“Every soul shall taste death”

In The Shade Of The Qur'an (By The Martyr Sayyid Qutb)

Empty grave

Al-Anbiyā’ (The Prophets), Surah21: Verse 35

“Every soul shall taste death.” (Verse 35) 

This is the law that governs life. It has no exceptions or exemptions. The living, then, must take this into account and prepare themselves for it. This short journey on earth is bound to come to an end, and its end is the death of every living thing. All shall return to God. But whatever happens to us during this trip through life, whether good or bad, is meant as a test:

“We test you all with evil and good by way of trial.” (Verse 35)

When we speak of being tested by something evil or hard, we can all easily understand this notion. It is a test to show the endurance and patience of the one who is being tested. It is the means to determine how unshakeable his trust in God, his Lord, is, and…

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