Investigation of Condition of Qurayshi Lineage for Khalifah

Islam Reigns


By Muhammad Sabih

The issue of the condition of a Qurayshi for leadership can be divided into three views:

1- It is a condition for Khalifah just like it is a condition to be a Muslim male.

2- A Khalifah should be Qurayshi so long as no Mutaghalib non-Qurayshi claims power by force.

3- Being Qurayshi by lineage is not a condition; rather, it was due to other reasons like the Quraysh’s prowess in Siyasah and the geopolitical environment of Arabia or the lack of certainty on the matter. This is the view of Juwayni al-Shafi’i, Ibn Khaldun, Munawi, few Hanafis, and I also found it argued rigorously by Mufti Abdul Sattar Dehlawi among AhleHadith of IndoPak in his Fatawa Sattariyyah and Mawlana Hussain Ahmad Madani and Mufti Sa’id Ahmad Palanpuri among Deobandies.

The arguments for (1) are well-known, (2) are also found in various sources but the…

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