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Please comment on the under mentioned message. I am not sure how credible this message is.

“FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Karguzari 

MashaAllahKarguzari of 21 Jamats of RaiwindMarkaz making efforts on the eve of Fifa World Cup in Qatar under the Mashwera of elders 

Alhamdulillah upon the request & Taqaza of Qatar Markaz Elders in Raiwind Ijtema, 2 months ago, our  Elders Sheikh MaulanaNazarurRehman, Sheikh Maulana Ibrahim Dewla, Sheikh QariZubair& others decided to send 21 Jamats for the efforts of Deen

The way of work by above mentioned jamats is that, they do short bayan after Fajr salah, then mashwara. After slight rest, they gather for Taalim from 10 am & do remaining fikr along with any taqaza (requirement) for that area. 

Efforts of Deen among FIFA guests are done after asr salat. There are some zones namely “fan zones” where guests are available. Our saathis used to spread amongst them in various zones & do ikram with dates, juice, water, fruits, etc.

When guests saw the Jamaats in Sunnah Appearance they reach us themselves. Ma’sha’Allah we don’t need to reach them. Maximum of them address jamat as “tableegh, tableegh”. They understood from beard, cap, turban.

We do remember some guests came towards us & revealed that their grand & GREAT grand father was Muslim. They became Christian. May Allah forgive.Efforts is going amongst guests. Thousands of various language-based Preachers from ministry of religion (Govt of Qatar) has been given responsibility for guests of various countries. Daily 5 to 7 are getting blessed with Wealth of Islam. 

An incidence of few days back,One Croatian citizen, American passport holder, came to Qatar. By seeing culture and akhlaq of Qatarianarabs, after returning to New York, he met with imam (son of our late Maulana Abdul Aziz) of local masjid, expressed his desire and embrraced Islam. After that, within few days, he made more 25 persons of his family  embrace Islam. Work is going on. Allah is putting impact of His work anywhere thru’ this noble efforts . It’s not known, on whose crying &Fikr ,Allah will give Hidayah . One doesn’t know that his dawat to that Croatian helped to embrace Islam & ultimately helped to convert more than 25. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Allah is doing everything. Make dua for us. AssalamuAlaikumwarahmatullahewabaraqatuhu.”

The above is verbatim reproduction of a ‘karguzari’ by a tablighi.


The Tableegh Jamaat is really not concerned with Islam and Imaan whose objective is the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and Aakhirah, and this is acquirable only by total submission to the Shariah which is the uncompromising Divine Ideology – the product of Wahi. Thus, everything must be viewed and scaled on the criterion of this Shariah, and nothing else. Results, benefits, advantages, number of converts gained, sitting on the Arsh by a tablighi buzrug or dreams of felicitation and the like have no role in this determination.

But these tablighis assign their methodology and ideology a greater pedestal than the Shariah which they believe could be compromised for promoting their ideology to which they have added a new satanic principle, Ihaanatul Muslim (Disgracing Muslims) after the excision of their principle of Ikraamul Muslim (Honouring Muslims) emanating as a consequence of the daggers the opposing Tablighi camps have drawn for their oppositions. Thus the two mutually oppugnant camps of this fallen jamaat consider it an act of great merit to violently assault each other, and to demonstrate their goondagerry abilities.

Their objective is their specific methodology of ‘tableegh’ which has greater significance   for them than even the Masnoon Salaat and the Ahkaam of the Shariah in general. That is why they almost always abandon the Shariah and compromise the Deen’s teachings for promoting their own methodology. When any hukm of the Shariah clashes with their innovated methodology, they set aside, misinterpret and even reject the Shar’i hukm. Their ambassador, Tariq Jamil is a prime example of their leadership of misguidance.  For example, their kitaab-reading immediately after Fardh Salaat is of greater importance to them than the Sunnatul Muakkadah Salaat following after the Fardh. Their methodology has greater importance that the Shariah’s laws applicable to Purdah and the like.

It is haraam to go to a haraam place and compromise with haraam even if the intention is tableegh just as it is haraam to intentionally go to a brothel, smile and dine with the prostitutes, then convert one or two, then climb on the roof cackling like a hen who has just laid an egg.

Furthermore, these people are adept in the art of hallucinating and fabricating dreams to promote their ideology. They are also adept bootlickers of officials, the wealthy and western professionals. They suffer acutely from mental inferiority, hence the conversion to their cause of a doctor or an engineer is a huge feather in their cap.

Whatever is stated in the “Fifa karguzari’ is stupid fifa bunkum disgorged for promoting the ideology of the tablighi sect, not the Shariah/Deen of the Sunnah.

21 Jamaadil Ula 1444 – 16 December 2022

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