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It is Haraam for females to visit the Qabrustaan. A miscreant, Solomon Ravat in his kuffaar bootlicking exercise, attempted to convey the very opposite idea: that it is permissible. In this regard, a Brother narrates:

“At a state funeral, a non-Muslim reporter asked Sulaiman Ravat of Radio Devil about the Islamic stance regarding the presence of women at the cemetery.

“Reporter: I don’t know if you will be able to speak on this, but, what I understand is that ordinarily females will not be allowed at the cemetery. But, today we see there’s something different with regards to today’s proceedings considering that you have a struggle icon who’s being laid to rest here.” (The icon is one Murtaddah. The so-called ‘Muslim’ women who were present are murtaddahs. They masquerade as Muslims –The Majlis)

Mr. Solomon responded as follows with his corrupt “Fatwa”:

“No, I wouldn’t say that females are not allowed specifically or jurisprudentially from the perspective of Islam. What happens is because a deceased ordinarily is buried within hours of having passed on, the actual mourning takes place at the home.”
(The jaahil spoke absolute rubbish. This drivel exhibits his jahl-e-murakkab –compound ignorance. The fellow should learn first how to effect valid Istinja. He is too stupid to understand that it is haraam for Muslim females to visit the graveyard. The house-mourning stupidity mentioned by the Solomon character further exhibits his jahaalat.

 Women are not allowed to frequent the Qabrustaan, not because of the silly ‘house-mourning’ claim made by this miscreant fellow, but because the Shariah JURISPRUDENTIALLY prohibits them. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had cursed women who go to the cemetery. Solomon acquitted himself with absolute bunkum. – The Majlis)

He further said:

 “And many times the deceased is buried late at night. Because what happens, you want to do it quickly, and at the same time, at night is when people have come back from work etc.”

(More rubbish which we are sure the non-Muslim reporter must have discerned. The night has absolutely no share and no bearing on the Shariah’s prohibition for women to attend the Qabrustaan. Whether night or day, the prohibition is the same. – The Majlis)

 He added:

“So because of logistical preferences, women prefer to do the mourning at home, and the menfolk come and do the quick prayer and do burial, ordinarily.” (The reporter will indeed be a moron to swallow this twaddle of Solomon. The ‘logistical preferences’ are stupid figments of his vermiculated brain – vermiculated with fisq, fujoor and kufr. It is not a case of women ‘preferring’. It is the decree of the Shariah which prohibits them from attending the Qabrustaan even if there are no menfolk present. But at a funeral, NEVER will even lewd Muslim women be present. The lewd ones do go to the cemetery in these days at such times when no burial takes place. But even these lewd ones have more shame than the Solomon jaahil. They NEVER attend a funeral/burial. They do understand that intermingling of sexes is a dimension of ZINA. But this miserable character is at pains with his stupid attempts to justify zina. Those so-called Muslim women who had attended the funeral of the murtaddah ‘icon’ are not Muslims. – The Majlis)

Even the non-Muslim knew that Islam doesn’t allow females to go to the cemetery, but Sulaimaan Ravat issued a “Fatwa” to confuse and mislead the reporter and those listening to the report. (Yes, the non-Muslim reporter must have understood the jaahil beating about the bush with his baseless opinion. He issues the fatwas of Iblees who urinates such garbage into the brains of his agents. – The Majlis)

12 Rajab 1444 – 3 February 2023

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