false pretense of neutral descriptivism.

Keep in mind that the Nobel Prizes are a very biased and controversial institution which is known to have, throughout its history, favored certain select demographics over others. As for IQ scores, they were developed by materialistic atheists that hold a subjective view of what constitutes “valuable cognitive capacities” and what does not.

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Scientific theories and models are always changing, and no psychiatrist in the world to date can claim to have developed an exhaustive and comprehensive theory of intelligence. The study of intelligence is a field that contains many competing theories and models. To rely so heavily on such shallow metrics is already an L for atheists.

In any case, the statistics displayed above provide us with an interesting conclusion regarding the correlation between religiosity and intelligence. Contrary to the claims and predictions of these know-it-all atheists, many liberal and atheistic countries are actually in intellectual decline. For instance, consider France, which has one of the largest non-religious populations in the world and is declining rapidly in terms of intelligence. Look also at how low the Czech Republic is on the board, while being one of the most atheistic countries in the world.

In fact, the intellectual decline of these atheistic countries could very well indicate the exact opposite of what they claim. If we follow their line of thinking, irreligiosity may actually be correlated with stupidity. Now I must admit myself that this would not be a very reliable conclusion. The reason for this is that these changes are more likely an indication that Nobel Prizes, IQs and School Levels are linked to socioeconomic factors.

This just goes to show just how incompetent these atheists really are. They try to establish all kinds of corresponding links in order to try and score points, but they refuse to confront the hollowness of their empty philosophy.

There is a valuable lesson to be taken away here:

Don’t be fooled by random statistics presented to you by insincere perverted morons, and always thoroughly scrutinise their shallow arguments.

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