Purifying The Mother of Believers Khadija al Kubra (Radhiyallahu Anha) From The Lies of Feminists

Islam Reigns

Deep down feminists, crypto Hijabis, shaykhas and modernists know that neither Islam nor the life of Khadija (radhiyallahu anha) is any way in support of their misguided ideology. So everything they say about her is either not found in any historical work especially authentic one’s or is full of distortions. And today I decided to make a post on this subject for the very first time in order for people to be safe from this Islamic flavored feminist agenda, which I feel is my responsibility as a believer [fight the evil].

Basically, in this matter, the life of Khadija (radhiyallahu anha) could be best described, if it is broken down into three parts:

1. Widow in Pre-Islamic era:

She was a widow of two husbands despite being businesswoman as per feminists which itself is a big blow to the feminist conception of empowered and successful women. Her father was a…

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