Posted on 27 October 2022

A Concerned Sister lamenting the immorality which is being promoted under deeni guise right inside a Musjid in Cape Town, writes:

“What is this Sheikh? I have never in my life heard of ‘Pink Hijab Day’. When are we as Muslims going to start realizing that these miserable, crank ‘ulama’ and radio stations are tools of shaitaan taking us further and further away from the Deen. YA Allah! May Allah grant us all the ability and understanding to see falsehood as falsehood, and Haqq as Haqq, and keep us firm on Allah’s Deen, Ameen.

We show sympathy, love, respect and compassion for all the sick not just the cancer patients and support all of them equally. Now if I understand correctly, dua and moral support are what is mostly needed for the sick. Therefore, what is happening here in Cape Town with their Pink Hijab day is a mockery in the name of Cancer Patients and Deen. There will be a flee market with ladies like the one in the picture, not even properly dressed (but promote Pink Hijab) day. On the other hand as long as her pants and scarf is pink, it is considered proper…what a joke, making a mockery of themselves, and what a grave sin making a mockery of the Deen! Free intermingling of sexes! Again, all in the name of Cancer and under ‘deeni’ cover, only to mislead the next Muslim as others must see this as something good. May Allah save us from these evils and from these evil so-called ‘ulama’ Ameen.

May Allah Ta’ala send us righteous people who can help us to better ourselves in Deen and bring us closer to Allah Ta’ala and Allah’s Deen Ameen.

(End of the Sister’s Lament)

Worse than this ‘pink hijaab’ circus of the prostitutes, lesbians and homosexuals should be expected as the days roll by. We are living in the era in close proximity of Qiyaamah. Immorality, obscenity, acts of sexual aberration and much more unimaginable filth will be seen being perpetrated by pink and blue Rubbishes, all in the name of Islam and humanity. After all, in accordance with the Hadith the time still has to dawn for the ‘Muslim’ king to commit zina in public on the mimbar of the Jaami’ Musjid in Damascus.

Therefore, all the obscene filth such as the ‘pink hijab’ immoral rubbish of Rubbishes is setting the stage for the total desensitization of all Imaani inhibition to filth, immorality and obscenity. In this manner is shaitaan succeeding in rendering the worst kinds of sexual aberrations and immorality acceptable norms. People fornicating in public roads in full view of passing crowds will become a norm just as today semi-nude prostitutes prowling around are acceptable.

The Musaajid are being converted into temples for obscenity and immorality. This Quds mosque is being defiled with the filth of this ‘pink hijab’ immorality. This mosque is effectively becoming a temple which will cater for all types of haraam functions and satanism. Most certainly the La’nat of Allah Ta’ala will apprehend all these Rubbishes who are defiling the sanctity of the Musjid and making an obscene mockery of the Name of Islam by advertising their zina function as a ‘Muslim’ event and perpetrating it in the Musjid.

The rubbish ‘cancer screening’ by a gang of zindeeqs and munaafiqs is another stupid mockery which not only defiles the Musjid, but also exposes the vermiculated brains and the nifaaq of the gang. It is inconceivable that people who have true Imaan in their hearts would ever participate in the obscene shaitaaniyat of this immoral ‘pink’ so-called ‘hijab’ event. Every participant without exception is a munaafiq or a murtad. It is the very antithesis of Hijaab. These Rubbish Munaafiqeen are utterly bereft of the slightest iota of understanding of the meaning of Hijaab.

1 Rabiul Aakhir 1444 – 27 October 2022

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