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Commenting on the lewdness of the so-called ‘purdah’ women, a Brother writes:

Asalaamualaikum respected Ulama.

Many women nowadays wear the Purdah.

However, we see them adopting some weird ways of the devil regarding wearing of the Purdah:

  1. When they drive their cars, they lift the Purdah up
  2. They take photographs with their Purdah on?
  3. They appear in social media posts and pictures with their Purdah on.

It is clear that this act of wearing the Purdah has not permeated their hearts as to what it really means to be in Purdah.

I’m not sure if the Mujlisul Ulama is aware of a story of a pious woman in an era gone by who only left her home on 3 occasions:

  1. When she got married and left her father’s home to her husband’s home
  2. When she went for Hajj
  3. When she went from her husband’s home to her grave

This is in reality what it means to be in Purdah – the short and sweet of it.

Today these women want to claim to be in Purdah and be pious yet they:

  1. Go shopping to shopping malls and centres
  2. Raise their loud voices and scream and swear
  3. Drive cars
  4. Visit public places and functions
  5. Exercise by walking in the streets
  6. Appear in photos and in newspapers and magazines and in social media sites
  7. Attend sporting events
  8. Attend weddings and fetes and even go to the farms for Qurbani
  9. Take part in Ghandi walks
  10. Take part in Palestinian walks
  11. Go to the beaches in Burkinis
  12. And the list is endless

Please educate these women and others about Purdah. What is the real Purdah, what does it mean.

JazākAllāh Khairan.


 (End of the Brother’s comments)


The characters enumerated and explained by the Brother, are GARBAGE.

27 Rabiuth Thaani 1444 – 22 November 2022

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