LGBT Wrath: Fired for Using the Wrong Pronoun

By Abu Idris -December 20, 2018

Yet again, we witness another life ruined due to LGBT ideology. How many lives does the extreme LGBT ideology have to destroy before people wake up?


A Virginia high school teacher who refused to use a transgender student’s new pronouns has been fired.

News outlets report that the West Point School Board voted unanimously Thursday to dismiss Peter Vlaming after a four-hour hearing that drew an overflow crowd. The school system said in a statement that Vlaming was fired for insubordination.

Over the summer, the ninth-grade student’s family informed the school system of the student’s gender transition to male.

In simple terms, a teacher who has been teaching at a school for almost a decade was kicked to the curb because he chose not to participate in the gender-bending delusional fantasy of a 9th grader. Over the summer, a girl decided to be a guy and demanded that everyone else live in her fantasy world. Objective reality has become a thing of the past with the rabid progressives forcing us into a delusional realm of subjectivity based on whim and desire. For now, any resistance will see you stripped of your job. In the future, maybe you’ll have to serve prison time or worse.

The poor teacher, Mr. Peter Vlaming, even tried to appease the mentally-ill child by calling her by her made-up masculine name.

“I won’t use male pronouns with a female student that now identifies as a male though I did agree to use the new masculine name but avoid female pronouns.”

Unfortunately for him, there is no tolerance for even the slightest deviation from tranny dogma. You must obey your tranny overlords and forsake all other values, religious or otherwise. Mr. Vlaming, his wife, and little children are probably going to have to endure winter this year with unemployment checks and food stamps. Hopefully that is enough to pay the bills to keep the lights and heat on this cold winter season. And if not, oh well. That’s what that bigot and his family deserve for not reinforcing the psychological episodes of a poor child.

The question is, where does this end? If there are infinite genders and one can wake up one day and identify as a female and the next as a male, how can a society possibly function? Forget about language and basic daily communication. What about legal documentation? What about all manner of social norms that depend on a stable notion of biological gender?

Changing genders is just the beginning. Why can’t a person identify as a different race? Why can’t a person identify as a different height? Why can’t a person identify as a different species? Why don’t males identify as a half-African-American, half-Native-Indian female to take advantage of affirmative action policies and scholarships when applying for universities? Whoever refuses to acknowledge such possibilities must be a bigot.

I wonder what will happen when a Muslim teacher, physician, lawyer, etc., inevitably gets fired for not playing the tranny pronoun game. What will Muslim SJWs do when an elderly Muslima teacher (perhaps a Syrian refugee) gets canned for refusing to call little Tommy “Tammy?” Are they going to hold a protest and march in the name of “Islamophobia” and “refugee rights”? Will they give back their rainbow-colored pride hijabs, “equality for all” T-shirts, and don new colors? Or will they double down and tell that Syrian refugee she deserved it for being such a stupid bigot?

Sadly, many of these Muslim activists want us to accept this tyrannical dogma. If asked about such firings, the common answer from “woke” Muslims is that we should oppose discrimination and we should be empathetic to all. But, this is false. We should discriminate against wrongdoing. We should be discriminatory to that which causes harm and confusion and fasad in society. Allah says, “The male is not like the female” [Quran 3:36]. Will we forsake our values for acceptance? What a lovely Faustian bargain.

Muslims need to wake up because if we think we won’t be impacted, we would be dead wrong. The teaching of LGBTXYZZ curriculum in public schools is already mandatory in some states, like Illinois and New York, so Muslim kids are already impacted. The UK is planning to make it mandatory as well.

What are we going to do to stop this nauseating cultural shift? As Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then let him change it with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart – and that is the weakest of faith” [Muslim].


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