Satanism in the Music Industry: Now Brought to You by Pfizer!

We are living during some very strange times, where the religion that aims to infringe upon every single limit set by Allah was sponsored by the very company that introduced the world to SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). That’s right, we’re talking about Satanism sponsored by Pfizer, on one of the biggest stages in the world, the Grammys:

Smith started the song in red leather, surround a fleet of dancers that evoked Samara from “The Ring,” before cutting to Petras dancing in a cage, flanked by some dominatrices wearing satanic headgear. Smith also donned a satanic top hat, as huge flames heated up the stage.

It is no secret that American entertainment industries such as Hollywood, Disney and the music industry are intertwined with Satanism, but it is the latter that incorporates it the most blatantly. After all, music is the language of Satan.

Whenever the New World Order elites want to reveal their corrupted plans for us, their victims, i.e., the human race, they do it by holding a massive event, hosted on a grand stage, streaming it everywhere for the world to see. A recent example is the WEF event at Davos; and pretty much every Hollywood award show, including this one. Aside from this fact, pretty much every big-budget movie, animation, song, etc., has satanic ideologies and symbolism rooted within them.

For some reason, Satanists have this strange ritual habit of telling us their plans before enacting them. It’s almost as if they’re mocking us and saying:

“This is what we’re going to do to you, and not only will you not do anything about it, you’ll have no choice but to quietly accept it.”

Many have suggested that they do this in order to remove blame from themselves; or more accurately, place the blame on the consumers. It’s as if they make us aware for the express purpose that, when we continue to assimilate in the transhumanist world, we are doing so while being fully cognizant of the agendas and consequences. This way, we won’t be able to feign ignorance later on. It’s reminiscent of a scheming businessman, who, amid pages and pages of terms and conditions, deliberately conceals information in the small print—information that is unfavorable to the customer—within plain sight, while betting on the fact that the customer won’t be bothered to take the time to read through them all.

Later on, when the customer realizes the very serious mistake they’ve made, by accepting the contract, they complain about it. However, these complaints fall upon deaf ears, as they’re reminded that they had signed the contract of their own volition. There is thus no blame on the evil businessman. This reminds me of a verse in the Qur’an:

Thus Satan will say [to the disbelievers] when the matter [of Allah’s Judgment] has been decreed: “Indeed, Allah promised you the promise of truth. And I promised you, then I failed you. Yet never did I have any authority over you, except that I called [to] you, and you responded to me. So do not blame me. Rather, blame yourselves. I cannot heed your cry. And you cannot heed my cry. Indeed, I have disbelieved in your association of me [with Allah] from of old in the life of the world . As for the wrongdoers [who are godless in heart], painful torment for them [is now all there shall ever be].” (Qur’an, 14:22)

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In the specific instance at hand, a song called Unholy was performed on stage by Sam Smith, a gay man who doesn’t identify as any gender; and Kim Petras, a transgender woman (so in reality, it was actually performed by two men). And both of them were surrounded by an entire swarm of transgender dancers.

The entire performance, along with the color schemes and lighting, was besieged with the color red. And we know all too well what this color symbolizes. This article by The Vigilant Citizen highlights a lot of the symbolism displayed here.

In my article about the 2009 MTV Awards, I explained that red was the color of sacrifice in occult rituals and this color code was used all over the music industry. Nothing has changed. In fact, it is only more blatant. Smith’s overwhelmingly red attire indicated that he was a “chosen one” to partake in one of the occult elite’s mega-rituals.

The song begins with a magic circle:

The performance began with Sam Smith and his transgender minions forming a “magic circle” on stage.

Again, this was done while fully cloaked in red.

Then, Smith makes a 666 hand sign.

This 666 hand sign has been made by many popular celebrities in the past while circling their eyes, as a pledge to you-know-who.

As stated in previous articles, Madonna is the Grand Priestess of the music industry. The fact that she presented Sam Smith’s Unholy performance was an indication that some occult elite garbage was about to go down. And it did.

Apparently people who have been following the elite’s occult imagery are aware that the singer, Madonna, occupies some sort of authoritative seat among these Satanists, referring to her as the ‘grand priestess of the music industry.’ The job of a priest can be likened to that of an emissary. They relay to the masses what their master commands them to relay. And so, it is Madonna that is usually at the forefront of delivering these satanic sermons, in the form of demonic songs and symbols. However, in this particular event, she fulfilled her part by presenting the vile performance of Sam Smith, ritualistically handing the role over to him.

Satanic imagery is no longer something that remains secret or hidden. They now have so much influence that there is no need for them to hide it.

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Immediately after this satanic performance (I mean IMMEDIATELY after), we’re told that the show was brought to you by Pfizer. The timing of this thing was rather mind-blowing.

These Grammys, including this Satanic performance, were sponsored by Pfizer!

