I would like your opinion on a matter. For the past few years I have been coming across many Pakistani Imams, pseudo intellectuals, academics and others who are telling me that Pakistan is prophesied in the Quran and hadith. That Pakistan is a Divine state with a glorious future that will lead the world to Islam, that it will dominate the worlds political affairs. is this even believable? From what I have seen in the country there is so much immorality, filth, sins, haraams of all kinds, I cant see how or why Pakistanis think so highly of this immoral region. They also repeat hadiths attributed to the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), like “I am Arab, but Arab is not in me, I am not in Hind, but Hind is in me”, also, “I feel a cool breeze from Hind”.  They often quote these hadiths to lend support to their opinions. Is there any truth in all of this?


The country  they call ‘pakistan’ is actually NAPAKISTAN – The Impure Land. It was Napakistan  since its very inception. It came into existence with the connivance  of the British and it was ever since  1947 headed by fussaaq, fujjaar and munaafiqeen. That country never was a Shar’i state from the very beginning to this day. The talk of its prediction in the Qur’aan Majeed is false and akin  to kufr. The country is rotten and stinking  from top to bottom.

    We are not aware of the narrations. Insha-Allah, when time permits we shall endeavour to research these hadith claims.


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