Over the December holiday period I had visited Port Elizabeth. I noticed a strange phenomenon in the Fajr Salaah at a Masjid where I visited relatives. There is only one Masjid in the area.

What I found very strange was that in the second rakaat after the imaam came up from ruku he stood disproportionately long compared to the first rakaat and when he went into the sajda the same thing happened. That is the first sajda was almost double the duration of the second sajda.

Upon enquiring, my relative explained that the reason for this strange method of performing the Fajr salaah is to accommodate the Shaafi musalies. It is to give the Shaafi musalies a chance to raise their hands and make their dua as they normally do if the imaam was a Shafi, and the extra long first sajda is to give them a chance to catch the imaam in sajda.

I have never seen this type of namaaz anywhere else in the world where there are different durations in the rukns of the salaah to such an extent that I strongly felt that the imaam delayed going into ruku in the second rakaat, making Sajda Sahu necessary because of the long delay.

Is salaah valid in this manner. Do I have to repeat my fajr salaah. I would appreciate clarity in this regard.


The imaam of this Musjid is a jaahil. Among the Signs of Qiyaamah is the appointment of juhala, fussaaq and fujjaar to positions of Amaanat. Imaamate is a position of Amaanat (Trust) of exceptional loftiness. But today, most imaams of the Musaajid are Juhala and mercenaries, hence they trade and betray the Deen for the miserable jeefah(carrion) crumbs of the dunya. For them the boodle the trustees pay them is worth more than the Deen of Allah Ta’ala.

The clownish antics of the imaam at the Musjid you have described, invalidate the Salaat. Sajdah Sahw does not rectify a Salaat which is marred with intentional acts which are alien to Salaat. Sajdah Sahw is valid when the musalli unintentionally errs. But what this jaahil imaam does is nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat.

The simple way for the Shaafi’ muqtadis behind a Hanafi imaam is to recite the shortest Qunoot. Which is valid in the Shaafi’ Math-hab. This will enable the Shaafi’ to easily link up with the Imaam in Sajdah. Thus, there is absolutely no need for the imaam to despoil and corrupt the Salaat with his mockery of monkey stunts. Salaat is not up for foolery. Salaat is the Central Pillar upholding the entire Edifice of the Deen.

Furthermore, the jaahil with his silly tricks is unwittingly committing shirk. Instead of his focus being Allah Ta’ala, he misuses Salaat to conform to the baseless desires of people.

19 Rajab 1444 – 10 February 2023

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