Several videos of the performance had also gone viral, urging viewers to watch until the end when Pfizer was shown to be a sponsor. While not sponsoring any specific performance, the company was one of many sponsors for the entire awards ceremony. We therefore rate claims about the ceremony being sponsored by Pifzer as “True.”

“We sponsored the overall Grammy’s event, but not any specific performance,” said Steven Danehy, Pfizer’s director of global media relations, in an email to Snopes. “So, no, Pfizer did not specifically sponsor that individual performance.”

Despite their desperate attempt at what appears to be damage control, could it be any more obvious? I mean, playing an announcement that these Grammy awards were sponsored by Pfizer, immediately after the Satanic performance ends? Come on.

Of all the Grammy sponsors, they chose this specific moment in time to go ahead and announce Pfizer, possibly one of humanity’s greatest enemies these past few years. This is the company that’s responsible for the supposed ‘miracle cure.’ And maybe, just maybe, that’s precisely the message that they wanted to convey. They present Satanism as a miracle cure for humanity, while also making it very clear that accepting this Satanic religion means forfeiting your Akhirah.

As mentioned in The Vigilant Citizen article, this is what happened just moments before the Pfizer sponsorship announcement:

At the end of the performance, Smith is “consumed” by his circle of minions. The message: Selling your soul ends in self-destruction.

Whether it’s taking the vaccine injection or listening to Satanic music, both of these things involve you agreeing to something despite the clear dangers and evils associated with them. Both are portrayed by mainstream media as things that are good and siding with them is deemed right. We are told that, if we embrace these celebrities and experts as law givers on morality and the human body, we shall be in their good graces. Otherwise, we are just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists, going about spreading misinformation about the ‘Satanic Panic’ and the ‘Death Vaxx.’

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But, another question remains:

What was the need for them to make it an all trans-show?

The reason is actually pretty obvious. This is exactly what they want—for everyone to morph into sex-crazed degenerates, who, despite knowing it is an eternity in Hell that awaits them, welcome it with open arms. That is the theme of this performance. How liberalism and feminism are Satanism has been discussed several times on Muslim Skeptic. Both of these drive people towards pursuing nothing but their most base desires. If you’d like to read more on this, you may refer to the following articles, among others:

Liberalism Is Satanism

Why Feminism Is Satanism and Why Abortion Is a Ritual

One of the main purposes of feminism is to create masculine women and feminine men. The ironic endpoint of these ‘women’s rights’ is that men can now supposedly ‘become’ women, i.e., transgenders. Blur the lines between the genders and put men and women together in a mixer until the creation of Allah is deformed beyond recognition.

And I shall, most surely, lead them astray. Moreover, I shall, most surely, fill them with fancies. Thus, I shall command them: And they shall slit the ears of cattle [in false ritual]. And I shall command them: And they shall [seek unnatural] change [to] the creation of Allah. But whoever takes Satan as a patron, apart from Allah, has most surely suffered a manifest loss. (Qur’an, 4:119)

Every religion requires proponents. So, who are the champions of Satanism?

They are those who endorse and promote this garbage on grand stages and whisper the most vile satanic filth into the ears of children and show them the most unholy debased imagery in the form of ‘harmless music videos.’ Satanism is a recurring theme within the music industry. For instance, there is a recent song where the rapper, Lil Nas X, is giving a lap dance to the devil. And if you think that children aren’t watching this, you are sorely mistaken. The song, Montero, has over half a billion views, and the video has no age restrictions.

In the video, the rapper cosplays as ‘Adam’ and gives in to the whispers of Satan. He then rejects Paradise and openly accepts Hell, pole dancing the entire way down to Hell so he can give Iblis a lap dance. We seek Allah’s refuge from such blasphemy and degeneracy.

And what’s more is that this particular song is played everywhere.

Why is stuff like this so immensely popular?

Why has it not been taken down or made age-restricted?

I think we all know the answers.

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These songs, like Montero and Unholy and countless other Satanic pop songs, are played as background music on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, etc. This means that people who aren’t even active listeners of such songs are hearing them via these mediums.

And this isn’t happening by mere chance. Ask yourself:

Is it really a coincidence that these songs specifically were made trendy and are circulated without any risk of copyright, used as background noise in videos while people endlessly scroll for hours upon hours?

Previously, people would just squander their time on these apps. But now they’re doing so while also subliminally absorbing these blasphemous Satanic hymns, sung by Satan’s apostles.

It is imperative that awareness is raised about these Dajjalic evils, and Muslims need to be vigilant in counteracting this growing stream of Satanic filth. They are already trying to force force music onto us wherever we look or go, even in grocery stores. Not only do the evils of music penetrate our hearts and minds, but it also causes great spiritual harm and affects the quality of our lives and worship.

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