Q.   Is it permissible for women to add false hair (not human hair) to their hair?

A.   The Qur’aan Majeed mentioning the oath taken by shaitaan on the occasion of his expulsion from the Heavens, says:

       “I (i.e. Shaitaan) will  most surely lead them astray; I shall surely instil false hopes in them; I  shall surely command them and they will cut the ears of animals, and I shall surely command them to change their appearances (created by) Allah. Whoever takes shaitaan as a friend besides Allah, verily he has incurred  manifest loss.”

(Aayat 119, Surah Nisaa’)

Every act which is in conflict with the Shariah  is the inspiration of Shaitaan. When Allah Ta’ala cursed him and expelled him from the heaven, he (shaitaan) resolved to mislead mankind.

Among the ways in which shaitaan induces people  to change the appearances which Allah Ta’ala has created for them, are shaving beards,  women cutting their hair,  women implanting false hair, tattooing and the like.

It is gross ingratitude and also gross inferiority of complex to  be dissatisfied  with the natural hair, natural colour and natural appearance Allah Ta’ala has created for people. False hair is satanically  deceptive and displays  rejection of the manner Allah Ta’ala has created  for a person. He knows  why he has created people  in the manner they find themselves.

The West – the Yahood and Nasaara—who have been the colonial masters of African and Eastern countries for centuries, have cultivated a gross sense of inferiority in African, Arab and Eastern people. These people now believe that even their natural appearances are defective, and that the appearance of the American and European is to be adopted and emulated. This is indeed a most humiliating attitude which exists widely among African, Arab and Eastern people. It is this evil of inferiority stemming from Western slavery that induces Africans, Arabs and Eastern people to believe that their own appearances are ugly and defective, hence the need to adopt the appearances of the Americans and Europeans.

But, instead of  rising in esteem, the imitators make greater fools of themselves. Every person   is able to understand the folly and stupidity of those who use false hair to ‘beautify’ themselves.  However, the opposite is achieved. They render themselves hideously ugly.


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