Please comment on the  new Taliban splinter groups which have emerged and creating chaos in Afghanistan. Many Musjids have been  bombed and  numerous people have been killed and injured in these  random incidents of anarchy. What is happening in Afghanistan? So much anarchy and chaos?


Allah Ta’ala  states in His Glorious Qur’aan:

“Fasaad (anarchy) has become prevalent in the land and on the seas on

account of  the perpetrations of the hands of men so that Allah gives them

to taste some of the consequences of their misdeeds.”

  The chaos and anarchy which have rent asunder the peace and security which Afghanistan had enjoyed during the first reign of the Taliban are part of the Athaab (Punishment) of Allah Azza Wa Jal  for the current traitorous Taliban regime. The Taliban have betrayed Allah Ta’ala. They have betrayed Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They have betrayed the Ummah and Islam.

   The Taliban have become transformed into a treacherous, bootlicking  gang who have  sold their Imaan  for  the dunya. They are licking today the boots and the hinds of the U.S.A., the West in general, China, Russia, India, Iran and the kuffaar all over the world. Their kufr conduit all along was Qatar which is another satanic backyard state of Iblees. They have  even betrayed their worldly benefactors, viz., Pakistan. It was Pakistan who had created the Taliban. It was Pakistan who had armed and guided the Taliban. It was Pakistan who had granted the Taliban sanctuary throughout the duration of the long two decade war against the kuffaar armies of the West.

   Although the motive of Pakistan was only to use the Taliban as a buffer zone against the Cow-Worshippers of India, not because of any altruistic designs for the Taliban, nevertheless, the Taliban have treacherously turned their backs on Pakistan by  licking the boots of India and spurning and biting the hand which had fed and protected them.

  During the first reign of the Taliban, there was complete peace and safety in Afghanistan despite the total absence of a police force and other security outfits. Today it is the exact opposite. The juhala, treacherous Taliban of today boast about its U.S.A. trained stupid ‘special forces’; their westernized  fussaaq police force; their huge arsenal of left-over  U.S.A. arms and ammunition and numerous kuffaar country allies. But the spiral of anarchy, bombings at Musjids, etc. is on the increase.

      Allah Ta’ala has withdrawn His Hand of Nusrat (Aid)  from the treacherous Taliban. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “If Allah helps you, then no one can defeat you. And, if He abandons you, then who is there besides Him to help  you.”

      The kuffaar or America, Iran, China, India  and Russia, will not  come to the aid of Muslims. On the contrary,  they are the ones who are currently engineering the chaos and anarchy in Afghanistan under their stupid   ISIS flimsy outer-covering. But, in the final analysis it is the Punishment of Allah Ta’ala  for a people who have brutally and treacherously betrayed Islam.

  All along the Taliban had been  proclaiming, albeit falsely, their objective of setting up a true Islamic/Shar’i State. The events leading to the Taliban’s ‘American’ victory now testify that their call was hollow and false. The issue of an Islamic State  was a mere pipedream and a red herring to bamboozle Muslims at the time when these Taliban were the underdogs and in need of Muslim aid and moral support.

  The very first Waajib demand of the Shariah is for the Islamic State to enforce the  Institution of Salaat. Thus the Qur’aan Majeed states:

    “And if We grant them power on earth, they establish Salaat and Zakaat, and  they command virtue and prohibit vice.”

  But in Afghanistan under the Taliban the exact opposite is  transpiring. Salaat and Amr Bil Ma’roof – in brief the Shariah – have no share in  the governance of the Taliban. The entire  structure of the Taliban is now influenced and clandestinely directed by the kuffaar.

  The Taliban have completely lost their grip on Afghanistan – the grip which they had during their first reign. Now the anarchy is incremental and the slide of the Taliban into fisq, fujoor and kufr is gaining  momentum.

  It was indeed totally unexpected that the Taliban would lick the boots of the Cow-Worshippers and the Drinkers of cow urine – the Hindus  who are  murdering Muslims on a regular basis with the active connivance of the security forces of that country of shirk and filth, who are demolishing Musaajid and whose stated policy is to forcibly convert Muslims to Hinduism and all Musaajid into temples of idol-worship.

  They have licked the boots and hinds of these Mushrikeen for some haraam crumbs such as haraam vaccines and some foodstuff. They have lost every vestige of ghairat (honour and shame).  The Taliban are a write-off destined  for the filth bins of history.


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