Is it permissible for Muslims to have wedding and conference venues along with a host of merrymaking practices?
Examples: Balmoral gardens, Houghton Terrace, Islamia College Hall, LalQila Palm Continental banqueting hall, Rizq Catering and Events, Cathkin Caterers, Barron’s Estate, Country Manor,  Roggeland Country House, Ashura Caterers, The Venue Lansdowne, La Elegante Catering, Shaken not stirred Mocktails, Image Lifestyle, Mount Usambara, Fayview Function Venue, Gaia Halaal Events and Marketing, Balmoral Hotel, Opulence Function Venue, Casablanca Seafood and grill and many other venus including hotels, laws, gardens, parks and restaurants which are Muslim owned and openly promote Haraam events.
99% of the events are Haraam. Weddings, beauty competitions, kaafir functions, hijab functions, braai parties, fundraisers, ceremonies, Iftaar with the president, baby parties, surprise lingerie parties (muslims), baby showers, bridal showers and much more.
Photos, mixed gatherings, or music are the order of the day at all these events. The irony is that many are “Strictly halaal”. alles is uitge-halaal…of uitgehaal!!!
Decorated stages, chairs and tables, flowers, waiters, decor, entertainment, red carpet, birthday parties, pool parties, farewell gatherings, outdoor movie nights, womens’ day celebrations, weddings of non-Muslims, haraam advertising, non-alcoholic bars, shisha lounges, dream events, outdoor weddings, prom and matric dances and what not.
Most of these are muslim owned venues which have Muslim names with contact numbers and indulge in animate photos. They even have Salaah and Wudhu facilities, but also why do Muslims choose such Haraam events or such accursed venues?
At some of these functions which Muslims hire out their venues for, there is even dancing. Some even beer and wine!!!!!

  1. Can such income ever be halaal? 
  2. Please explain permissibility or impermissibility also. Is it sinful or not?
    Even ignorant Muslims, provided that they are not Munaafiq and Zindeeq, know and understand that all those who participate in and support the filth and haraam activities you have enumerated, are khanaazeer. The hearts and brains of these munaafiqeen parading themselves as Muslims, have already been disfigured. They have the brains and hearts of apes and swines. What now remains is the physical disfigurement of their faces which need to be transformed into baboons and pigs as is mentioned in the Ahaadith. Such disfigurement will occur in the era in close proximity to Qiyaamah.
    This type of evil, vice and obscenity which is incrementally becoming widespread in the Muslim community, coupled to the silence of the Ulama who have abandoned Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar, are the surest signs of the Impending aam (universal) Athaab of Allah Azza Wa Jal. It will be such Divine Chastisement which will engulf and destroy the entire community. The Qur’aan Majeed stating this fact with emphasis, says:
    “Beware of such a Punishment which will overtake not only the transgressors among you.”
    The business people and traders who are supporting these disgusting acts of immorality are among the worst scoundrels and promoters of zina. All of them are adulterers and fornicators. The fact that they believe that these glaring acts of vice are halaal, expels them from the fold of Islam. We are living in the age about which the Hadith mentions:
    “An age will dawn when the people will assemble in the Musaajid and perform Salaat while not a single one will be a Mu’min.”


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