In the entire world the Fuqaha are the most intelligent. The philosophers are infants in relation to the Fuqaha. Those who lack insight criticize the Fuqaha. They accuse the Fuqaha of formulating rules on the basis of opinion despite the presence of Nusoos (Qur’aan and Hadith). But this is totally erroneous.
The Fuqaha have stated with clarity that Qiyaas merely brings to the fore the ahkaam which are concealed in the Nusoos, and which the masses do not comprehend. Qiyaas does not create any new hukm independently. Every person does not have the ability to deduct masaa-il from the Nusoos. Allah Ta’ala has bestowed this ability to only the Mujtahideen.
Only the Fuqaha are the Ahl-e-Aql (the People of Intelligence). Nowadays, those who are regarded to be people of intelligence are in reality technocrats (ahl-e-san’at). They are not Ahl-e-Aql. Hadhrat Maulana Ya’qoob (Rahmatullah alayh) commented about them: “They are able to manufacture good knives and scissors. But they are not aaqil (i.e. men of intelligence). Yes, they are aakil (i.e. gluttonous consumers of food). It is erroneous to describe technocrats as people of intelligence. (Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali)

(Technocrats, philosophers, scientists and the experts in mundane fields are generally juhala (ignoramuses). If they had in reality been in possession of Aql (Intelligence, purified Brains) their mind-boggling strides in technology all based on the natural created laws of Allah Ta’ala, would have compelled them to develop yaqeen (firm conviction) in the existence of The Wonderful, All-Powerful Creator.
However, their brains remain clogged with satanism despite the wonders they incrementally discover in the universe. They are the worst scum and the most ignorant of the creation of Allah Ta’ala. In fact the intelligence of a rustic peasant excels the vermiculated brains and moronic thinking and understanding of these atheist scientists and technocrats who deny the existence of Allah Azza Wa Jal. While even a rural dweller recognizes the existence of Allah Ta’ala, the technocrats deny His existence. That is why the Qur’aan Majeed describing these juhhaal, says:
“Verily the worst of creatures by Allah are the kuffaar who have no Imaan.”


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