Medicine and medical treatment are not compulsory

Q. In the hospital here (in U.S.A.) you can refuse any type of treatment, we want them to do cpr but in order to get cpr and electric shocks they require that they  put a tube down your throat. Is it permissible to refuse the cpr? 
This tube can be long term and makes the patient dependent on this tube. They will remove this tube to clean, at which time they will make an incision in your throat. According to their science this process can cause brain damage and long term damage. The process causes such extreme pain that it requires them to physically tie you down.This process also causes them to give you the maximum pain medicine a human can take due to the extreme pain this causes. The process of inserting and removing the tube can cause a coma according to their sciences. Is it permissible to deny the cpr and electric shock under these circumstances? Also the patient is 90 years old.
A. Medicine and medical treatment are not compulsory according to the Shariah even if a person will die in consequence of abstention from medicine. If the patient refuses medical treatment for whatever reason, he/she will not be sinful. While medical treatment is permissible, the savage type described by you is not permissible. Such torture is worse than the hardship of the sickness. When medical treatment involves such ugly and brutal torture as described in the question, then one should never submit to it. Repose reliance on Allah Ta’ala. Increase Istighfaar, Thikrullaah and make Dua. One will die only at the appointed time with the command of Allah Ta’ala. Focusing on Allah Ta’ala, the shortness of life and the eternal pleasure of Jannat will, Insha’Allah, increase the spiritual stamina for Sabr, Tafweedh and Ridha.

the majlis vol 26 no 8

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