Materialism & Consumerism – Stage set for Dajjal

Islam Reigns

By The Usuli

Our age of materialism and consumerism is the perfect stage to set up for the Dajjal.

Observe the crowds that throng online retailers on sale days and the impatience of the average adult who has been deprived of material comfort for just a few hours or a few days.

Observe how our culture persists in the glorification and maintenance of ease, entertainment, consumption and luxury.

Observe how people have forgotten the premises and importance of objective truth, purity in character and the naturalness of monotheism.

Then reflect on the prophecies of the Dajjal and how humanity will be deprived of food and drink – their most basic creature comforts – for years according to some variations of the narrations, until a man comes to them bringing all sorts of material pleasures and ease with one condition – declare that I am your God, your Creator.

How many…

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