Islam Reigns

Cast in a dilemma by the factions of the Tabligh Jamaat, a Concerned Tablighi Brother writes: 


From what I know, The Majilis advises people not to get involved in the current leadership conflict of the Tablighi Jamaat by neither supporting the Nizamuddin (Ml. Saad) group nor the Raiwind (Aalmi Shura) group. Rather, you advise us to work within the six points. 

However, what should we do when there is no option but to indirectly pick a side? What I mean by this is that there are two shab-e-guzaris going on in some countries (one by the Nizamuddin group and one by the Raiwind group). There is no third shab-e-guzari. Which shab-e-guzari should be partake in? 

Also when you want to go in Jamaat (e.g. 40 days), you have to either go through the Markaz of the Nizamuddin group or the Markaz of the Raiwind group in our local country…

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