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In the light of the Shariah what is the reality of spiritual healing associated with sciences such as ‘biogeometry’ and ‘pyramid education’ promoted by one Dr.Ibrahim Karim who is a biologist. He even presents the Asmaaul Husna in the light of these sciences. Is his teaching Islamically valid? Is it permissible to adopt the measures he promotes? What is the status of these type of esoteric sciences?


Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Thus have we appointed for every Nabi enemies from human shayaateen and jinn (shayaateen). They whisper to  one other (satanically) adorned words in order to deceive.”

(Al-An’aam, Aayat 112)

This is the sum total of the satanic biogeometry and pyramid sciences. It is pure satanism camouflaged with a smattering of Deeni matter to deceive and misguide. This is the purpose of the introduction of Asmaaul Husna by the Satanists. Their objective is to beguile ignorant and unsuspecting Muslims so as to ensnare them into the clutches of Iblees.

These types of ‘sciences’ in Qur’aanic parlance are termed Zukhruful Qawl which are satanically adorned words and ideas. To add deceptive ‘islamic’ hue to these potions of Iblees, some Satanists posing as Muslims, have innovated the veneer of Asmaaul Husna. This is the chimera which they dangle in front of morons and unsuspecting Muslims to entrap them into their snare of shaitaaniyat and kufr.

“Energy healers” are Satanists who seek to accord authenticity to their Satanist cult to befool Muslims with the peripheral blend of Asmaaul Husna. Their presentation of Asmaaul Husna as validation for their satanic ‘energy healing’ is most insidious and ludicrous. These very same Satanists also believe that Hindu and Buddhist cults are imbued with similar powers.

Describing this Satanist science, the Satanists say: “Sacred Geometry refers to universal patterns used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. Its roots are in ancient temple sciences and esoteric practices most of which have long since been deliberately obscured from the public domain.”

In Islam there is no ‘sacred’ architecture and ‘sacred’ art. Their esoteric practices are shirk and kufr. These are practices inspired by shaitaan. The ‘patterns’ mentioned are all artefacts of Iblees. The ‘ancient temple sciences and esoteric practices’ are all practices of shirk and kufr. Muslims should not be fooled by this satanic drivel simply because the Names of Allah Ta’ala (Asaamul Husna) are being utilized by the Satanists to give credibility to their satanism.

The Satanists say:

Although popular in spiritual circles today, most information about sacred geometry is abstract and shrouded in mystery.”

The ‘spiritual circles’ referred to are of the mushrikeen and kuffaar. The satanic ‘geometry’ is most certainly not associated with Islamic spiritual circles, that is with the Sufi Auliya.

The Satanists aver:

Biogeometry unites ancient Egyptian energy science with modern tools for fulfilling contemporary needs. It embraces holistic and practical intelligence and applies lost secrets of Sacred Geometry to elevate modern living.”

Ancient Egyptians were idolaters of the ilk of Fir’oun. There is absolutely no relationship between Islam and ‘ancient Egyptian energy’ which is the energy of the devil. And what are these ‘modern tools”? These ‘tools’ are also artefacts and inspirations of shaitaan. It is a combination and a compound of ancient satanism with modern satanism. The mixture is pure kufr and shirk.

The origin of biogeometry

Explaining the origin of this satanic science, the Satanists say:

 “The revolutionary science of BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian scholar Dr.Ibrahim Karim in 1968. An Egyptian architect and scientist, Dr.Ibrahim Karim always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt. Karim was inspired by the knowledge that the ancients possessed.”

The ‘knowledge’ of the Egyptian ancients as well as this fellow’s fascination with ancient Egypt are of the science of Zukhruful Qawl mentioned in the Qur’aan. Ancient Egypt with its pyramids of kufr and shirk are the preserves of Iblees. The pyramids by virtue of their shape constitute important media for the satanic ‘energy’ in which the Satanist scientist excels. The pyramids are symbols of shirk and house the mummified bodies of the ancient mushrik kings. This fact alone speaks volumes for the shirk of this satanic science.

Conceding the shirk of this satanism, the Satanists themselves say:

“Many BioGeometry’s principles are based on the harmonious effects of sacred power spots and subtle energy (which is shaitaani energy – The Majlis)……..The earliest humans would place a special rock (specialized by Iblees – The Majlis) in that location to mark it and to amplify those different energy qualities. As time progressed, that rock turned into obelisks, statues and eventually places of worship.”

And this idolatry, shirk and kufr constitute the fundamental basis for Dr.Karim’s shaitaani BioGeometry science.

Sacred Geometry

The Satanists say:

“Sacred Geometry refers to universal patters used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. Its roots are in ancient temple sciences and esoteric practices…..

