The Ambiya of Allah Part 2

The Ambiya of Allah Part 2

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The Ambiya of Allah Part 2


The story of Hadhrat Aadam (Alayhis salaam) is interwoven with Shaitaan who had lured, tempted and ultimately secured in gaining the expulsion of Hadhrat Aadam (alayhis salaam) and Hadhrat Hawwaa (alayhas salaam) from Jannat. Therefore, it is appropriate to commence with the creation of Shaitaan/Iblees.

Allah Ta’ala had created two beings inside Jahannam. The one had the form of a lion and the other the form of a wolf. These two beings indulged in sexual relations in Sijjeen which is one of the abodes in Jahannam. Azaazeel, who later became Iblees/Shaitaan, was born from the union of these two creations.

Azaazeel devoted himself to ibaadat in Sijjeen for a thousand years. Here his Ibaadat consisted of Sajdah. He remained in prostration for this long era of a thousand years. Allah Ta’ala then elevated him to the seven earths where he engaged in Ibaadat for a thousand years on each one of the seven levels. Ultimately, he surfaced on the earth, i.e. this earth which mankind inhabits.

On earth Allah Ta’ala bestowed to him two extremely beautiful wings of green jasper. Then he flew and reached the first sama’ (heaven). Here he remained in Sajdah for a thousand years. Thus, he was awarded the title of Khaashi’ (one who is humble and fearful).

Thereafter he proceeded to the second sama’ and remained in Sajdah worshipping Allah Ta’ala for a thousand years. The Malaaikah inhabiting the second sama’ named him Aabid (one devoted to worshipping Allah Ta’ala).

Then he proceeded to the third sama’ where he remained in sajdah for a thousand years. Here he was named Saalih (one who is profoundly pious). He then proceeded to the fourth sama’ and remained in sajda for a thousand years. Here he was named Wali (Friend of Allah Ta’ala).

He then flew to the fifth sama’. Here too he devoted himself to ibaadat, making sajdah for Allah Ta’ala for a thousand years. It was in this strata that he was named Azaazeel. This was his most popular name. Then he journeyed to the sixth sama’ where he remained in sajdah for a thousand years.

Thereafter he reached the seventh sama’ and again remained in sajdah for a thousand years. There remained no spot on earth and in the heavens where he did not make sajdah. From the seventh sama’ he rose higher and higher until he reached on the glorious Arsh (Throne) of Allah Ta’ala. Here he devoted himself to worshipping Allah Ta’ala for six thousand years.

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