Fact-Checkers: The (Non)Religious Police of the West

By Hud Lesprit -December 24, 2022

Have you been fact-checked yet?

If you’ve been on the internet for more than a week, then it’s pretty likely that you’ve come across a certain bunch of weirdos that are all over social media. Whenever you try and discuss the current discourses within mainstream media, they immediately show up out of nowhere and label you as a conspiracy theorist and flat-earther.

So who are they exactly?

They’re known as the Doxa (thought police). They have made it their mission in life to make sure that the internet is safe from “misinformation,” i.e., anything that conflicts with liberal and secular interests. People now refer to them as “fact-checkers.”

Where did they come from? Well, here’s how the story goes:

Once upon a time, people used to believe everything they were fed by the mainstream media. This was before people had come to see the myth of the “independent press” for what it was and realized that the information being provided was heavily biased and censored by those in power. The increasing public distrust towards mainstream news eventually started to become an issue. Sure the media can be wrong sometimes, but isn’t it quite far-fetched to think that all of the media converges towards serving one particular public discourse at the hands of a supranational power? Anyone that cultivates such ideas should be called a conspiracy theorist and publicly shamed for their stupidity. What we need is an independent channel of information which checks every piece of information that is being spread within the mainstream media in order to prove its veracity.

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This is the story behind how “fact-checking” started.

“In order for information to be accurate, it must be free.”

This is the motto at the very core of their movement.

Wikipedia, for instance, started as a free and democratic encyclopedia. There are donation requests on every page of Wikipedia for it to remain independent. The entire idea behind Wikipedia is that any channel which starts to be dependent ultimately has bias and conflicts of interest, and bias and conflicts of interest are evil because they stop you from arriving at the truth, which is discovered by being neutral and using logical reasoning.

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Based on the same rationale⁠—for the sake of objectivity and the truth⁠—many hubs on the internet started to promote citizen journalism. The idea here is for amateur journalists, who have not been brainwashed by long-standing dogmas and corrupted by wicked news agencies, to also investigate independently and report publicly.

This line of reasoning is certainly appealing.

Of course, that’s not to say it doesn’t have its obvious flaws, like the fact that unbiased discourse and independence do not truly exist. Even so, the idea of varying sources of information is more promising, and it is definitely preferable to the media-centric world of yesterday.

But has anyone been fact-checking the fact-checkers?

Just imagine how problematic it would be if we were to learn that these so-called “independent writers” were in fact state agents that were actively working towards promoting the official discourse and spreading secular reasoning among the people?

The following controversy will shed some light on a very dark and sinister plan for mass control over the population.

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Fact and Furious: The Independent Blog in the Hands of the Government

French Ph.D. and former Stanford University affiliate scholar, Dr. Idriss Aberkane, has long been a target of the fact-checkers. He recently revealed some very compromising pieces of evidence against their movement by promoting the whistle-blower, Malika Daoust. She is the ex-wife of the president of Fact and Furious, one of the biggest fact-checking sites in France.

Malika presented Aberkane with evidence proving that Daoust was under contract with the AFP (Agence France Presse), a French organism responsible for:

“collecting, verifying, cross-checking and disseminating information, in a neutral, factual form that can be used directly by all types of media (radio, television, written press, websites) as well as by large companies and administrations.”

Malika testified on Aberkane’s Youtube channel that Antoine Daoust was being given orders and did not write on any subject before first consulting some of his acquaintances. Furthermore, she mentioned that he was constantly in close communication with a certain Rudy (likely Rudy Reichstadt, president of the French fact-checking hub, Conspiracy Watch).

Malika also testified that Antoine Daoust was fired from the French military due to having committed certain crimes; that he had been sentenced to prison; and that he was not allowed to have a personal bank account on his own. She added further that all of his network information was provided to him by a third party.

Idriss Aberkane stated that he had seen documents proving that Malika and her daughter had been physically beaten by her husband. She had urged him to reveal his actions publicly and then received death threats. In order to raise awareness about him, she tried to inform the AFP and the most influential fact-checking blogs and websites, but they tried to silence her and took Antoine Daoust’s side.

Idriss Aberkane personally believes that most fact-checking channels secretly work together in order to peddle various types of discourse as well as character assassination against people that they feel endanger their interests. He himself has investigated the fact-checking world, and he discovered that Mathieu Durand (another famous fact-checker) financed a Senegalese Youtube Channel to fabricate fake independent sources out of thin air, in support of his ideas.

These websites and channels have a substantial amount of influence on public information and are sometimes officially recognized as trustworthy sources. Just one article can ruin someone’s reputation and result in them being labelled forever with unfavorable titles. This is especially concerning in light of Malika’s testimony. She said that they sometimes willfully targeted prominent individuals⁠—such as Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne, Idriss Aberkane, among others⁠—just for the sake of discrediting them in the eyes of the public.

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It is simply not sufficient to mention that these fact-checkers comply with governmental policies. It is imperative to note that they actively promote science and naturalism as a counter to tradition and religion, which has been found to have strong links with states and powerful institutions. This is no coincidence.

It would also be very interesting if someone were to thoroughly investigate the financial sources of fact-checkers internationally. It is extremely unlikely that this is just a French problem, and it would not be surprising at all to find that similar things are happening elsewhere too.


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