An intelligent, Allah-Fearing lady of Cape Town, proffering naseehat to her 7 year old daughter and 8 year old son on the issue of computer games, explained to them:

“I had a discussion last night with my children regarding the games. The following points are what I mentioned to them:

1) I said that the games are manufactured by Shayateen. The people who create the games are all part of Iblees’ plan. He had sworn an oath that he will do his best to mislead the human race and keep them off the straight path.

2) I said it starts off with initial “harmless” and “innocent” games which have no living things in it. I said this is how shaytaani jinn trap people by whispering to them making them think they aren’t doing haraam. The novelty wears off and the person seeks more advanced severe forms of the game or media and eventually when one sees the haraam in the deed, it has already become a habit and addiction.

3) I also mentioned how it leads to pornography and zina. The games and social media severely affect and destroys one’s taqwa and even Imaan, and people become utterly shameless. They do not care what Allah Ta’ala thinks of them , nor how they will be punished.

4) I also mentioned how practising Muslims who believe they are teaching their children to be pious Muslims, believe that it is okay to let their children play games, because they think it is a toy to keep the children occupied. I said parents are ignorant of the fact that games are actually part of a schematic plan to programme the human race to become devoid of Imaan. So it is not harmless like many Muslim parents think.

I have also added the following points to my children:

(i) Just as Iblees tries to make people change Allah’s creation, which starts with people not having an appreciation for how Allah Ta’ala created them and what is around them, the people start developing an obsession with the fake visuals in the games. I said it is not real trees and grass. So even though there are no living beings like people or animals in the game, the game is an insult to Allah’s creation.

(ii) I said it is a time waster. Just as one should not waste money, one should not waste time either. Time is limited in the Dunya and we need to be careful not to waste it. I said when shaytaan whispers to encourage one to play games or such activities, we must seek refuge in Allah and take the tasbeeh and make thikr.

(iii) I said despite there being no living beings in a game, there are subliminal messages. The shaytaani messages are hidden and programme people to follow Iblees, so a seemingly harmless game is not harmless at all. Shayaateen use this with television and movies, music, and also with computer games. In the U.S. long ago, political parties used subliminal messaging long ago to turn the masses against their opposition parties. Research has shown that there are satanic messages being uttered when the researchers played songs and music backwards, a process called backmasking. They also found long ago, that when some advertisements were paused in certain areas, it displayed obscene words which could not be seen with the eye at normal speed. When they played cartoon “children’s” movies at an extremely slow rate, they found flashes of pornographic images flash on the screen. I told my children that we do not watch cartoons as pictures are haraam. In addition to that, it is clear the hidden haraam pictures which are subliminally added into cartoons are meant to indoctrinate children from a young age so they can become perverted before even reaching puberty.

(iv) I also mentioned that laptops, computers and cell phones emit “positive ions” into the air which in fact are dangerous. It is radiation which causes cancer. I have done a lot of reading on this subject. Therefore I immediately switch off the laptop and put it away when I am done with my assignments. After e-mailing Maulana I do not use the phone. I use these devices very minimally. My children agreed last night and this morning that they will not use these devices at all.

I explained to them that trees, grass, waterfalls, rain, water (even from the shower) and rocks emit “negative ions” into the air which are healthy and good for us. My son said it must be because these elements are made directly from Allah Ta’ala. I said yes , this explains why a person always has a good feeling being around these elements.

(End of the mother’s naseehat)

MASHA-ALLAH! The lady has given her children wonderful naseehat which is based on the prohibition of all forms of shaitaaniyat stated by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said:

“All lahw (sport and the like) are haraam for the Mu’min.”

Regarding these satanic activities, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“And among the people are those who purchase lahwal hadith (nonsensical talk) to mislead from the Path of Allah without any knowledge, and they take these things for sport. They are the ones for whom there is a disgraceful punishment.” (Luqmaan, Aayat 6)

Computer games and all types of nonsense and sporting activities come within the all-encompassing generality of lahwal hadith.

In this era, there is nothing viler and more satanic than the computer filth and pornography to which millions of Muslims, adults and children, are addicted. The only evil which surpasses the internet filth and pornography, is the university institution. While the internet filth ruins and destroys morals, the university brothel effaces Imaan.

14 Rabiuth Thaani 1444 – 9 November 2022

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