Mufti Muhammad Rafi’ Uthmaani (Rahmatullah alayh) of the Karongi Darul Uloom in Karachi, Pakistan passed away on 18 November 2022, but his Janaazah Salaat was deliberately delayed for no valid Shar’i reason, and performed two days later on 20 November 2022. In so doing those responsible for this haraam shenanigan were emulating the kuffaar whom they adore, thereby causing immense grief to the soul of the Marhoom Mufti Sahib.

In vindication of this haraam act of the inordinate delay of two days, and to placate the indignation of the masses, the Karongi Muftis, in their impuissant statement explained that the reason for the inordinate haraam delay was the absence of the deceased Mufti Sahib’s son. His son was at the time holidaying in London, which constrained the delay.

Furthermore, to plaster their haraam act with some Shar’i veneer, the Karongi Muftis cited the following texts:

(1) “Allaamah Munaawi wrote: ‘When the Janaazah is present at the Musalla (for the Janaazah Salaat), it should not be delayed in anticipation of more musallis nor for anything else because of the command (of Rasulullah –Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to make haste with the Janaazah. Yes, it is appropriate to wait for the Wali if there is no fear of the body changing (i.e. deteriorating).” (Faidhul Qadeer)

(2) “The Shaafi Faqeeh, Allaamah Ramali wrote: ‘There is nothing wrong in waiting for the Wali when his presence is hoped to be soon (an qurbin) and when there is no fear of the body deteriorating.” (Nihaayatul Minhaaj)

(3) “The Hambali Faqeeh, Shaikh Najmuddin Al-Haraani wrote: ‘It is permissible to wait to the extent that his relatives and friends and others assemble if this does not pose any difficulty and if there is no fear of the body deteriorating.”

The aforementioned citations from the Kutub of Fiqh are the be-all of the ‘dalaa-il’ of the Karongi Muftis, whose chief is Mufti Taqi, for their stupendously haraam act of keeping the mayyit for two days – delaying Janaazah Salaat and Dafan (Burial) for two days in emulation of their kuffaar western masters whose culture they appear to be following and justifying with nonsensical arguments devoid of Shar’i substance.

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