The Multi-Faith Prayer Room: Modern Equivalent to the ‘Ibādat Khāna of Akbar?

The Moghul Emperor, Akbar, founded his own religion in 1582. This religion of his was called Dīn-e-Ilāhī. It was a synthesis of Jainism, Hinduism, Islām and Zoroastrianism. Akbar took parts from each of the religions and amalgamated them.

Akbar established the ‘Ibādat Khāna (House of Worship) for conducting religious debates and discussions among theologians and professors of different religions. These discussions led the emperor to the conclusion and belief that there is no absolute truth, and he thus created his own, new faith.[1]

Let us fast forward to today, where the Abrahamic House has been set up, ostensibly to build bridges and create harmony between Islām, Christianity and Judaism, for the purpose of peaceful co-existence.[2] The Abrahamic House, located in Abu Dhabi ‘will be a place for learning, dialogue, and worship.’[3]

Just as Akbar established his ‘Ibādat Khāna for discussions, the Abrahamic House will host dialogue between the three religions (Islām, Christianity and Judaism). A fourth space has also been allocated in the Abrahamic House for those who are not affiliated with any specific religion.[4]

The idea behind the Abrahamic House is to cause the Muslims, Christians, Jews and adherents of other faiths to first become confused about their own religions and, then, just as Akbar was led to believe that there is no absolute truth, embrace a new religion that synthesizes all of these religions.

It is interesting to note that the idea of a multi-Faith prayer room has actually been trending for a while, under our very noses. Multi-Faith prayer rooms have already been successfully established in numerous places.[5]

In addition to this, we have the ifṭār parties that are organized specifically for people of various different faiths to attend.[6]

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These multi-Faith venues and activities must be scrutinized in light of what they are designed to promote. For decades now, Muslims have been in the headlines of news agencies throughout the world. I highly doubt that the Christian and Jewish world is not aware of Islāmic practices such as ṣalāh and fasting. So what exactly is going on here? The obvious trap behind the multi-Faith prayer room is to lure Muslims into places where polytheism is practiced and places they should never go to for the purpose of seeking guidance.

The project is now being accelerated, with the plot to turn Muṣallas and Masājid into multi-Faith prayer halls by hosting Open Days and other functions, designed to pull the non-Muslims into the venue under the guise of da’wah.

After many Muslims were led to believe that the Masājid are super-spreaders of viruses, causing them to frequent the houses of Allāh less often due to fear, etc., they are now being programmed into believing that the Masjid can host polytheistic practices and that the worship of things other than Allāh Ta’ālā can take place therein. We seek refuge with Allāh Ta’ālā from such warped and distorted understandings.

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The Masājid Are for Allāh Ta’ālā Alone

وَأَنَّ الْمَسَاجِدَ لِلَّهِ فَلَا تَدْعُوا مَعَ اللَّهِ أَحَدًا

Now, indeed, the places of worship are [solely] for Allah. So do not call upon anyone [in worship] along with Allah.[7]

The verse above is very clear in its purport. Likewise, so are the scholars of Tafsīr in their explanation of this verse. According to Mujāhid (raḥimahullāh), when the Jews and Christians entered their Churches and Synagogues, they would include partners alongside Allāh Ta’ālā in their worship. Allāh Ta’ālā instructed his messenger and the Muslims that, when they enter the Masājid, they should keep their worship and supplication solely for Allāh Ta’ālā.[8]

In this regard, Muslims must be vigilant and on their guard at all times. We live in an era when Islām, Muslims, the Masjid, Islāmic dress, Islāmic practices and laws, etc., are all being targeted. We need to be able to quickly identify every new attempt at deforming Islām. All attempts to turn the Masjid into a multi-Faith prayer hall must be actively opposed, thwarted and stopped at all costs.

May Allāh Ta’ālā protect the Muslims and the Masājid in all parts of the world. Āmīn.

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