  BioGeometry unites ancient Egyptian energy science with modern tools for fulfilling contemporary needs. It embraces holistic and practical intelligence and applies lost secrets of Sacred Geometry to elevate modern living.”

The kufr and shirk are manifest in this satanic science. From the Islamic perspective there is nothing sacred in art and ancient architecture. Everything of this ‘sacred art’ is kufr and shirk. The originator of sacred art is Iblees himself. He was the first being who had prepared a drawn picture of one of the Ambiya in the era prior to Nooh (Alayhis salaam). This picture, with the progress of time, became ‘sacred art’ which was worshipped, and later it developed into idols of stone. These forms and shapes of ‘sacred’ idols are the tools which so much fascinated the unfortunate Dr.Karim who structured his shaitaani science on this Ibleesi foundation of form and shape – the shapes of the pyramids of shirk and idols.

According to the Satanists, pyramids are ‘energy emitters’. Yes, they do emit shaitaani energy,. Shaitaan in fact also has ‘noor’ which is an ‘energy emitter’. With his ‘noor’, the Devil has obfuscated and corrupted the brains of these Satanists who practice biogeometry. Shaitaani inspiration and urination in their minds have caused such cognitive dissonance which has exploded their brains rendering these people incapable of understanding the snare of Iblees in which they have been trapped.

Assuming that there is any reality in the ‘energy’ emitted by the pyramids, it is nothing to be awed about. Shaitaan too emits energy. But Muslims are not permitted to utilize satanic energy which this satanic science claims to be emitting. Just ponder on the following kufr and shirk prescription:

“Pyramids and hemispheres are energy emitters that focus a penetrating carrier wave called Negative Green which gives these shapes strong communication properties that facilitate prayer and spiritual communion.”

Yes, it facilitates worshipping Shaitaan. It is the basis for the cults of satanism. Islam does not teach prayer and spiritual communion rising from a satanic base rooted in idolatry. The Auliya have confirmed that shaitaan deceives and entraps people into his plot of kufr and shirk by means of the ‘energy’ he emits from his ‘noor’. Some Aabideen due to lack of Ilm had ended up prostrating to Iblees. Shaitaan had imposed on their minds that the energy/noor they are observing is the Noor of Allah Ta’ala. This is the ultimate consequence of subscribing to these satanic sciences and modalities.

The Satanists say: “Vertical Negative Green has a preserving influence (as employed for mummification in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.”

Mummification of human bodies as practices by the ancient mushriks of Egypt is inextricably associated with shirk. On the basis of this satanic science, even the Hindu and Buddhist idols emit energy which exercise ‘beneficial’ influences. But the Qur’aan Majeed explicitly and emphatically refutes this satanic hypothesis: These idols can neither benefit nor harm, says the Qur’aan Majeed. But in terms of the form and shape stupidity of the Satanists, the idols do have the ability to benefit and harm by virtue of their shapes and forms. Thus the slaves of the Devil say:

“However, it is important to note that Negative Green has two distinctive wave properties – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal Negative Green has a beneficial influence on living systems. Vertical Negative Green has a preserving influence (as employed for mummification in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt). Prolonged exposure to this vertical aspect is detrimental to living systems.”

This Satanist theory attributes harm and benefit to even idols which are worshipped by the mushrikeen. They have form and shape, hence in terms of the biogeometry satanic nonsense, these idols do have the ability to harm and benefit. The shirk of this Satanist science should be manifest to all thinking Muslims.

The Satanist, Karim has even brought the Mi’raaj of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) within the purview of his Satanist theory. Thus the agent of Shaitaan said:

“I present to you this lecture about the astral journey of the prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Jerusalem as mentioned in the Holy Quran and the spiritual ascension that has been included as part of our Moslem prayer. I further explain the scientific background and methodology of Out-of-body experiences as well as permanent connection to the highest spiritual dimensions perceived by the heart intellect that is part of our being.”

This is a drivel lumping of words to accord a ‘scientific’ explanation for the Mu’jizah of Mi’raaj which the Karim character explains was a ‘spiritual’ experience. The Mi’raaj was NOT a spiritual experience. It was not an ‘out-of-body’ experience. It was a real physical journey miraculously accomplished by the command of Allah Ta’ala. It defies every theory and logic of science. There is absolutely no scientific explanation for the Mi’raaj. It was a pure Mu’jizah enacted by the decree of Allah Ta’ala. There is no rational explanation, that is, rationality as understood by the atheists, for the Mi’raaj or for any act of Mu’jizah. Karim’s theory and explanation of Mi’raaj is plain kufr.

It is haraam for Muslims to adopt any of the satanic advices of the Satanists who peddle this shaitaani biogeometry cult. It is kufr an shirk.

29 Jamaadil Ula 1444 – 24 December 2022

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