Shrimps–Halaal Or Haraam? (Hanafi View)

Islam Reigns

[Majlisul Ulama]

The principle pertaining to aquatic animals according to the Hanafi Math-hab is that of the sea animals ONLY fish is halaal. Besides fish ALL sea animals are haraam. There is complete consensus (Ijma’) of all Hanafi authorities on this issue.


Among the Hanafi Ulama there is some difference of opinion regarding the permissibility of consuming shrimps. Some Hanafi Ulama who have opined that shrimps are fish, say that these creatures are halaal. Those who claim that a shrimp is not a fish, aver that it is haraam.

Those who believe that shrimps are not fish have no alternative but to say that these creatures are haraam while the opposite will be true for those who believe that these sea creatures are fish.

This article is a response to the arguments presented by a Maulana who claims that shrimps are fish, hence

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